SNEAK PREVIEW : Chanel Cruise (Dec'12)

Hi dolls, here's a sneak preview of final runway show on Chanel Cruise Spring/Summer 2012/13 Collection. Sorry i couldn't really do a proper blogpost when most of my photos still MIA-ing somewhere in my Mac. I have yet to resolve it, hopefully i can get them done real soon. Meanwhile, just enjoy the video.

I guess most of the outfit and items showcasing in the collection below are now available in Chanel Store. Not to mention, yours truly just got a Boy Chanel too, from the latest collection back in Hongkong. Boy Chanel is too irresistible and such an amazing piece. Mad Love!

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” - Coco Chanel.

Till then, xx

Fashion Diary : C E L I N E

Hello Fashionistas, i know it's getting late here, just a quick fashion diary before i off to bed. Oh well pardon me for i breaking my promise for not updating the fashion post i promised from my previous post. Something tragic just happened to me, my iphoto crashed when i was half way editing my pictures and it doesn't seems to work after i restart it. God who knows i faced some similar issue  when i was having dinner with my boyf just now, i accidentally format my SD card, all my photos gone again. No more photos left for me this time! DIE!

However after searching up and down, thanks to my friend super solution, i finally manage to solve this 'photos MIA problem' with Disk Drill, it works perfect fine to me. All my photos in my SD card just recovered. Otherwise i wouldn't be here blogging about this post. Pardon for no C, Chanel post, will replace it with another C, Celine Outfit post of mine, hope that you guys don't mind. If you really die die want to watch the Chanel post, you can check out my youtube channel first, or wait till i complete the whole post with pictures and videos. 

Enough of midnight crap. I'm just too happy with my pictures are now back! Words can't even express how i feel now, got back my 3000 photos from SD card. I guess i shall leave my another 100K photos for tomorrow before i start using Disk Drill or maybe send it to workshop? Wish me luck, wish me FAST FAST get back all my photos! *finger crossed*

So yeah, here's a short Fashion Diary with Long Shitty Crap!

Saturday Coordinates :
White Spaghetti Top from Supre
Shinning Leather Leggings from Topshop
Leaf pattern scarf from Taiwan
Celine Fluo Pink Micro Luggage
Shades from OhMyGlasses
Black Wedges Boots from ALDO

Till then, dawn is here, bed i'm coming! Good Night/Good Morning dolls. x

My Final Workpiece in Raffles

Hi Long time no see, i could see dusts and spider webs over here(exaggerating much). However the fact is true, my side has been really quiet for quite sometimes, i could see a drastic drop of traffic too! Nuuuuuu! Still many thanks to those who drop by, and now here's a new post updated!

Well I guess most of you have known about i was busy with my final graduation work earlier hence i have no time, like literally no time to blog. I don't usually blog few sentences and photos, it's rather irresponsible to me and my blog. (Don't get me wrong, i'm not accusing those people who blog this way is irresponsible! Maybe i shall try to do so to keep my blog alive? Yay or nay? ) Before that I tried to squeeze some of my time out but those bloody 3d rendering were really shitty, i can't get my sight out it even for one second, it takes time for me to design, get everything done and render. Thank god my laptop did not crash, otherwise i would curse it till the max. 

Anyway despite for the time i sacrificed throughout these few month s(even used up my time for blogging), i'm really happy with the final outcome. My baby finally born after so long. In fact it was my last work in Raffles College, it was also be told our final work has to be display at Fahrenheit for 5 days. Display to public is like a big thing, i must die die get my work done, not only done, it has to be perfect at the meantime. I'm glad my baby came could make it on time and it's perfect!! At this moment, I can literally feel how a mother thinks of their child is always the best, just like how i find my work is the best too! Perasan Much, i know! Don't care! Hahahahaha (Don't criticize if my work is not good enough for you, there's room of improvement yo! You may leave me some comments anyway)

So here's my final work that was displayed on Fahrenheit for 5 days on and off during my graduation period. I'm sure some of you have seen it when i posted on my instagram. Did any of you visit my panel during the 5 days? Please tell me you do! 

Just a short description for my final workpiece. SeLuxe Hotel is a theme boutique hotel base on four seasons, hence there are four different sections according to different zone in my boutique hotel. Let me walk you in Boutique Hotel. SeLuxe is when Season meets Luxury.

 photo springlobby.jpg
Spring Lobby

 photo 1springrestaurant.jpg
Spring Restaurant

 photo 2summerpool.jpg
Summer Pool

 photo summerspa.jpg
Summer Spa

 photo 3autumnlibrary.jpg
Autumn Library

 photo autmnrooom.jpg
Autumn Suite

 photo winterbar.jpg
Winter Bar

 photo 4Winterroom.jpg
Winter Suite

What do you think? Anyway gotta start looking for internship now. So if any of you or your friends who owns or works in an interior design firm, feel free to tell me about it. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Till then, will update more about one of the exclusive fashion show i attended back in last December, it has something to do with my recent collections from my Hongkong trip. Wanna know more about it, stay tuned on my next Fashion post!! Goodnight. x

Sunsilk Sleek x Sunsilk Girls Seach

Almost everyone has a story about hair styling, if you were asking me about how to style a better hair, why not learn how to get a better hair instead. I’m sure everyone has their way to take care of their hair. For me, ever since I started use Sunsilk Shampoo and conditioner, my hair became softer and it looks much healthier. No more unmanageable and bushy long hair.

Sunsilk desires to help women achieve great hair by giving them the confidence to have extended good times. Sunsilk infused with 5 natural oils and Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex™. Sunsilk’s improved Smooth & Manageable variant contains Moroccan Argan, Almond, Coconut, Jojoba and Olive oils that fight unmanageable hair; ensuring hair stays smooth & supple. Besides that, it also contains Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex™ that frizzy hair and protects it against harsh environments, keeping hair smooth and takes hair to a better level of nourishment, keeping tresses supple for a longer period of time. Thanks to Sunsilk now I know how it makes my hair so shiny and smooth and also smells great!

My hair smells super good now with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable! Super in loveeeeeeee!

Most of you know I’m one big fan of Kpop, I got super excited to find out that Sunsilk will be collaborating with Hannah Tan for their  Sunsilk Girl Search. The first time ever Sunsilk is bringing out the fun yet trendy K-Pop culture to Malaysians.

Well if you’re ever wish you were part of a Kpop group so you could dance on stage and be glamorous? With Sunsilk Girls Search you can fulfill all your dreams at once. This time there will be a song collaboration “Hey! Miss Pretty” at the opening act for 2013 Asia Super Showcase. Only Five lucky winners of the Sunsilk Girls Search get the golden opportunity to perform alongside with Hannah Tan. See how cool it is? Be like a star with Sunsilk!

Don’t you just love her with her long healthy hair?

Hannah Tan is one of my favorite celebrity Penangites, the natural choice for Sunsilk. Her bright and upbeat sense of style not only reflects the latest trends, but also the Sunsilk identity. That said, her personality and experience in the entertainment industry has rendered her the
 perfect person to collaborate with for Sunsilk Girls Search. 

The main motto for 'Sunsilk Girls Search' is to look for girls that exude confidence derived from having great hair, when participating in the dance competition. At the mean time for all the sunsilk girls to have fun expressing themselves by strutting their best moves confidently, without the worry of their hair and appearance. 

Apart from performing on stage, K-Pop themed Sunsilk truck has a chain of exciting activities set to bring more fun and excitement to garner participation for the girls search. They will be exposed to a unique host of K-Pop activities that includes a makeover of hairstyle, fashion and make-up within the vehicle. The truck will make pit-stops at high-traffic locations to extend Malaysian women’s good times.

Participation can also be submitted through the Sunsilk Malaysia Facebook page, under the Sunsilk Girls Search tab. Hey girls, if you are confident with your outlook and want to be one of the Sunsilk Girls, faster register for the Sunsilk Girls Search! You can also submit your entry to Sunsilk Malaysia Facebook page, under the Sunsilk Girls Search tab.

The Sunsilk Girl Search will run from 18th March to 14th April 2013 and the finale will be held on 28th April 2013. So if you love KPOP , really love to dance or just wanna meet Hannah Tan you should participate in the Girl Search. Make sure you enter during the dates above! Don’t miss it! This is open to everyone whos above 18. Good luck girls! Till then.x