Beauty Diary : MeO Vit.K1+ E Topical Serum

'The eyes are the window to your soul.' - quoted by William Shakespeare.

I couldn't agreed more with it, when eyes could literally do the talking when silence occured. So having beautiful eyes is something we should never neglect. Taking good care is the key to get beautiful eyes and make it glows. It takes a little effort and some know-how on the proper and suitable beauty products that suitable for our eyes. Choosing the right beauty product does help in maintaining the beauty of eyes.

I'm very concerned on each brand when it comes to beauty products, it has something to do with our face, so i got extra sensitive towards it. After looking for up and down, i finally found something right for my eyes, MeO Vit.K1+E Topical Serum is the one.

Vitamin K1 is for Dark Eye Ring, Blueblack, Brandy nose, Damage blood capillaries, before & after operation. It also can strengthened blood capillaries (rigidity and flexibility) and reduce the dark circle around our eyes. 
Vitamin K1 extracted from the green leaves of plants, which play the role of blood clotting, reduce the blood vessel walls rupture and cause dark circles or bruising of the skin, purpura, rosacea. It can also help to repair damaged blood vessel proliferation, enhanced toughness and elasticity of blood vessel walls, reducing their chances of rupture.

MeO Vitamin K1 Topical Serum uses ATeDS patented technology provide the product excellent penetration into skin to achieve desirable result.

Product Attributes :

  • Use ATeDS patented technology for greater penetration into our skin.
  • Help to heal damaged blood capillaries, strengthen the rigidity and flexibility.
  • No preservative added, yet, able to sustain long duration of storage.
  • Able to minimize broken veins and capillaries to reduce our eyes dark circles, and skin bruising effect.

Vitamin K1 is preferably use during night time because of it's slight oily texture so that the overnight process will helps on reducing wrinkles around eyes and also fine lines. It can also be use on the whole face while mix with hydrogel or mainly only around eye area.

So before you start using it, you have to switch the original bottle cap into the little pump cap that comes together in the packaging in order to pump up the serum.

Only one pump will do. The texture might be quite oily when it first apply, but don't worry the absorption is pretty fine. Anyway it is also prefer to use at night, if it's for daily usage will be too oily.

So for our eyes, i will usually dap a pump on my hand before apply it. After that just gently tap around my eye area, and massage circular around there for around 1 minute will do. Just as easy as ABC on how to maintain a pair of beautiful eyes.

For more information about Vitamin K1+E Topical Serum and other MeO products, check them out as below :
 Facebook : Le'more clothes 
Instagram : @lemoreclothes

Fashion Diary : Miss Selfridge Spring Summer 2014

What usually comes in your mind when Spring and Summer hits? Ermm, Spring? a touch of pink with blooming blossom? And as for Summer? Orangey Yellowish when all the flowers turned down and shows the hot side of the year. Then what about when it comes to fashion? Let see what is in Spring Summer collection from Miss Selfridge this time.

 is the key this season, with the strong sharp shades of yellows, oranges and pinks stealing the show. Most of the items in Spring Summer collection resolves with pastel colors and most of them are my favorite colors. However apart from pastel series, Miss Selfridge also brings in Neo Geo trend in this Spring Summer collection. Their Neo Geo trend is an electic mix of patterns, prints and colorful heavy tribal-style beading. 

Indeed something eye catching for Spring Summer this year, let's see what caught my attention from Miss Selfridge.

#1 Color Contrast Coordinate 

Picked two vibrant colors from the current season, striking pink blazer and electric blue shorts. I don't usually play with vibrant colors and color contrast, it may seems harsh to me. But not this time, i took a deep breathe and gave myself a try. It turned out surprisingly good, i'm impressed too. To complete this color contrast look, i paired with one fine classic statement necklace from Miss Selfridge and Melissa Jelly Wedges that has a touch of Pink right behind the wedges, brought the whole look to attend Melissa's Spring Summer launch. Fashionable ain't i? Lol

Striking pink blazer from Miss Selfidge
Electric blue shorts from Miss Selfridge
White spaghetti top from Supre
Pink and white jelly wedges from Melissa
Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bag

#2 Party 123 Coordinate

I personally favor this Black and White slanted cut high waist skirt, something cool from Sports luxe shapes. People will usually throw this skirt to an office look, but not for me. Why don't play we put the good girl look out to party? So i wore this skirt out to my weekend party last weekend. With just only black and white, i matched with a pink tank top from Topshop so that the whole look won't be boring. And it turned out perfectly fine. Good girl ready to go bad, so are you? ;)

Pink crop top from Topshop
Black and White slanted cut high waist skirt from Miss Selfridge
Black ankle stripes pointy heels from Forever 21
Hot pink Valentino Garvani wallet clutch

#3 Simple Silver Coordinate

I still have yet the chance to wear this pretty out. But i tried it few days ago, it gave me a pretty clean look. I love how the shimmer silver dress with simple A-line design, not too short, not too long did not over the knee. A very good girl look indeed. Need no any accessorize to complete the look, the dress itself has already done the best part of it. Still waiting for the chance for me to wear it and take tons of pictures to share with ya all.

Shimmer silver dress from Miss Selfridge

Last but not least, with conjunction of launching Spring Summer collection, Miss selfridge now offers a favor to all the fashionista out there that can easily win yourself your favorite miss selfridge outfit worth RM500 every week. All you need to do is just post your favorite spring summer 2014 look on instagram and hashtag #MSMY2014 and @F3Malaysia. Don't miss the chance to win them off with you, contest ends at 16th March 2014. 

Till then, happy mix and match and win yourself something from Miss Selfridge and hopefully my styling tips might help a little. Have a good day ahead fashionista. xx

Photo Diary : Joyce&Weelim's Wedding #2 | Wedding Dinner

Date : 3rd January 2014
Time : 08.00pm till late
Venue : Ballroom, Empire Hotel Subang

wearing long dress from Miss Selfridge, it feels so Gatsby to me.
I'm in love with myself that night. <3 hehehehe

The bride sister Joyce Teng

with Daddy Teng and Brother Teng

My best girlfriend in life, two of my soul sisters Joyce & Jane

love love this pic

Girlfriends from Penang ; Von, Jane & Nikki

The Yang's sisters ; Eugenia & Singdy

Gang from Singapore ; Singdy, Eugenia, Jonathan & Isabel

Hiao po Estee

Miss Katherine

Sister from Brother in law ; Vivian

Another sister from Brother in law ; Janice

Group shot with all the Penang girlfriends ; 
Kenix, Natasha, Nikki, Pohfern, Wendy, Joelle, Yi May, Shwu Wen, Jane & Von

Jonathan & Sis

Kiss kiss to the bride

Jane, Candice & Penny

Ending this post with a favorite picture of us, by the photographer. Mc Siao finally reunited after 8 years!


Beauty Diary : Quick Preview of Ezcurl

Hello Ladies, here's a quick preview of Ezcurl Tutorial. Stay tuned for a proper hair tutorial and more styling tips. You may check them out on my Instagram for more #Ezcurl post. :)

Apparently the 'tit tit tit' beeping sound is the built in time alert for adjustable second estimated for each curl to be done. Don't worry it will not explode. Lol. (No background music included, as I want to show how does the Miracurl function, for a better understanding.)

Meanwhile for those who interested please contact :
Email -
Wechat - @povyteng

Till then, Have a nice day ladies! xx

Belated Vday Vid | What Makes Your Heart Beat

Random midnight emotional sharing. I have no idea why i'm getting sentimental when i'm not sleeping at late night. Lol

It's Monday by now(after 12), another brand new week official over with CNY and Valentine's Day, two pretty big festive events in every year. My CNY was pretty good, never been so 'wild', as in running here and there, enjoyed how when CNY wasn't used to be just like visiting relatives(well not much too, lol), friend's open house visits, collecting ang paos, gamble(which i don't really fancy, KIASU me!) and etc. This year was by far the most interesting CNY i had ever, partied 6 days in between the first 9 days of CNY. Never felt so hardcore, even the club in Penang opens everyday for CNY visits. This is how much i love Penang. Hahahahaha

Let alone the CNY part, what annoyed me the most will be the past Valentine's Day on Friday. I somehow i terrified by the fact that i'm actually single(No i don't love/miss my ex anymore, i called off my previous relationship), i just got so annoying when people keep came to me and asking shits about my past relationships knowing or maybe not knowing when it's over. One of the reasons why i have been hiding the moment we have problems even after we broke up. Before that i don't see a point and did not bring it up to public not until i actually blogged it in my New Year Resolutions post. All i want now is a new life, life that don't resolves with his business. He has clearly nothing to do with me anymore, stop telling me story about him! Not interested, no interest, nothing much to fancy about. So yeah! :)

Just another Friday to me, stayed in and cooked dinner for sister and this annoying Honey Hanni. Well i know she loves me, because i gave her lots of family love. Hahahaha. Had a great time with the silly around, always good to mix with people from my hometown, great mind always think alike! Awww makes me miss my Wingeez darlings so much now, i miss all the silly moments with them! <3

Anyway here's an inspiring Valentine's video, a video for Valentine. Sorry i only found it last night, pardon for the delayer. Lol

This beautiful poem and visual accompaniment celebrates what makes life worth living. Written and directed by Nathan T. Presley for Darling Magazine, this project praises the beauty of the natural world, the infinite potential within humanity, and the sense of wonderment we feel from the sublime. 
It’s really refreshing to see this type of message; notice there is no mention of gadgets, zero allusions to consumer culture and not one inkling of the rat race. Life can be simple and, in its simplicity, profound. Bless.

In this 1 minute video, it simply touches my heart, I could see what people these days hardly focus on. I love it when the video brought up what best in People, for the way they love, learn and grow. So if you could only choose 3 things in life, what would they be? Mine will be Family & Friends, Dream and Happiness. Tell me yours and let's exchange What makes you happy? 

Till then, hopefully more sleepless night coming so that more blogpost coming up, getting back to the blogging scene. Teehee.

Good night Earthlings. xx

Fashion Diary : Fashion Valet

FASHIONVALET - One of the renowned multi shopping heaven in online fashion industries.

Unravel online shopping at FashionValet! Founded in 2010 with the aim of bringing the latest fashion trends to your doorstep, FashionValet is Malaysia’s first and hottest online fashion store!

FV offer a wide range of ready-to-wear garments for women, accessories and handbags, from chic classics to edgy statement pieces. Proud to carry the best of Malaysia’s home-grown brands and designers, FashionValet continues to strive to bring out the hottest names in Asia!

FV What’s New page never fails to excite as we update our selection of trendy items daily. There's always a bargain under the Sale category and we have many new features like our loyalty point system, FV Rewards, Refer A Friend and Gift Vouchers!

FashionValet creates a lifestyle of convenience by simplifying your shopping experience with a fresh new look and a dedicated customer service team who can assist with your online shopping dilemmas, whether it's offering styling tips or answering your queries.

So be inspired to play up your personal style and get your much needed fashion fix! At FashionValet, we’re all about having fun with fashion.

My pick for FashionValet this month will be something different, i got not only dresses but playing with a different apparels to create several looks with accessories that you can hardly see on me. 

#1 Sweet Pink Coordinate
wearing Weaved Statement Necklace in Ombre Pink with Side Drop Dinner Tube Dress in Pink and Black. Just nice for dinner with my all time favorite Pink outfit. Also nice for cocktail party or night activities, a little feminine yet a little chic with side mermaid tail to me.

#2 Fantasy Unicorn Coordinate
wearing Printed Horse Shift Dress in Blue. When less is more, one piece of straight cutting dress just nice for a casual day out. Duo reflected unicorn in fantasy land matching with a simple silver flats. That's make the more into less.

#3 Black & White Casual Coordinate
wearing Star Top in White matching with my Kenzo Snapback(I got from Boundlezz KL). Transformed into a little boy for a day. Comfy long sleeve with slightly high waist design cutting, being a boy but not forgetting showing a little feminine side of a girl. What a great idea right?

#4 Everyday Matching Coordinate
wearing super comfy Foldable Ballerina Flats in Silver with White Tube Midi Dress and Metal Belt from Tuesday Couture. I love it for it's soft and easy to pack and go with a foldable base. Best for everyday outfit.

Till then, Happy Shopping and get your best outfit done at

Joyce&Weelim's Wedding #1 | Morning Session 接新娘

It was a month ago, an indeed highlight for 2014, nope for my entire life. Wedding for your own sister is like a real big thing, although i have 3 sisters and 1 brother. So i have basically completed 1/4 of the wedding highlight in my life. Haha.

It's ironically sad that the minute i was blogging about this, i actually wished that it could be my wedding because this will be the FIRST wedding post in my entire blog. Yes i fret you not, not any other before this, i tracked back and NONE seriously. Too bad it wasn't for my own wedding, but for my sis, it's okay la! She's forgiven that she somewhat jump my queue to get married before me! Haha. Okay you can see how desperate i am when it comes to marriage. But life is always a bitch, it will not live the way you like. I shall just accept this very fact. Who knows i might meet my prince charming tomorrow and get married the day after tomorrow? Haha. Day dreaming again, such a fairy tale heroin i am!

So yeah back to my sister wedding's part 1, the morning session 接新娘. Every traditional chinese wedding will be separated into different parts; As for Joyce, hers were rather simple only 3 parts, morning session, tea ceremony and wedding dinner. The first two were held at the same day but different place on 1st of January whereas the last one was two days later on 3rd of January.

The morning session is located at Empire Hotel Suite, our hometown is in Penang, and it is quite impossible to travel all the way from Penang to Klang, such a waste of time and effort and PETROL. Lol. All the jimuis were staying at the hotel the night before, there it goes my last day of 2013 partying alone in the hotel suite. Pretty not happening sia! But i shall repeat again, for my sister, it's okay! Hahahaha. We woke up around 7 to get ourself ready and the games. Mmmm Interesting games!

Group shot with our family before dad officially put on the veil on sister, part of the tradition for Chinese weddings. I feel like crying the minute dad put that on sis! 我的姐姐要嫁人了! 1048394048901个舍不得! 

Aha, before the groom and heng dais arrived, me and Katherine got our evil bridesmaid job done. It's a must to have the 'tasting game' on every wedding that includes four taste sensations including sweet, bitter, salty, and sour. So we got our 'tasting game' with blended bitter gourd + honey + espresso + wasabi + tea + milk + green tea ! Not too much la hor?! Hahahaha

Getting our breakfast ready, fill our stomach before playing with all the groom!

A picture of the Tam Jiak Bride, and Maggie Mah my favorite make up artist. She's available for all kind of make up services. Book her for more awesome make up! 

 Group shot with all the Jimui's before we start our evil plan!
Candice, Kathering, Tze Tzi, Sister Joanne & Sister Pohfern

Happy bridesmaids are good evil bridesmaids.

The groom and heng dais were surprisingly punctual, they arrived half an hour before the time were scheduled. Can see how much my brother in law want to married my sis, good for you joyce! Plus point! But still we made them wait down there after my little brother opening door. Evil bridesmaid.

Daddy happily watching at his new son, my brother in law LEW WEE LIM!! 

First challenge for the groom - forced brother in law to do pumping exercise while brother sat on him! BEST CHALLENGE to have a 80kg person sat on it. Well we will see how much love my brother towards his new brother! Hahahaha

Next, after the drinking game, another round of taste game, very easy just pass the slices lemon on lips towards each of the brother. No challenge at all but SOUR!

After the another kissing game, not kissing each other like the lemon game. We made something different, we would like to see how sincere the brothers towards the groom. All of them excluding the groom, will have to draw a big red lips and kiss on the blank paper we provide to form a HEART SHAPE. The bigger the shape will signify their love to the married couple.

Okay due to the limited time given, the couple have to rush to the groom's side for tea ceremony, we called it morning session off with another 爱的宣言 by brother in law and his favorite dance. So here are some picture recap before we leaving the hotel.

The TENG's

with Ah Jim & Ah Chek (My auntie and uncle)

some Gong Xi pose request by the videographer! TROLOLOLOL

everybody was so happy! It's a wrap!

The bride sister finally got time for us before she moved on to her busy schedule

Well here's a picture taken at the groom's house after their tea ceremony. Sorry too lazy to blog, as they were basically shouting and greeting their relative. Hahahaha.

Last but not least, one of the highlight of the wedding with me me me and the Bride's Bouquet!! Okay let me roughly explain to you how important of the bouquet play in the wedding. I'm sure most of you heard of it, it is traditional for the bride to throw her bouquet at the reception and for all single women present to compete in catching it. The woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next who will marry.

I was desperately, wanting, dying to catch so that i can end my single life and get a guy to married soon. However life is a bitch, Tze Tzi another bridesmaid just snatched it off from me! Oh nuuuuuuu! Is it a hint that i'm gonna be single forever?! *inside joke*

Ending this post with a flower bouquet from YummyFlowerz. Thank you so much Eric!

Till then, more wedding updates about sister wedding dinner next. Mostly pictures pictures and pictures, Haha. Perhaps a photo diary? You guys don't mind right? :P