Flash Frenzy @ Mysale.my

Holla Shopaholic, I'm sure most of have already gotten a brief idea on what's Mysale now. If you don't scroll down to study a bit before i introduce this super deal from Mysale. 


This time Mysale will be holding a Flash Frenzy, one of the biggest online event ever with the biggest brands up to 80% off for 3 days only starts from 2nd of November, this Saturday.

But wait, What's Flash Frenzy and what's so special about it? Isn't it the same like most of the online sales?


In order for us women to shop, it's not about quality nor quantity, it's about the intelligence of shopping. We can simply shop whatever we want when we have money, we can spend hours to days just to figure whether to buy or not to buy. However, why would we ever waste our quality time when we could actually shop smart? So we should practice on 'how to shop smart' just like how Flash Frenzy rules.

Flash Frenzy will see an increase in brand offering, with new sales being launched online almost EVERY HOUR. This online sale event is going to happen across the entire APACSALE group, including MYSALE. The smartest way and also the faster way will be checking their deal every hour through your smart phone if you have Mysale app downloaded because sign in through the MYSALE app, you will be allowed access to the Flash Frenzy sale 1 hour before everyone else! Time for us to practice our eye sight, we see, we spot and we buy all in a blink of eye. Why would you ever bother to think when all the items are enjoying discounts up to 80%.

Besides that, Flash Frenzy also offers more than 150 BIG brand names during these 3 days of Sales. Big Brands such as Coach, Nike, Revlon, OPI, Emporio Armani, French Connection, Bally, Hugo Boss, Pumpkin Patch, Marc Jacobs, Puma, Diesel and lots more. I'm sure there's at least one or two are strike in your favorite list. 

Good news for my readers! Check out with the code below to get RM30 shopping vouchers. Be quick because it's only for the first 100 bloggers! 

Enter 'BLOGGERMY710' to get a  RM30 Shopping Voucher. This is applicable with minimum spend of RM100. 

Start count down the day and mark down your dates for Mysale Flash Frenzy. Alarm snooze needed indeed after the 3 days deal begins! Lol.

Happy shopping! x


Everyone loves shopping, but when it comes to online shopping, i'm sure everyone like me will fall in love with MYSALE. An online leading e-trailer that just two years old but loved by 750,000 Malaysians.

Well, a big question what's MYSALE?
MYSALE is part of the largest shopping club in Australasia, APACSALE Group, the first to create an innovative online shopping destination in six countries where they sell the biggest brands for the best prices to their private membership database. MYSALE which operates an online clearance channel for the biggest global brands, across four different continents.
MYSALE has created an innovative online shopping destination in six countries where they sell the biggest brands for the best prices to their members. Since its launch, MYSALE has worked with over 1000 brand partners across 8 categories; Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Menswear, Homeware, Toys, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Accessories offering up to 100,000 different styles online at any one time. All came in authentic products, APACSALE doesn’t sell imitation items.

Boasting a database of 9million members and growing at a rate of over 200,000 a month, the APACSALE Group also operate flash sale websites in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines and in addition will open in Korea ,Hong Kong and the UK in the next two months. With the huge existing market all over the world, MYSALE ship over 15,000 orders per day globally. You don't have to worry about your item purchased will be kept due to pending international shipping.

Wait but how does MYSALE works?

 MYSALE is a private shopping club that offer exclusive deals only to its members. These deals have savings of up to 80%.They are able to offer discounted merchandise by:
• Partnering with retailers and manufacturers
• Buying directly from retailers at wholesale prices
Many retailers and manufacturers welcome the idea because it gives them the chance to:
• Unload excess inventory or unsold items
• Take advantage of the existing members base on MYSALE
• Promote their brand name in new markets locally and internationally

Checking out one of my favorite section now, CLEARANCE!! Beauty Sale Clearance now!? I need to calm down as imma big fan of beauty product!

Sounds cool right? Just sign up to be a member to enjoy MYSALE's super deal. Don't worry membership is free and you get to receive regular alerts once you signed up. Not forgetting, you can easily get MYSALE apps downloaded on your smart phone. Resulting that over one million apps on both IOS and Android have been downloaded and 50% of their sales came from there. Smart phone users are getting more and super convenient for all of us! 

Simply enjoy the fun of online shopping when selection on items are so clear on the websitemakes shopping super easy even the delivery send right to your doorstep! Time to start eyeing for Christmas present now, it's better to prepare early than late right?

Siblings Sydney Trip #1

It's been awhile since i last blog about any traveling post, i miss traveling so much, i miss those carefree days when i was back in Australia with my sisters and friends. The one month winter break passes really fast, spending my winter holiday there simply fun and relaxing. Not to mention the sudden trip extension, such an spontaneous plan, what a typical Aries usually does. 

What made these trip extraordinary was TENG SISTERS FINALLY GOT TO TRAVEL TOGETHER!! (instead of four, there were only three of us! missing Sister Teng No.3 and baby brother back in Malaysia). It has been years since we went on a trip together. Everyone was separated into different places, busy working or studying, living far far away from each other even our parents. 

Well let me begin my first Australia post with our 4 days 3 nights in Sydney. I love how my Australia trip was everything well planned before we even landed on Australia, Sister Pohfern and her boyf Mervyn were done the planning from flight, accommodation to even the daily activities. He even made us a slide show briefing before we off to our trip. (Just kidding! But his effort was as much equivalent to all that! Hahahahaha) Such a good planner from party to travel. Tagged along sister's friends Charmaine and Jessie for our Sydney Trip, two extra sisters for me in the trip. I was like the baby girl with 4 sisters and 1 brother! Being the youngest is the BEST! Everything is taken care of! Hohoho

We caught the latest flight in the morning from Melbourne to Sydney. Everyone was exhausting from party last night, thanks to the OMG Fridays for organizing such a cute Hello Kitty & Friends Theme Party at Seven Nightclub. 

My so called 'Art Shot'. Simply in love with clear sky and circle clouds, what a sweet natural greeting to welcome us. 

Checked into Meriton Serviced Apartment for our luxury stay in Sydney, because we got free upgrade to the high floor exclusive suite for no reason. How lucky! Meriton Serviced Apartments are scattered in different parts of Australia. Sydney itself has already got 9 located at different place but all with the same service offers different type of rooms, from Studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. A serviced apartment represents greater value for money and a better place to stay compared to traditional small hotel rooms when it comes to a group of people, money wise as well. It felt like home when we could have our own kitchen, dining room, bedroom and laundry all together. The one we were staying was at Meriton World Tower located at Liverpool Street. The best part of staying at World Tower, we got to enjoy sweeping panoramic views towering over the city all apartments start from the 61st floor. 

Spectacular view to wake up with!

An Insta Video of our room!

And Us posing with the spectacular room!

After we done our check in, we did some refreshment in the apartment then off we go, walked around in the city. Met up with some friends from KL who were currently based in Adelaide and came to Sydney for short trip as well.

Oh Hi posing with Curry Fishball with Sister Teng #1 Joanne, Sister Teng #2 Pohfern & her boyf Mervyn 

Charmaine, Jessie & Me(ignore my single bengkak eye, YES I GOT CONJUNCTIVITIS ONCE I REACHED SYDNEY! MAJOR EMO!)

Met up with Dior, Scott and Daniel at Vincent's hair salon before they brought me to this Extreme Gelato N2 that made up from Dry ice and Nitrogen. Something wroth trying near China Town. I love the interior as well, it felt like some laboratory to me. People are allow to watch the process of making after you choose your flavor.

Those name are interesting too!

Hi Dior from KL, JB & Adelaide

And this is mine! But i forget the name! Definitely not Pop My Cherry! LOL

One thing i love about Winter when sun set pretty early, means NO SUN AFTER 5!!! Wheeeee! 

Pretend to be tourist-walking-shot!

Our dinner place was at The Rock. Chilled for while at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe before our dinner reservation. Had something milky chocolate to fill our stomach under the cold weather.

Le boys, Daniel, Vincent & Scott

Mmmm, not too sweet just like the chocolate

Vincent is working in Sydney for more than 5 years? consider a local here. He brought us to this German food that full of people, we made reservation yet we still need to queue. German food is always famous for their Pork Knuckle and German Beer!

Sin Sin Sin! Oh so oily but yummeeeehhhhh! How to resist?

Later on we went back and change for our first party night in Sydney. Hit on one of the Hongkie hot spot LKF Club, most probably short form named after Lan Kwai Fong. 

Useless Fashion Shot in the living!
Not forgetting their super hashtag! #sydney #partylook#givenchy #guiseppezanotti #saintlaurent#christianlouboutin

I seriously don't get why they locked the liquor in the transparent cage! This is how people party in sydney?!!! -_______________________________-

That's all for my first day in Sydney, ending this post with some party pictures taken in LKF! Something hardly be seen in my blog, should i post more party pictures? Hmmm Let me think about it!


Valerie came to join us after her work, must be very tiring!

Till then, stay tuned for more Australia post! xx