Fashion Diary: Studded Backpack

How many of you still carry Backpack these days? Recall my last backpack when i was in Secondary? Lol. 

Recently I'm obsessed with studded goods and eyeing on them for quite some time. Thanks to In House Fashion, i found one now. Simply couldn't resist with this super cool Black Leather Studded Backpack with flat brass studs instead of typical pointy sharp studs. Not too boyish but with a sense of chic. 

Anyway remember the last fashion diary for IHF (here), this Pink Lana Knitted Pullover top i'm wearing is from IHF too. IHF is one of my favorite blog shop from Singapore with the latest fashion filled with high street styles from feminiene to chic also for your day-to-day outfits. I just got few items from their Fall/Winter Collection. Do check them out for more pretty Fall/Winter apparels if you're visiting any Winter country soon. :)

Last but not least, please like and vote for Natalie's video here -----------------------------------> for her recent Vios Chosen One Video Star Contest. Show her some love to save the world! OMG i sound like a power puff girl!! Lol. 
Till then. x

Where's The Party 3 | Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Carlsberg has raised their bar by hosting another outstanding party after the past two WTP two years back. The mystery event hones in on consumers’ natural fascination with the unknown and challenges the curiosity of those who are bold enough to step out of their comfort zone for greater excitement and rewards. The trademark characteristic of withholding key information on Where’s The Party keeps Carlsberg fans curious and looking hard for leads on the location, time and other party details.

Entering the third wave this year, Where's The Party this year is also their first ever 3-Nation at 1 Epic Party which saw 1200 guests, from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. An All expense paid 2 days 1 night event were fully sponsored by Carlsberg. A world class event with live Performances from international artists to several games going on.

Frankly speaking, it was my first time attending an Outdoor Party. Sad to say that because apparently i had cut down on clubbing and partying since last year. I just somehow dislike being in a massive crowd. Maybe i'm too old to party? I have no idea. Lol. However Where's The Party literally brought me to a whole new level of Partying. I enjoyed every single moment I'm more to a Kpop person but i'm starting to blend into the Electro, Hard trance Music were playing that night. Wouldn't mind to go any other outdoor parties now! :P

So yeah, let me show you how was the exclusive party going on?

Hit on Malaysia | J.Lo Dance Again World Tour

❛ La na na.... Tonight we gon' be it on the floor.. ❜

Starting out as a dancer, Jennifer Lopez – a girl from Bronx, New York – has become the worldwide diva that she is now. With her dancing, acting and singing talent, Jennifer Lopez has entertained audiences for more than a decade, so you should not miss the chance to see her live in concert.

Can you feel the heat is coming in KL? Xpax is bringing Jennifer Lopez, this fiery Latina to make all her Malaysian fans dance again. Ready to get on the floor with the smokin' Jennifer Lopez. She will be hitting Malaysia on 2nd December 2012 at Stadium Merdeka, KL to catch her live action.

Since it’s Time to Muxic with Jennifer Lopez, are you ready to have fun? Be prepared for a night of sensational song and hot grooves with Miss Lopez at her concert with free tickets from Xpax and The Cube. If you’re interested, read on!

Wanna live like the life like J.Lo? Have Whatchuwant and be treated like the Fashionistas that you are just like Jennifer Lopez? Dial *128# and subscribe to any Whatchuwant packs for a chance to get the ultimate J.Lo experience worth RM10,000. Just make sure you subscribe from the 12th until 26th November to be in the running to grab the experience package including:
  • 2 Jennifer Lopez concert tickets worth RM1,316 (RM658 each)
  • Makeover for you and a friend
  • Professional photoshoot with printout for you and a friend
  • J.Lo Fashionista Dinner for two
  • A 5-star hotel stay
  • Chauffeur-driven ride for two
  • Jennifer Lopez Perfume Pack, poster & Dance Again CD
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0”
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100
Don't you think those prizes above are pretty amazing?

All you need to do it be on the cube, in order to be at J.Lo's Concert. You can also score tickets to see Jennifer Lopez in concert and download her songs as your Call Me Tones from 1st October to 20th November.

  • Just download and keep any TWO J.Lo Call Me Tones then gift TWO more songs to your friends and family for a chance at getting a pair of J.Lo’s Live In Malaysia concert tickets worth RM658 each 
  • Download a 3-month Call Me Tones package for a chance at getting an all-expenses- paid trip to watch J.Lo Live in Singapore

If you fail to get free tics from steps above, don't worry there's another way for you to win them if you think you have the confidence and sexy attitude like Jennifer Lopez. Snap at least 3 pictures of your most J.Lo-licious poses by showing it through MMS and send it via MMS to 20000 by 25th November 2012. You could win two tickets worth RM658 each to see J.Lo in Malaysia as well as get an all-expenses- paid trip to Singapore to see her there too!

You don't have to be 'Waiting for tonight' to get those tickets. Faster grab them on your hands now and catch the diva life on stage. For more information, at or Till then, Happy Monday everyone!! Monday no more blue with Miss Lopez! x

Japan Winter Homestay ✈ #4 | Ski Breeze

Time passes in a blink of eye, Christmas is one month away from now. Oh dear, one more month to a year for my Japan winter home stay last year. Everything seems like what happened yesterday. 

However i realized i have plenty of pictures have yet to post for my Japan Winter Homestay. I think i can blog for another 10 years just by the amount of pictures i took throughout the entire trip. I kid you not seriously! (If only you readers won't get bored of reading. Lol) In fact most of them were basically the same, repeating similar activities almost everyday, apart from moving to a new host family, meeting different friendly japanese, exploring other states in Japan(Sadly no Tokyo), looking for new Hello Kitty goods, trying out new delicious Japanese food, visiting different shrines, buying new lucky charms and forth.

So i decided to cut those off and blog about something interesting. A Photo Diary cum Travel Diary for my 2 days 1 night Ski trip at Muraoka.

I love winter, i love snow, and i definitely love ski. It wasn't my first time ski experience. In fact it was my second time, the first time was 8 years back when i was in Korea for a family trip. I was way too young before that, hence i was not allowed to try skiing from high slopes. So how could i miss ski during winter?! Apparently not many of our Leo Members were in these ski team, only the 3 of us, Me, Bella and Stanley.  The best part was all covered by our Lion Hosts. I heard it's quite pricey to ski in Japan. Bloody Lucky Us! Hehehehehe

I'm not a sport person but i love ski. It was so much fun and by far the best sports to me although ski is consider as one of the most dangerous sports. Well i love it because ski is held under the cold weather which makes everything a super plus point when Malaysia is hot 24/7. Lol. Not forgetting surrounded by truckloads of snow, it's really soft and you can see snowflakes form when it falls on your hand! Such an amazing experience! Did i mention i was sweating like a cow inside my ski suit? Yes it did even around 0 degree or much lower. Buuuu

Well, imma gonna let all the pictures do the talking. My adventurous ski trip starts now. Enjoy x

- Day 1 -

Yours truly with her Happy Pink Ski Suit, Pink Slipper & Pink IPhone Case. So much of pink, so much of Love <3

November baby | Happy Sze's Day ♥

Birthday shout out to my little darling Teh Sze Sze aka Babyboo
It's your big day today, so sorry we couldn't make it to celebrate with you for this year.
Years by years, days by days, we never missed each other's birthday.
We used to celebrate every single birthdays; yours, mine, Vivian's and Jane's.
Though distance has set all of us apart, at different country with different timezone.
But it will never set our heart apart. Wingeez is always there no matter what.
We will always be there for you, and like what Jane said, we're just a call away.
Just like how we did our group skyping, sharing with lots of laughter, not forgetting missing each other.

As a scorpion, you're considered as one of the hypnotizing signs amongst all zodiac signs. The eyes of a scorpion are the most attractive of all. You understand the real world and know the art of self- control. A scorpion has tough look outside but inside they have a delicate heart filled with emotions and feelings. You succeed in hiding their emotions. But you can always share with us. It is very difficult to predict a scorpion. We know you as Scorpion is straight forward and will never compliment unless they are amazed.

My dear Sze sze, I'm glad to know you for 10 years. From primary, secondary, college and still counting.
You're the youngest among all of us. (Certainly we re not that old, just one year difference)
But we always see you like our little sister, look after you and take care of you.
No matter how far we apart, we will always see you like the stars on the sky, shine up high and bright.
Have a wonderful and blessed birthday. We love you, W i n g e e z for life. x

Alright, photo booth spamming time! Something never reveal from our silly inner beast when we last met.
Something similar to What happens during Fullmoon two years back.. Enjoy! ℒℴѵℯ 

I miss you so much. See you in December. 

Sneak Peek of WTP3

Just a quick sneak peek video taken during Where's the Party! Stay tuned for more.

P/s: I'm not in as i'm recording the entire video. :)

A picture of yours truly incase you miss me. x

Instagram Profile is now on WEB

I bet most of you should have known/heard about this popular photo sharing mobile app, Instagram. It has began an important roll for all the iphone users especially to those who loves taking pictures and share every of them to the mobile world.

Instagram web profiles are a beautiful new way to view and share Instagram on the web! Your web profile features your photos along with your profile photo and bio, giving others a look at the content you share on Instagram. - Instagram said in a blog post.

Do you still remember the Instagram post i did last year, introduction and covering several ways to view Instagram on Web?

Now Instagram is announcing Web-based user profiles. Each Web profile will feature a selection of recently shared photographs along with the user’s profile photo and bio, offering a quick visual snapshot of someone’s interests and aesthetic. Besides that, we can follow users, comment & like photos and edit our profile easily and directly from the web. It’s a beautiful new way to share your Instagram photos!

To see your profile, or to explore a friend’s profile, simply navigate to[username]. For example, in order to view my profile, @povy, you easily navigate to on the web.

Anyway the Web profiles aren’t meant to take the place of the mobile app. You cannot upload photos to your Web profile. The profiles are intended for discovery. Users can see, like, comment, and share photos on their larger screens. Now that Instragram has reached a critical mass of mobile users, they hope that new users will find their way to the app after experiencing the world through the lenses of others.

So yeah time to take a look at the new Instagram web experience.

Now you can Follow Users on Webpage

Just click on the Image and it will appear in a larger screen,
you can Like and Comment at the same time.

Most of the Instagram users will receive the Notice on their notifications log.

 This is how it looks on iPhone Safari Page.

Don't forget to Follow Me on Instagram, @povyteng!

For more Information about Instagram Web Profile on their official side.

One last thing i guess most of my friends have mistaken the Sick Patient Picture i posted on my instagram earlier today was me. Nay that wasn't me, it was MY SISTER!! Thanks for all the concern though. By the way, she's going for an operation tomorrow. Please pray for her, and hope everything turns out well on her. 

Till then, done blogging, back to my assignment. Hopefully my Microsoft Word doesn't crash time time! Aja Aja Fighting! 

Goodnight, sugar dreams dolls. xx

Fashion Diary: Glam Code Giveaway x2

Hi November, one more month to Christmas. Have you thought of what to wear during Christmas Celebration this year? I bet most of you not, even me myself! lol. So today i'm introducing this Online Blogshop(Facebook) - Glam Code to open up as another online shopping options . :)

Glam Code offers variety designs of clothing which suits your every occasion at affordable price for both him and her. Designer inspired, QC disqualified, tag on and over-run off season men and women clothing.

My favorite pick from Glam Code goes to :

Zara women long chiffon waistcoat vest in White

I love how the sides of waistcoat vest is semi see through that totally stands out the Purple Galaxy Skirt i was wearing that night. With a white top and white waistcoat vest, an additional single sided Purple Feather Earring as my accessories of the night to keep the Simple Purple Chic Look.

Zara Multi-colour print Flower three quarter Sleeve Chiffon Shirt

With multi-colour flower print at both sides of my sleeve. Nothing else is needed when less is more. Just a black high waist skirt completely reflects an Office Lady look with this outfit.

P/s: Ignore the dusty mirror

By the way, just so you know Fashion Contest to win 100 cash voucher by Double Woot has ended two days ago. Congratulations to the winner, your name is stated here. However for those who didn't manage to win from the last contest, don't worry i'm bringing up another good deal this time courtesy of Glam Code

Glam Code is offering my lovely readers TWO apparels this time instead of ONE, which means TWO winners will be awarded at the same time. All you need to do is 'LIKE' their Facebook Page and comment 'WHICH APPAREL YOU WOULD LOVE TO HAVE FROM GLAMCODE (from the pictures i posted below) and WHY?'. Ain't this easy? Then you will bring them home with you. ;)

Selection #1: Zara Flower print chiffon Sleeve Jeans Top

Selection #2: ASOS Womens' Lace Tassel top T-Shirt Sexy transparent

Selection #3: Sleeveless patchwork chiffon shirt (Pink/ Black/Orange/White)

Selection #4: Zara casual blouse shirt puppy print long sleeve

Selection #5: Sexy back long bow decoration black chiffon shirt

Selection #6: Sleeveless dress, irregular dress length, dress back transparent

I will open this contest for two weeks time. Then I’ll choose the most creative comments on 17th November Saturday (before 12am). Let's see who will be the TWO lucky winners this time! Happy Commenting girls! 

* Sorry girls for the super big mistake I made from the previous contest and this as well. I've no idea how could I missed this out, so please remember to include your Email below your comment. For those who have left your comment earlier, please kindly add in/replace your email below your comment. Thanks a lot and pardon my mistake aight! :) *

Apparently this would be my First Giveaway from Oneveryonelips. (Apart from the Where's The Party Tickets Giveaway) Please show some appreciation towards it k?. If this is doing well, i would consider to have more every month, giveaway some clothes? iphone cover? Shoes? and more? Come you tell me!

Till then, Have a great weekend. x

- Contest CLOSED -

Thank you everyone for commenting. Congratulations to the winners :