Casual Pink Coordinates with Casio Baby G

It's ironically funny how my classmates used to ask me, why i don't dress up nicely like how i looked in my blog whenever i go to class. Lol. As a student i prefer dress up simple and casual, most importantly dress up in comfortably.

Today, i will show you how casual i am most of the time. With just a top and a short, that's it for my college day. Time flies few more months till i complete my diploma, i better start enjoy my casual study look before i working as an intern in the office. Wonder how do myself look like in the Office Lady style? However what terrify me at one point that i'm going to work real soon. Lifestyle Blogger/Interior Student Designer? ┗┃・ ■ ・┃┛

Casual Pink Coordinates :
Top : Pink Stripes Polo T-shirt
Short : Black Cotton On Shorts
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacob Ukita
Shoes : Forever New Loafers
Shades : Oh My Glasses from Hk
Watch : White Casio Baby-G (BGA-110-7B2)

Chopped of my Dip-dyed and did Ultra Sonic treatment last week at Number 76 Saloon. My hair looks so much healthier now, still damn the fizziness under the sunlight. Pray for a better hair!!!! ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ

By the way, before i ending this post, here's a short clip i discovered with my classmates. We were laughing our ass over it! Well, it was also the reason why i was holding the Chatime on the picture above, got the sudden crave after watching it. Not forgetting exploring the new drinking technique. So which is yours? (〃・・〃)

原來喝珍珠奶茶的學問是那麼深?? ~(=^‥^)_旦~ LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Till then, for more information about Casio Baby-G. Kindly refer to links below:
Casio international website –

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Standard Chartered ICT Competition is Back

Have you heard about Standard Chartered ICT Competition last year? This year they are coming back for their second ICT Competition and continuing to look for some creative ideas that could win prizes worth over RM60,000! This ICT Competition does not only open for Standard Chartered's staff, it also open up for all the college and university students out there!!

Last week, i attended Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad Official Launch for its second Innovation, Communications and Technology Competition(ICT Competition 2013). This as part of its continuing commitment in promoting the development of the domestic ICT sector.

The Standard Chartered ICT Competition invites University/College/Polytechnic students and employees of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, its subsidiaries and Scope International to submit their ICT related innovative ideas in a form of a business proposal. 
The competition aims to boost creativity in innovation and further enhance knowledge on ICT as well as to promote entrepreneurship amongst the university students in Malaysia. This competition is also one of Standard Chartered initiatives to help the Government to increase the country’s pool of knowledge workers and to realize the Digital Malaysia agenda.

Winners of the ICT Competition 2013 stand to win prize monies totalling RM60,000. The competition is being endorsed by MOSTI and the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

With fellow bloggers, Shannon, Veron, Wilee and Jessica

(It was nice seeing Veron after knowing her for so long,
although i met her brother more often than her. :P)

This year’s competition is themed IT matters as technology is seen as influencing every facet of life from mundane everyday tasks to automated processes to make lives better.Winners of the ICT Competition 2013 stand to win prize monies totalling RM60,000. The competition is being endorsed by MOSTI and the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

During the launch, a special performance was done by a man alone as the opening act. Every move he made was playing with the rhythm of the box and line showed on the projector screen. I love the part how he fought with the shadow man. That's how creativity technology these days works.

Pretty cool right the way he 'dance'?

So what are you waiting now? Faster form a team and participate in SCICT. Not forgetting head over to SCICT website to register. The Registration and submission begins on 13th January 2013. Closing date is 25th March 2013. Pre requisite for a team is a minimum of one (1) Malaysian & all team members should be University/College/Polytechnic students studying in Malaysia.

There are 2 categories enlisted for this competition:
  • University / College Students (in teams 2 – 5 persons)
  • Employees of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, its subsidiaries and Scope International (in teams 2 – 5 persons)

The judging criteria for the competition will be based on these 6 elements: 
Innovativeness, Demonstrated Creativity & Originality of Idea // Value Proposition // Quality of Presentation & Clarity of Idea // Implementation Feasibility // Supporting Evidence & Market Demand // Green Features

One of the judging criteria i pay the most attention will be Green Features. Green Features help to support innovative green technologies that are fundamental to creating a sustainable society. My ideal green features product would be a solar energy phone that could save up solar energy. So that the phone battery life spend doesn't die fast and it could easily chargeable whenever there's sun. Oh my such a big techno-slave i am! wtf!

Inspire us with your most innovative idea on how IT Matters to your work, personal life and the society. Team up and fuel your creativity to build the most creative technological invention and innovation!

The grand finals and prize presentation ceremony will be held on 16 May. The champion team from the University Students category will win RM15,000 cash prize. The runner-up team will receive RM10,000 in cash and the third prize winners will receive a RM5,000 cash prize. All winning teams will receive a plaque each and certificates of participation.

The first prize winner from the Internal Staff category, will take home RM8,000 in cash. The second prize winner will receive a RM5,000 cash prize and the third prize winner will walk away with RM3,000. All winning teams will also take home a plaque and certificates of participation.

The remaining seven finalists from each category will received a consolation prize of RM1,000 per team.

Besides that, there will be weekly contest running on SCICT Facebook Page for 10 weeks with 10 different contests from 14th January to 18th March.

Last but not least, feel free to share with me your idea and dream just be adding  my blog as referral when you register. Till then, look forward to hear from all your innovative updates. Good Luck! x

Girls Generation Timepiece | Black & White Coordinates

Did a quick group photo shoot with Raffles' Interior Design 7.1 and 8.1 batch students few days ago. Photo shoot for our coming graduation catalogue or what so. Theme for the day is Black and White, so that everyone could look the same and professional at the meantime. Haha. Besides that, our batch also thought of something special to stand out, which was putting on headpiece or headgear. Sounds cool right? Looking forward to our final piece in the graduation catalogue. :)

This time i shall let the accessories take over most of the highlight on my outfit. Thanks to Diva that also part of Fashion Fast Forward for my accessories. Well just a simple black and white look matching with a pair of classy black heels. Not forgetting stealing the black studded black cap from classmate to complete the whole semi casual x OL look

Black & White Coordinates:
Top : Diamond Collar Printed Top from Singapore
Shorts : Black High Waist Short from Topshop
Accessories : Armor Bird Chain Handlet from Diva
Accessories : Tiffany Charm Bracelet from Tiffany & Co
Watch : White Casio Baby-G (BGA-110-7B2)

Sail-away with SuperStar Gemini #1 | On Cruise & Phuket Tour

Aloha, i'm back! Do you miss me? :P

Well, to me sometimes i miss blogging about travel post, they somehow reminded me how wonderful when you're away from the hectic city, forget about all the stress that finals and graduation brought to me. 2 months time for me to go still. Sigh! Not to mention some inner emotional break down earlier. However  everything is solved, i felt much better right now. Be positive, Be happy! 

Sorry if i kept you guys waiting, here comes a long long travel post! First trip on the first week of 2013, what a lovely way to kick start of the year! However instead of flying, we were invited on cruise SuperStar Gemini sailing from Penang - Phuket - Krabi. Many thanks to Hwajing Travel Tour and Nuffnang for this golden opportunity to visit SuperStar Gemini, the first in Malaysia and South East Asia to charter for its maiden voyage. 

Before we start of our cruise trip, some of the guests like us that located in KL were gathered together earlier transfered by several buses to Penang. Just in time to depart at Penang Port. Free Accommodation for good service!

Greetings from Me and BFF Nana! Aloha~ Feels so hawaiian with the flower garland!

Media Pass on!

Ze Superb SuperStar Gemini that can fit up to thousands of guest on board.

Bye my lovely Penang, see you after 4 days!

Girls Generation Timepiece | Gee Gee Coordinates

I'm such a K-pop fans, And now K-pop fever has gripped South East Asia and indeed the rest of the world in the last few years, and South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation has become a familiar name to young Malaysians of all races.

Girls' Generation are made up of nine members namely, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun are the nine members who make up the South Korean girl pop group Girls’ Generation. The group gained attention early in their career with the songs "Into the New World" and "Kissing You" but it was in 2009 that they took South Korea by storm with their hit single "Gee".

There was no turning back from there on as the Girls’ Generation began to conquer the Korean music
industry with follow-up singles "Tell Me Your Wish" or better known as “Genie”, "Run Devil Run",
and "Oh!". Due to online media platforms like YouTube, they also started to garner fans from across
the region with millions watching their videos.

In 2011, they returned to the Korean music scene with "The Boys", which was released in three
languages: Korean, Japanese, and English. Girls’ Generation have sold over 100,000 copies for each
of their six Korean releases, and impressively within five years after debut, the group has sold a total
of over 4.4 million albums and 30 million digital singles.

The girls have become fashion icons not only in South Korea but throughout Asia and so it’s no wonder that Casio Computer Co. Ltd. signed Girls’ Generation as the face (or rather faces) of a Baby-G advertising campaign that began in July 2012.

"Live your style. Follow your dream. Because you're the one who knows you best. Be tough. Be cute. Be cool." -- Baby-G.
Launched in 1994, Baby-G is Casio’s watch brand for young and trendy women which inherits the toughness of the shock-resistant Casio G-SHOCK watches. Since then, the basic shock resistance and superior waterproof performance of Baby-G has evolved with additional features and higher performance, including solar-powered systems and neon illuminators.

The multiple Baby-G designs not only taps the latest fashion trends but also allows individual expression with limited edition models available every now and then, and are available in a rich spectrum of colours making Baby-G watches a highly versatile fashion accessory.

Aries Lady x Red Coordinates

Catch up with le Aries Lady, Karmun when she's back for her winter holiday. Chilled at Lo Bodega and had our best Happy Hour time together, chit-chatting and laughter all over with sister and Katherine as well. So nice to see her after a year, on the other hand it's kinda saddening to meet her only once in a year. :(

Anyway here's my Red Coordinates of the night with
 my Baby-G Timepiece (BGA-133-4B).  

My Gee Gee Coordinates:
Leopard Collar Red jumpsuit : Su Estilo
Bag : Balenciaga Giant City
Flats : Black Tory Burch
Watch : Red Casio Baby G

Till then, x