Photo Diary: Singapore Visuals Day 1

As you can read from the title, a Photo Diary instead of Travel Diary. I'm getting lazy these days, feels so uninspired whenever it comes to my travel post. However i have to somewhat digest all the photos taken throughout the trip. So yeah, here comes my Singapore Big Bang Trip, a brief Visuals Day 1 with caption along the way as you read.

Casio EX-JE10 Review | Toy Camera visits Sleeping Buddha

I have been using JE10 for more than a month, if you ask me what is my favorite feature in this camera, Make up mode is of course my first option and guess what is next? The Cute Artsy Toy Camera that creates photos with a vague focus such as a toy camera might take with slightly dark border around the picture. 
ART SHOT is an individualistic photographs can be taken with ease. JE10's ART SHOT offers a choice of eight artistic effects that alter the stylistic impression of your photos. You can create unique expressions easily without processing the images on a PC.

Every picture tells a story but what makes a picture looks interesting in every way? With Toy Camera effect, every picture literally comes with an extraordinary story now. 

So last month, my boyf and i went back to Penang for a wedding dinner as i mentioned earlier. So the next day before he went back to KL, Boyf randomly came across this Sleeping Buddha Temple somewhere near my house. Paid a short visit, walked around like a tourist with le boyf.

Sunday Afternoon Chilling at Winter Warmers since le boyf haven't been to any Winter Warmers restaurant in KL but in Penang. Lol.

Well, someone has been complaining not any recent blogpost related to him, so yeah here's one on behalf! <3

Slightly different Cartoon Skin Tone!! 

One of the Tourist Attraction in Penang - Sleeping Buddha Temple also known as Reclining Buddha temple (Wat Chayamangkalaram in Thai). This temple is a Thai Temple which was built in 1845 on the land granded by Queen Victoria. The Temple has one of the largest Reclining Buddha in the world. The Statue is Gold plated and measuring 33 meters in length

Till then for my artsy post, will update more about JE10. A Nom-nom Food Post Maybe? 

For those who are interested with this camera, do visit and like Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page and Twitter to find out more on their latest Casio cameras. If you're interested with Casio EX-JE10, do drop by to any Casio store in Malaysia. It's selling for only RM649.

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Casio EX-JE10 | Pink Sunday

Photo Diary: Pink Sunday feat. Casio EX-JE10. Just a quick post before I have time to do a proper review on JE-10 special features. Stay tuned. x

A color-coordinated camera jacket and shoulder strap are bundled as accessories. Take a carefree stroll with your camera hanging from your shoulder or neck, and shoot photos quickly with the camera still in its jacket.

Apart from that, Casio EX JE-10 offers a selectable menu color. You can select white, pink or black as the menu color to suit your personal taste. Well i guess it has no difficulty telling which theme i literally go for. ;)

Till then, ending this post with a Video about Casio EX JE-10 with an artist from China, 熱依扎.

For those who are interested with this camera, do 
visit and like Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page and Twitter to find out more on their latest Casio cameras. If you're interested with Casio EX-JE10, do drop by to any Casio store in Malaysia. It's selling for only RM649.

Not forgetting here's a contest for those who are interested with Casio Exilim Cameras. Just by joining Casio Exilim Pink Beauty Contest, you may stand a chance to win our latest new cameras for Casio Ex-JE10, Casio EX-N10 or Casio EX-N1!

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Panasonic Beauty | Beauty of Empowerment Launch

Few days ago i was invited to Panasonic Beauty Care Product Launch at Ruby Ballroom, One World Hotel, Bandar Utama. Thank you Blup-Blup for the fabulous invites again to Panasonic True Beauty, last year and Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment, this year. 

Coordinates of the night :
Baby Pink Maxi Dress from Le Mode Maison | Black Statement Necklace from New Look, Sg | Black Dior Clutch

Panasonic Beauty - Beauty of Empowerment. Stay beautiful while keeping up with active and bust lifestyles with Panasonic Beauty products

First picture with the bloggers with some funky Props on. 
Oh well hardly see my Furry Princess Tiara here.

As you all know, Women are holding half of the sky these days. Asian Women are positive, optimistic, active, keep in shape, educated, sociable and sophisticated. So with the more women consumer needs these days, Panasonic is running a whole new range of beauty solutions just for us women.

Once we entered the ballroom, there were sections of product displaying with the Panasonic Models. Panasonic launched their new campaign, Beauty of Empowerment. Introducing the range of beauty solutions from Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care to Oral Care. Panasonic products are designed and developed to meet the aspirations of women, in line with their modern lifestyles. The Nanocare Hair Dryer, Compact Multi-Hair Straighterner, Face-Hair loonier, Facial Roller, Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer, Pore Cleanser, Eyelash Curler, Body Shaver, Nail Care and Pocket Doltz Toothbrush will be available starting this October all over in Malaysia.

Me trying out the Facial Roller that imitates the rhythmic hand massage technique of professional estheticians. Something good for people who have chubby cheeks like me T_____T

As soon as we proceed into the hall, we happened to come across several booths that readily to develope and transform to meet the aspirations of women. All the girls on that night get to do their hair, nails, eyelashes and so before the launch for FREE! Since my hair was tied up as i was having a bad hair day earlier on, why not letting Panasonic Beauty to help me out a little? :)

Candid indeed. (Picture credit to Smashpop)

Meet Daniel.
Coincidentally met one of the Penangites that night who used to work in Penang but recently moved down to KL.

My outcome, Natural Curl Wavvy hair done by Panasonic Multi Straightener
Anyway super in love with their dressing table, Burlesques theme alike!

Before the launch officially started, all the guests were invited to have some dinner prepared by One World Hotel. Next, the open ceremony began with Managing director Mr. Jeff Lee , Hiro Yoshi Suga, Jonathan Ang, and Kazuteru Tomachi. Followed up with the catwalk show by models showing off the new Panasonic Beauty products on their hands, one by one. The show ended with Panasonic Malaysia ambassadorMarion Caunter.

Gorgeous Marion in her Pink Dress with the super matching pink hair dryer on her hand

Naomi, Bell and i while watching the catwalk show

Met the Local Celebrity Suki

Group photo with all the bloggers that night :

 Last, a photo with Panasonic ambassador Marion before i call it a day.

Till then, for more information about their products, do check out Panasonic Facebook Page or log into their website.

Throwback September

September has been a real hectic month to me. First i got into a car accident into the workshop, it's out now anyway. Then one of the busiest time table schedule so far. Heck lots of work and assignment needed during the final month of this semester. Can't totally put the blame on my assignments, it was my own fault for not getting my work done before the deadline hence causing all the last minute chaos which almost drive me crazy! Thank god it's over now.

On the other hand, there's always rainbow after rain, it was also my one week semester break, like finally. (I know i repeat this almost every time. Lol) For this semester holiday, My boyf and i went back to Penang for his friend's wedding dinner and some catching up with my family. After that, me, my sister and a few of my friends went over to Singapore for few days trip as well as Bigbang Concert. (Will blog about it soon, dont worry! At the mean time you can enjoy one my Bigbang Concert Video here.) 

So yeah, I've finally gotten round to blog about my hectic September with various events i attended.  Gosh when i was still having my all in brown hair before i gone for my red dip-dyed. Well, just a summed up post, thus the title Throwback September. Pictures with the caption along as you read. 

#1 Asahi Bloggers Get Together at Marini's 57

Thanks to Nuffnang for the invites, I finally got to visit this place on my own. The view was spectacular just right next to the KLCC Twin Tower. So proud to be a Malaysia with such an amazing signature building for our country. :)

Frankly speaking it was my firs time visiting this newly opened sky lounge/restaurant on top of the city. My boyf and i didn't plan to go as it was over rated by numoreous people plus i heard bad feed back for the food is over priced. This is what it happens to typical Kia Su Malaysian.



Everyone was so nice, happened to meet a lot of friendly bloggers with free flow of Asahi Beer that night. I think we had like 60 glasses of them. Thank you Asahi Beer for sponsoring us. The food was good but over priced, i doubt i could even get some other better food with lower price. No offense.

Chit Chatting while enjoying Asahi Super Dry
(picture credit to Melissa's blog.)

Some Blue Cheese but we mistakenly thought it was some Bao or Poach Eggs. Lol

Something will never go wrong. Dessert is always the best

Invite Jane to come along with me!

Meet Timothy the man for Nuffnang & One of the Nuffnangers as well, Jamie

Played around with my camera, Posterization Mode

Tim stands out with his Green Osaka T

Coordinates of the night :
Inspired Peplum Pleat Dress in wine red from Whitesoot | Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bag

#2 Dr Murad's Beauty Workshop

Attended a Beauty Event which requires us to go with bare face cause we will be trying out their product during that event. It was held at Alexis, The Gardens. I bet all the girls will never reject with good skincare products but going bare with my naked skin really took me quite some time to walk out from my house. Imagine going naked to an event on my face, new try anyway! :)


Bloggers doing their job - Take every single picture they could.

Self Introduction part

& Ice Breaking Games with Oppa Gangnam Style
The two Lucky Winners - Peiyi & Kah Mon

Our Murad Educator, Ms Wong Pui Chion. 
She has been in the beauty industry for 13 years. and she was the one going through the steps and products one by one with a little sense of humour. 



Pardon my bare face with the Cooling Mask on

Coordinates of the day :
Sequined Sleeve Blouse & Necklace both from Su-Estilo


Some of their products by Murad


' Eat Your Water! '

Meet Lumie & Melissa again after Asahi Event the day before

Some of the goodies and sample i received after few days, Thanks to Murad.

#3 Circus Pavilion KL Media Preview

Attended the media preview of Circus Bar and Lounge at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur thanks to Esther who currently works for The Eatertainment Group. Glad to be the first few medias/blogger to try on the newly opened restaurant in town. 

Circus is a modern bistro and cocktail lounge serving up mouth-watering favourites from around the world and sexy cocktails. Circus has a giant LED screen on the ceiling provides mood-altering lighting effects that can transform the atmosphere from a modern, casual eatery to a trendy, cosmopolitan dinner and drinking spot. So in the future, everyone will be looking upwards for their football match instead of looking at the front screen, something really cool ain't it?

The music goes up and the bar comes alive; and Circus transforms into a lounge where you can chill a little to the sounds of our DJs and live performers.

Meet Esther 

Meet Jane

The super cool giant LED screen on the ceiling

Bee Hives alike Bar and cabinet to display and store all the liquors

MHB Girls with our Manager Tim, something we will never missed!

With all the props on! 

Coordinates of the night:
Yellow Caelyn Keyhole Blouse by Su-estilo | Black Round Beaded Collar from Bkk | High Waist shorts from Topshop

#4 Veet Pampering Beauty Experience

Just before i went back to Penang for my holiday, i attended a Beauty Experience Event organized by Nuffnang. Something to do with everyday's life that offers the fastest and easiest way to remove hair and give you smooth radiant skin.

The event invited a few of their celebrity ambassodor Thanuja Ananthan, Megan Tan and Diana Danielle for a short talk, sharing their experience with how their life changes after starting to play with Veet. Thanuja Ananthan, Megan Tan and Diana Danielle sharing their experiences and testimonies. 

After that, we girls used to try on their products as well. Girly session then we enjoyed throughout the night.



Veet ready to be served.

Got my hand massaged first

This vainpot Kah Mon



Coordinates of the night : 
Blue Laced sided blazer from Pragin Mall | Tropical Bloom Jumper from In House Fashion

That's it for now, will be updating about the wedding dinner i attended back in Penang last month. Till then, Goodnight peeps. x