About Me


On Everyone's Lips by Princesslockyalips

Quick Factoids : 
- ; Teng Poh Vee ; P o v y the nickname.
- ; Born on 2nd April 1992. A typical Aries - stubborn, feisty, impatient, forgiving & violent, sometimes. Get envious easily. 
- ; Petite in size. Ballet flats & High heels. 
- ; Iphone, Macbook Pro, Camera(currently using Sony NEX F3) ; Gadgets playing important role in her life.
- ; loves chipmunk, she finds herself looking like one of them especially the teeth part. lol
- ; Laugh most the time(even without a specific reason), Crazy at times, Screams all the time.
- ; A person who blogs, occasionally and r a n d o m l y (depends on her mood)
- ; Speak whatever pops out from her mind, just like how the way she blogs.
- ; Outgoing, love mixing new friends, enjoy mixing with Aries.
- ; Born and raised in the beautiful island - Penang, Malaysia. Recently moved down to Kuala Lumpur for further studies. 
- ; Currently doing Interior Design Course in Raffles Design Institution.
- ; Loves to bake, her favorite would be C u p c a k e s. 
- ; Sweet tooth 
- ; Can eat a l o t. A big fan of R i c e & half chicken for Nando's every time. (quite big portion for my size) 
- ; P i n k Obsession , secretly lovin everything in PINK
- ; Brands Fascinator, passion over fashion ; Chanel x Balenciaga x Celine
- ; A deciophobia, got problem/fear on making decision.
- ; dislikes E M O ppl, especially guys. A big turn off.
- ; Simply adore her friends. Quality friends come before quantity. It takes years to build strong friendship & forever to keep it. ♥ Wingeez darlings 
- ; Respect her family, always the first than anything. Blood is thicker than water.
- ; Loves her boyf ; sweetest boy ever  baby Wan NN 'Treasure lifes with loved ones around'
- ; Fairytale Heroine. Believe in fairytales, quite silly sometimes.

To be or not to be; live life to fullness; never look back with regrets.

Well, if you want me to look beautiful to you, or just want to say hello, you can get in touch with me by following my Twitter and Instagram, @povyteng.

I am who i am; Love me, love me not.
Love P r i n c e s s Lockyalips. x