Photo Diary : Penangites at Universal Studio Singapore

Hi, as you can read from the title it's Singapore post comes with photo diary again!!! A day well spent in Universal Studio Singapore with all the Penangites, like a little reunion in Singapore! Well I just somewhat wants to digest all the photos before i proceed to my other travel post, how many more left? Errr.. Cruise? Hongkong? And now i have one upcoming... The minute when you see this post, i'm probably happily enjoying and celebrating my after-internship-welcome-to-free-zone-weekend-getaway(yes rather long name, i know! haha) now! 

Ok i just want to say I LOVE JULY! Another getaway to somewhere cold this time! Wheeeee

(Scheduled post) Photo Diary feat. Joyce, Candice, Von, Jie Loon, Nigel, Isaac & Wei Sheng... Have fun enjoy the pictures below!

Group picture with the favorite bunch and tons of fun!

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Beauty Diary : the Magic Sunblock, Diane.3 Sunscreen

Every girl desires to be pretty and of course fair. Fair is one of the few ways that can turn a girl into a pretty woman naturally(No plastic surgery LOL). I used to have super tanned skin. Thanks to miyome, i can have fairer skin now. (You may check out my Miyome post here) Well knowing how to achieve fair skin but do you know how to keep it last? I have been using a particular sunblock (a french brand), it works well on me. However things just turned out differently ever since i moved down to KL. The environment was bad compare to Penang, all the dust and dirts in the air. My face condition just became extremely bad, as i was staying at the condominium next to the highway back then in Kelana Jaya. Partly because of my combination skin too, oily at the outer layer but dry in the inner layer. I never know my face condition could be that bad and OILY! Screw them 728844 times. Hence my face tend to become oily even applying sunblock for just half a day or less. My face was really oily that can literally fry eggs on it. No joke!

My After-Work-Tired-Look ͼ(ݓ_ݓ)ͽ
Katherine knew that i was facing problem like these, she then recommended Diane.3 Sunscreen to me. At first i was kinda resist to try it and confusing at times, don't know whether should i go for new product. I was terrify seriously (I did not have any bad facial experience though, luckily! Thank god!), but i have seen too many bad examples around me. This is the reason why i hardly try on new product. The only  extend to me is just trying on new facial mask! 

Slowly, i began to accept and started my first few try during my working days, and i'm in love with this product. Now i call it the Magic Sunblock.

Diane.3 Suncreen 20ml  (pink base) Rm158
  • moisturiser for the skin while protecting it from harmful UV rays. 
  • contains a sun fliter for protection against UVA and UVB

The best part of all, it comes in PINK! Imma super big Pink fans! Of course i will not just love it because it is pink(very bimbo i know! Hahahaha). I remembered my beautician once told me Pink base is to create fairer complexion(which i wanted the most! Hahahaha). And what surprised me is the texture of Diane.3 Sunscreen is rather different from the usual sunblock. It is is in cream base, not liquid fluid type. Something different that feels like a day cream to me when i first used it though. ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

I love this sunblock because it is not sticky at all, from the beginning when you apply till then end of the day when you remove. Not at all! It is very easy to get it on, just by pointing several spot on face and start blending all the way to neck and hair line. Once it's done, it gave me a beautifully soft finish. It absolutely leaves a slight glow, but not oily! It also cover redness of my cheek nicely, but can still see some veins at the side, cause somehow it is sunblock but foundation, lesser coverage.

Do take note: Skipping the neck is a bad idea; like i used to have this silly thought my hair is covering my neck so it wouldn't affect if i did not apply sunblock on it. Hell no! In fact, it actually does. Now i have to apply more Miyome and sunblock in order to get them back in the same tone. FML 78375927 times again! (T⌓T)

Besides that, Katherine also recommended another latest and hottest product of Diane.3 - Spot Clear Essence.

Spot Clear Essence 10ml RM300
  •  Provides fast relief on acne, blemish & pigmentation
  • Even & restore skin tone. Achieve fairer & clearer complexion 
  • Refining pores effective. Promoted metabolism brighter & lighter complexion

Thanks to Katherine, my problem is solved. I can have magic skin without applying BB cream. Diane.3 sunblock is good to apply during daily routine and outdoor activities, like how i apply to work everyday. :) 

Last, i would love to share what Katherine shared with me about her passion towards this beauty business.
I started this business when people start asking about my skin. It's also the connection that i have like famous models and famous bloggers, eventually they start using it and like it very much. They began to share about it. Unconsciously, I have expanded my business internationally. Customers from Hong Kong, UK, and mostly from Australia. This is totally an unplanned business, not lying. It started so smoothly and it is totally effortless business. I gained the trust of my customers because I have this passion in my heart believing every single one deserves a beautiful skin and everyone can has it! I don't do this as a business honestly, i do it as a part of my passion that's the reason why my customers will get a lot of discount from me. My boyfriend's mom is a beautician. She is the most beautiful woman i ever met in my life. Because of her, I have tried many products from beauty saloon. For example, "Miyome" brand, i have tried whole set and i personally used it for months then i found out the night cream is the best so i begin to share. Other brand like Casmara, the ampules is the best so i begin to share as well.Besides that, Diane.3 is the whole set of skincare i'm using it currently, so far it is the best skincare for me. We do have slimming product like "Raviver" and it is totally no side effect. Lastly, Rain Soul supplement. Millions thanks for supporting my passion! =) 

Want to know more about Diane.3 and other products Katherine is selling at the mean time, feel free to check them out at her facebook page here and their instagram @misspure_miyome as well.

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Heineken Green Room, KL Live '13

How's everyone's weekend? I'm sure most of the people just stayed in because of the super annoying haze out there, even i do. It was pretty bad over the weekend, hopefully things will get better. So at the meantime, stay in door and DRINK MORE WATER! Yes i'm a big fan of Water, trying to keep myself stay hydrated most of the time.*healthy tips 101*

Well, here's a recent event i attended last few weeks(No more delayed post from now on! Will try to update as soon as i can! I iz so gonna be super free right after my Intern-shit! Time to plan for my getaway! Time to Fly!  :D) Thank you Nuffnang and Heineken for the invites for Heineken Green Room. Initial our Saturday Party Plan were to crash two parties in a night(Dash Berlin in Sepang & Heineken Green Room in KL Live). However things just turned out bad, we then switched our plan to only one event on a night. Tagged Eugenia, le Sing-Sian out with le boyf and his friend, Nicholas. Traffic that night was crazy, it took us some time to reach KL! The minute we arrived the crowd has began to hype up. We quickly grabbed our bottle of Heineken and enjoy the party.


Everything in Green & White for Heineken

The first one we met, the party hard Nuffies! Sue Ann, Trixha, Yours Truly & Eugenia

 Le Boyf <3

 PhotoBomb shot by Sueann & Trixha!

Proceeded to the hall after we got our drinks then joined Nana and Cherrie, the early birds. Photo taking with slow shutter mode, lovin the effects with all colorful lights around.

Cherrie & Nana

with Estee

While i was busy taking picture and mingling with girls, they were happily enjoying taking picture themself, without me! :(

Guys brother vain moment with me and Eug's twin Boy Chanel Bag.

Hopped over to Zouk for after Party, the night was rather fun yet memorable, meeting so many familiar faces in the club! Holla everyone!~

Hi Michelle, The beauty behind the Mivva Beauty Box

Party Babe Ivin

Pretty Penangites, Junees

 Last, my Retro Party Coordinate: 


Romona Polka Dot dress from In House Fashion  
Black Loafer Pump from ShopKiss&Tell. 
Black Patent Leather Boy Chanel Bag  
Round Shades from Topshop