27th Golden Disk Awards 2013

Wassup it's last day of 2012, and guess what's better to kick of year 2013!? Yesssshhhhhh something that has to with Kay-The-Pop, not lollipop but K-POP that's going to hit Malaysia Next Year January! Wheeee simply couldn't resist everything from Korean ever since my visit many years back, not forgetting from K-Pop Music, Drama, Fashion, Cosmetics even kiddos, like Lincoln

Guess what? Samsung GALAXY is bringing The 27th Golden Disk Awards ceremony to Malaysia next year. The 27th Golden Disk Awards ceremony will be presented at the Sepang International Circuit on 15th January and 16th January 2013 for 2 days

The Golden Disk Awards (GDA) is the most prestigious Korean Pop Awards in South Korea where the most popular K-POP music from the past year are selected and celebrated. The Golden Disk Awards contributes to the music and digital downloads industry while bolstering the creativity of pop music and finding talented artistes.

The Golden Disk Awards will be the biggest K-POP event to be held in Malaysia, as more than 20 groups of world-famous K-POP artistes will be performing on stage for fans in Malaysia aside from the awards ceremony. 

Below are 20 groups of world-famous K-POP artistes, Hyuna from 4minute, Infinite, K.Will, Secret, Sistar, B.A.P, B1A4, Beast, F(x), Juniel, Teen Top, SHINee, Cn Blue, Ft. Island, T-ara, Super Junior, Epik High, G-Dragon from Big Bang, Lee Hi, Ailee, Kara, Exo-K...

Check out your best K-Pop Artistes and start to vote them over here at the voting site. Do take note, every vote you made for your favorite artists in order to bring them over to Malaysia for this event. 

So yeah, i'm hoping them to bring... Big Bang the Fantastic Baby!!

If i could watch Big Bang in my life again! BB Alive Tour in Singapore is definitely not enough! Lol

T-ara the Lovey Dovey

Kara with Pandora

But why no 2NE1 from YG Entertainment? Still i will vote for them!! <3

Wait a minute, wonder how to get tickets to GDA? Now you can get your tickets at www.ticketpro.com.my. Tickets are priced at RM688 or RM999 for two days!! RM688 for Rockpit and RM999 for Samsung Galaxy Zone!

For more information on the Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur, please visit www.goldendiskawards.asia or http://www.facebook.com/GDA2013

Till then, Happy New Year 2013!!

Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali by PETRONAS

Last Saturday, me and a few bloggers went on a Charity Gotong Royong activity at Kampung Wellington, Perak. It was a Program Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali organised by PETRONAS.

The main Initiative of this program is to communicate the ‘human’ side of PETRONAS where everyone is given the opportunity to share the spirit of togetherness and share the festive joy with the underprivileged community. Since it was well received by the staff and management, PETRONAS decided to make it an annual affair in 2006 and expanded the programme to cover other festivals such as Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai, Tadao Kamaatan and Christmas depending on the locations. 

Besides that, Program Sentuhan Harapan PETRONAS is a community outreach programme initiated by PETRONAS with aims at providing basic assistance to hardcore poor families in the country.

This year, the underprivileged from Kampung Wellington was invited to participate in various activities
prepared for the programme and received festive hampers, ‘ang pows’ and ‘duit raya’. Kampung Wellington is a small kampung with a total 500 numbers of villagers from 66 families. Majority of the villagers are Indians while the remaining are Malay and Chinese. More than 90% of the villagers are poor with household income of lesser than RM700 and some are single mothers with many schooling children more up to six to eight of the schooling children. Most of them work at the palm estate and being paid on a daily basis which results in non fixed monthly income.

So we were there that day as a volunteers to witness and to help on those underprivileged to conduct
motivational and for a fun learning programmes for the children to nurture the young minds to love
knowledge and seek out learning opportunities for a better future. Not forgetting throughout 
Program Sentuhan Harapan PETRONAS, we were allow to do it as a corporation giving back to society. 

Gotong-royong bersama Ashley and Nana

And guess who is back? Miss Future Architect Ellie from Melbourne!!

Greetings by friendly villagers from Kampung Wellington upon our arrival

Before we started our Gotong-royong activity. We had a moment chatting with those local community at Kampung Wellington. I could see from the way they expressed, how life have been hard for them but they never gave up. Program Sentuhan Kasih is one of the help they could get from the society and they appreciate it. There were some UTP students helping up that day as well, providing what the local community needs and manage the entire program. Not forgetting they were doing for gotong-royong with us at the meantime. Hehe. So off we start our Gotong Royong before the event officially started later on.

After our Gotong Royong, everyone was waiting for YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim's arrival for opening ceremony. YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim then visited all the activity booths, village and assisting in several events, such as paint the badminton court borders at the community hall. He even helped on those lady to fry some of their food. :)

preparing fry food

painting the community hall wall

Speech was given for the opening ceremony by Pegawai Daerah Manjung

Followed up by YBhg Datuk Rahim

Last, YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim were presenting money packets to 142 families

Little Something from Petronas as our gift. 

That's all about PETRONAS' Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali programme at Kampung Wellington in Manjung, Perak. Watch the video to find out what they had to say about the programme. Enjoy!

First Samsung Galaxy Camera by Celcom

Ever wanted a camera that half point of shoot with another half a tablet? Samsung Galaxy Camera on for the best network! The Samsung Galaxy Camera is without a doubt one of the most niche devices. The Galaxy Camera is not just a normal camera, it runs Android operating system and has a sim card slot with 3G connectivity. 

Have a look how awesome this half point shoot camera and tablet.

Always an interior fan but let alone the Architect part this time; Simply adores the lovey dovey Couple Date in the video clip. The couple looked so cute together. 

Now you can experience the 1st Android based camera with 3G capabilities only with the advantages of Celcom First on Malaysia’s best network. The price starts from RM1499 with Celcom First Data Lite plan for instant connectivity!

Celcom launched Samsung Galaxy Camera, the first Android-based camera with 3G capabilities, comes with Celcom First Data Lite plan so you can shoot, edit and share on the go! With Celcom First Data Lite, you’ll enjoy 1.5GB of data with speeds of up to 1.5Mbps at only RM48/month. Plus you will get to enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Camera from as low as RM1,499 (RRP:RM1,899), with the advantages of Celcom First. That’s RM400 saved in your pocket!

Samsung Galaxy Camera specifications: 
• 3G/Wifi Connection
• Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
• 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor
• Powerful 21X Optical Zoom Lens
• 23 MM Wide Angel Lens
• 1080P Full HD Video Recording
• 121.1 MM (4.8”), 308 ppi,  HD Super Clear Touch Display
 16.3 Megapixel ½.3” BSI CMOS

This amazing Samsung Galaxy Camera takes stunning photos, edit them on the spot, and post to your favourite social media straight from the camera itself, with seamless connectivity of the best data plan. With Celcom First Data Lite package makes sharing extra easy.

Last, why with Celcom? Because Celcom is the best network in Malaysia that gets the best of Celcom Territory, wherever you go. It has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move. Celcom offers the best network quality, be it messaging, voice calls, videocalling, surfing, email, etc. Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection. Faster grab the first Galaxy Camera with Celcom!

Fashion Diary: Christmas Coordinates

Just came back from my christmas dinner. Oh dear, one of my favorite festival just ended. Nothing much for this year, No White Christmas, No Big Party, just a simple dinner with le boyf at the newly opened French restaurant. So here comes my Christmas coordinates before i blog for a proper dinner post. :)

Did a quick outfit shoot at the pool area of the restaurant.

My christmas coordinates:
Pink Santa Headgear
Puffed rosette-sleeved minidress: Azorias
Bag: Fluo Pink Celine Micro Luggage Tote
NudeHeels: Aldo
Watch: White Casio Baby-G

Check out https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceMalaysia for more information if you fancy my CUTE baby-G watch! 

A close-up shot of my Casio Baby-G (BGA-110-7B2)

* * * * *

Last but not least, guess what i got for my love this year?

Till then, Happy New Year 2013!! ♥ 

Early Xmas Party | Nom2Xmas

Merry Christmas ya'all!!! 

It's Christmas Eve tonight, not going anywhere for any celebration as everywhere will be pack with tons of people counting down for Christmas. So instead, i'm staying in tonight and blog for some Christmas party that was held weeks ago. I guess it was by far the earliest Christmas party i ever attended, on the first week of December. It was pretty cool in fact. When everyone's already in their Christmas mode, playing Christmas songs, dress up nicely, putting on their fancy Christmas header and hunt for good food. Mmm, such an amazing Christmas party i could say. Many thanks to Nuffnang for the invites. Apparently it was Nuffnang x Nom Nom x Churp Churp Christmas Party at Arista Bar and Restaurant, with hashtag of the night #Nom2Xmas.

Well, not much pictures were taken from my camera. You know why? A night with more than 3 cameras from each of us. I don't even have to take it with my own camera, just grabbed it from the girls will do. Such a lazy me i know! :P So yeah, pictures below credits to Nana, Jane, Ashley and Nat's blog. Endless selca pictures. #GirlsBeingGirls

Pictures will do the talking with captions along, Enjoy! :)

ze girlsssss ;
Yours truly, Ashley, Nana, Jane & Nat

From Humble Beginnings <3

Early bird gets to eat. Om Nom Nom

Nana happily eating

Cheers with ASAHI

Nanako <3


Not ready? 

Ashley Comic Alike

Ernest from Don't like that bro putting on my bunnyheadgear

Havoc-ing when the M&M dancing Oppa Gangnam Style

Some polaroid for us that night, memoriessssss <3

Closed Up

Last ending this post with a picture of me with the nominees for best dressed. I was lucky to be nominated as one of them. Still congrats to Michelle, the winner who has the little black hat on her hair, she dressed up really sweet! 

Whoooooops and guess what? I just got this picture before i offline, thanks Tianchad for the awesome fisheye pictures. 

Alright, time to hit the sack! Ready for a proper Christmas Dinner tomorrow with my love. As it's gonna be our first year celebrating Christmas together despite from long distance festive when i was in Japan last year. Till then, Goodnight ya'all! Merry Christmas once again, all the best and have a wonderful year ahead!! 

Oh dear, I miss my Wingeez Girlies now!! T_________________________T

i-Square Station Opening Ceremony,Parkamaya Fahrenheit88

Hello, So this is how my Black Brown Red Red Hair i did last friday at Number 76, Mont Kiara Branch by Hikky-San. It's slightly more Reddish. I guess Hikky-San wanted my hair to match with the festive Christmas around the corner, that's why. :P However i'm still considering going for all Black(Like i mentioned in my twit, Black Black Black Red?), next year maybe? What do you think?

Just a quick updates for last Saturday. i-Square Station Grand Opening Ceremony was officially held at Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88. A new multi concept stores with many blog/facebook shops that sells their stuff over there. And I was one of the bloggers who were selling their pre loved items that day. hehehehe. So if you're interested on any of them, you can visit iSqaure Station to check them out until end of December. :)

Here's the featured blog/facebook shops available at I-Square Station: 

1.       Facebook: Agape Boutique
2.       Facebook: Peep Boutique
3.       Facebook: Momoko wardrobe
4.       Facebook: Summerlara
5.       Facebook: Chalotte Katy
6.       Facebook: Cozen
7.       Facebook: Vina Boutique
8.       Facebook: De Armoire
9.       Facebook: Luciffer wardrobe
10.   Facebook: Mirror fashion gallery
11.   Facebook: Verdez Olivia
12.   Facebook: Japzjewel
13.   Facebook: Dressing without stress
14.   Facebook: Little zakka
15.   Facebook: Vogue Maison
16.   Facebook: De Mille
17.   Facebook: Marimo Club
18.   Facebook: Project Swissify

iSquare Station, On the left from the front escalator

'My little corner'

Pictures with bloggers attended during the opening ceremony, Ashley, Cherrie, Yours truly & Jane.

Last but not least a credit for my coordinates: 

Cat Beanie from JessicaC | Beige Knit Wear from FBlockContrast Mini Skirt from Azorias
(Sorry didn't manage to take a full picture of my coordinates, so here comes one with crediting. )

Till then, have a nice day. 

Christmas/New Year Giveaway *Edited*

Dear blog, Sorry for the hiatus. Have been busy, REALLY REALLY BUSY with my final assignments, which was due few days ago. I'm finally a free bird, ready for my One Week Holiday. (Yes i know i repeat it and exaggerate every single time. LOL) Anyway One more semester to my graduation next year. I'm still lost and couldn't imagine how heavy my workload could be for next year!! And how's life going on after that?. What's giving me double big headache are Graduation Final Workpiece and Internship! Oh life! Where should i persuade for my degree? Or maybe get attach with working? But all and all will never stop me from blogging, for sure! :)

Well, since i have been MIA for quite sometimes. Today i'm doing a giveaway as an apology treat. In fact i was planning to do it a week before or two. However time doesn't allow me to, was struggling with tons of assignments. So i hope that you guys don't mind and guess i will just make it as a Pre-New Year 2013 Giveaway then. :) Better than nothing la horrr?! :P

Before that, i would love to share these super cools blogshops for iphone casing. :)

Iphone Casing from i.Licious Phone Boutique

We supply high Quality and Unique cloths for your smartphone!! Dress up them nicely as you everyday ♥

Two casing that i have been using lately.

Anna Sui Case & Vintage Mustache Case

Besides that, i.Licious do have customized Camera cases too.
Every camera pouch is handmade and customize according to your camera size ♥ You just need to provide us your camera model and the lens length (eg: Canon 600D, 18-135) Every inner contain 5 layer compress cotton to ensure it provide the best protection for your camera. 
We do have same series design camera strap for every pouch. You can purchase it together with your camera pouch or purchase only the pouch. To ensure the quality for every item sold, each pouch take 2-3 weeks for customization, we do not accept urgent order!!
This is my Bunny casing for Sony NEX F3, how adorable ain't it?

External Charger from ifound Wardrobe
We sell vintage shoes, dresses, shorts,bags, phone casing, pluggy and more. Any enquiry, do not hesitate to ask us. PM us or send us a mail to ifoundwardrobe@hotmail.my Happy shopping with us babes ♥

It comes with 6 portable headers, 1 Hello Kitty lanyard and 1 Pink cover.

Hello Kitty Solar Portable Charger. 

I guess you people must be waiting impatiently, what's the giveaway treat right? Here you go... I'm giving away 1 Hello Kitty iphone case, 1 Candy Pluggy & 1 Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger(Picture above). All you need to do is comment, Which giveaway items you love the most and WHY? This deal is only open for one week, so be quick! I will select the most creative answer and get all the gifts done before New Year 2013. 

- Contest CLOSED -

Thanks for commenting, Sorry for dragging the result, here comes the 3 Lucky Winners. Congratulations to my lucky readers! :) Anyway just before i proceed with the final stage, please reply me with your Email or directly email me your Mailing address at teng.povy@gmail.comso that i can get the lucky parels send out soon. :)

Huey Shin for winning Hello Kitty iphone case  
Mingming Goh for winning Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger
Nicole Yie for winning Candy Pluggy