Eat Pray Bangkok Trip | June '13

Went onto an extremely spontaneous 3 days 2 nights Bangkok trip in June right after my internship. My little short retreat getaway for eat and pray! Tagged along Sister Joyce and Eugenia, not forgetting Jonathan and Clement all the way from Singapore.

Not to mention about the food poisoning part, indirectly ruined the mood for half of my trip. Oh well, forget about those shits happened, let's focus on the bright side of the trip.

Took the earliest flight of the day to save more time for our trip. Eugenia with her hangover face and my 3 hours slept face! Looking good with our barefaced! *Think face* WTF

We came earlier while waiting for the rest to arrive, so we checked into our hotel - Centara Watergate Pavilion Hotel. Reason why i picked this newly hotel because of the location situated around Pratunam city area. The best part of all it is situated just a street next to the renowned Platinum Fashion Mall. Reasonable price around 200+ per night.

Set in the renowned Pratunam area, the brand new Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok offers a new take on the City of Angels. Seamlessly connected to Watergate Pavillion shopping and leisure complex, the hotel offers 281 rooms and suites designed in a light, modern, and inviting décor with all amenities you require at your fingertips to ensure a comfortable stay. This perfect location in the heart of Bangkok is where modern and dynamic lifestyle blend together with historical Bangkok and where luxury shopping and everyday fashion meet.

I called this 'Vector's Bubble Chair' from Despicable Me 1. 

Simple stylish room, perfect stay indeed!

Penang Afternoon Tea | Living Room, Macalister Mansion

Was back in Penang for Election months ago. Parents finally gave the green light for everyone to go out, thanks to election! Was kinda disappointed about the final result, luckily Penang still fell back to the right hand at DAP! How ironic that young adult like us were hardly anticipated towards politics, oh well maybe compare to the previous election. So we went out for an afternoon tea session just to discuss about this very matter. Haha.

Pay Macalister Mansion a visit after a year since my previous visit at Dining Room with my Wingeez Darlings (here) last year. Always wanted to revisit this place as it's a place that nicely designed with all the pastel interior, super me likey! <3 Simply loving the concept of Macalister Mansion that each space within its food & beverage outlets together with the hotel is branded as distinct rooms found in a mansion: Dining Room, The Den, Living Room, The Cellar, The Lawn and 8 Rooms.

Encompassing all day dining and casual space to hang out, Living Room offers a delectable selection of local cuisine and international international flavours. Set within a playful and colourful theme, guests can also enjoy pastries with a wide selection of beverages. 
We carry a wide selection of TWG teas. TWG Tea has the largest collection of tea in the world with each tea being meticulously selected and blended to ensure the very highest standards.

Various of teas & cakes they served there

We ordered two set of Afternoon tea for sharing, price at RM60 for 2 with a veritable selection sandwiches, cakes, kuih & pantries with TWG Tea. 

& a Mango Salad as well

Yours truly, My da jie Joanne & Joelle

The lovey dovey couple, Kenix & David

le sticky boyf came all the way from KL just to see her, Joyce & Wee Lim

Nikki came late but just nice to join us for the hottest topic

Checked out the public area of Living Room that connects with other section of Macalister Mansion. Fun Chic white interior design! 

Ending my post with my Outfit of the day ;

Off Shoulder Top from Covetz
White shorts from ASOS
Black Patent Leather Boy Chanel Bag 
Sandals from Zara

Living Room, Macalister Mansion
228 Macalister Road
10400 George Town, Penang
Tel : +6 04 2283 888
Open daily from 8am – 1am

Snowy White Skincare with Aiberia

People often think that Winter usually gets very cold and not reachable to sunlight as compare to summer. But it's wrong, UV ray and sunlight still very strong during Winter. Thanks to Aiberia that i brought over from Malaysia, i found my savior here. 

These series of Aiberia product i chose is Job's Tear of the North (之薏仁) Living Smooth & Deeply White, a whitening series. It contains of three major ingredients which are Sodium Hyaluronate (玻尿酸), Tranexamic Acid (博明酸), and Job's Tear of the North (北之薏仁). Combination of three main ingredients create the effects of whitening and hydrating at the same time. If you ever afraid of trying new skin care just like me?! Don't worry, Aiberia is suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

Let's begin with the cleanser, it contains of Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (氨基酸介面活性剂) which able to lower the stimulation or zero stimulate to the skin and provide gentle and mild cleansing to the skin. Cleanser selling at RM39.

There's a net provided following with the cleanser. All you need is just squeeze small amount of cleanser onto it then rub the net to create fine foams. Those fine foam helps to do deep pore cleansing.

Apart from that, I can't feel the dryness and tightness on my skin after face wash and that's what I love the most! Just easy like this within 1 minute and it's done.

Next, will be toner after you cleanse your face. Toner selling at RM60Poured few drops of toner into your clean hand and pat it over your face.  

After toner, it's serum before moisturizer. I love the serum as it really works so well on my dry skin and I can really feel my face is brighter. Highly recommended to those with dull skin or uneven skin tone. Serum selling at RM130, Lotion selling at RM66.

See everything seems to be so perfect on me. I love it after using for few weeks.

Not to mention famous Taiwan TV show 女人我最大 also recommended Aiberia products here, 
Do check out their product here 

Aiberia is having promotion now within limited time from RM 249 instead of RM295 for full set and place your order through What are you waiting now? Start to get your snowy products and start experience differently from the full set!

21st Birthday Dinner #2 | Oink Oink Dins, Elcerdo

Second birthday post.. err after 4 months? Don't care 21st is the greatest! I will post whenever i want too! Haha.

My classmates from Raffles were so sweet to bring me out for a belated birthday dinner on my birthday weekend. We planned to go to Elcerdo in Changkat. Elcerdo is a Spanish restaurant along Changkat with their specializes in home-cooked pork flavors. Mmmm Pork has always been my favorite choice of meat since i couldn't the best meat after beef. Even the restaurant name 'El Cerdo' is name after 'the pig'. in Spanish. Definitely a mouth wash of all the piggy dish.

New faces for my blog now feat. Michele, Lyn, Sofia, Onz, Ken, Terry & Carlson. They are all my best Raffles mates. So sad that now we have to leave each other for our own path.

Pig Out           

Spanish Ham Platter 

Pork Sausages & mash

Pork Ribs

Well, highlight of the night began with the signature dish - suckling piglet. There was these Spanish tradition in El Cerdo following by this particular dish before you eat on the suckling piglet. It seems like a little ceremony to chop the delicious piggy.

First you have to knock hard on the wooden board for 3 times before cutting it with the plate. Follow by cutting its head, body and tail as it means after chopping 3 times. So as for birthday girl, after i cut on the piglet with a plate then i got to pray for my wish and break it after in a small tub. Just when i pray for my wishes, he asked if i would go for money or love. And guess what? I chose Money over love. My classmates thought i would have go for love instead, but oh well i have got so much love from people around me. Money is what i see the most now, money money come to mama! Hahahaha

Explained by the friendly waiter

Me and Michie sharing for the cut for my little piglet

Break a plate, pray for MONEY MONEY MONEY! 

I would say a very well marinated delicious crispy skin of the suckling piglet, followed by a thin layer of fat and some meat as well. Mmmmm Best! 

Last before we called it a day, they got me my cake specially in PINK! surrounded by few shots and a little piggy as a gift from El Cerdo. My classmates know i have a thing on noming pork, so here's my piggy birthday! How sweet! Hahahaha!

Make a wish! yes for Money again! Kidding! Pray for a better year 2013!

With my Raffles Girls

& Raffles Guys

Kissy from them <3

Cheers for my 21st! Bar hopping next! 

With my favorite balloons! Something will never miss for my big day! 

Thank you my Raffles mates for my unforgettable 21st birthday. 

P/s: Birthday girl did not get drunk on her 21st! <3