JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit hit Penang island

Thank you Johnnie Walker Malaysia for a free party and all-expenses paid trip all the way from KL to Penang just to party at the most talked about events the island city has ever seen - JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge Great Britain. So on the 4th August, also my first time attend to Johnnie Walker Event apparently not in KL but Penang, my hometown.


Group Picture upon arrival with Tim Chew, Kate, Esther, Naomi & Andy Kho

Two time Formula One™ World Champion and JOHNNIE WALKER® Responsible Drinking Ambassador Mika Häkkinen and special A-list guest Taiwan-based Mandopop superstar JJ Lin added their star power to the JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge Great Britain, making the highly anticipated VIP race party in Penang on Saturday, 4th August one of the most talked about events the island city has ever seen. Over 1,000 A-list guests and JOHNNIE WALKER® fans were invited to STEP INSIDE THE BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE GREAT BRITAIN at the historic Penang Turf Club, transformed for patrons to experience a taste of the glamorous lifestyle of Team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ F1™drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton with the world’s No. 1 Scotch whisky.



A-list guests and loyal JOHNNIE WALKER fans from Penang got to experience a range of cool, interactive digital experiences, from RFID-enabled invitations that allowed guests to instantly upload their arrival and various party activities on Facebook, to fun photo booths decked out as iconic London telephone booths and a realistic green screen 3D photo room that gave guests the opportunity to be in a picture with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ F1™ drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button among other interesting background designs.





Met Hannah Tan for the second time. Apparently i met her just in the afternoon at Johnnie Walker Media Conference. So proud to stand next to the Top 100 FHM world most wanted female, not forgetting she's also a Penang Lang.

Time for the Twenty's :
Meet the famous blogger Jane & My doll friend Von

Meet Irene, my Penang Babe!

Meet Kennysia all the way from Sarawak
He says, i will never strike a normal pose! So this is one! Lol

A step up from the last JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE in Penang, guests had an even wider selection of drinks and cocktails available for their enjoyment. Apart from the highly awarded JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® and its delicious cocktails like “Black Circuit” and “Jasmine Monarch”, this time around JOHNNIE WALKER® also introduced the JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ to party guests through a luxurious GOLD CELEBRATION BAR at the event featuring award-winning Mixologists serving this special whisky on its own or with indulgent GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ cocktails like the well-received “Gold Obsession”, which was elegantly served with a chocolate stick. The JOHNNIE WALKER ® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ made an even bigger impact at the event when it was introduced to partygoers at the BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE via a GOLD CELEBRATION MOMENT. This brief interlude surprised many when the music was interrupted, the lights dimmed and a deep Scottish voiceover began extolling the indulgent liquid meant for celebrations. This was followed by a specially put together soundtrack that was complemented by a team of sultry dancers dressed in dazzling gold outfits, culminating in a burst of pyrotechnics and a blizzard of gold confetti amidst JOHNNIE WALKER® Brand Ambassadors and service staff providing guests with JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ cocktails and JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ bottles accompanied by gold sparklers.




For more information about the party and upcoming event, do check out Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook page

The Wanted World Tour | Sunway Surf Beach

Last monday as well as Malaysian day's replacement holiday. Thanks to Celcom Xpax, we got our holiday filled with The Wanted World Tour at Sunway Surf Beach. So i brought my boyf along with me since we never been to any concert before.


Pink Day Out

Played with something different that night.
Did my first Korean 2NE1, Sandara Park's inspired eye make up! What do you think!?

My Pink Coordinate of the night:
Filicious x GIORDANO Collection Tee | Random Black Shorts | Marc by Marc Jacob Ukita Bag | Nike Dunk


Spot my new Pink Camera! Will blog about it soon.

When we first arrived at Sunway Surf Beach, the crowd seems to be.. Uh hmmm, Not that pack! Totally different from what i thought it was supposed to be! I always thought that it would be very like MTV World Stage that filled up with thousand of heads over the surf beach. Maybe that's 'The Power of Photography'! Lol. 



The Concert opening was done by DJ Goldfish and DJ Blink. Followed up by Kyle Patrick, one of the member from Click 5(According to Ming. Haha). He performed with a few songs before The Wanted. I enjoyed his acoustics version of Happy Birthday! Simply touches my heart! 

My favorite VJ Holly!


Happy Birthday~

After an hour plus of waiting, The Wanted finally came out! All the fan girls were screaming crazily. The crowd was mad! Can see how malaysian girls fancy over them! We were so excited because we can finally see The Wanted with our bare eyes, from far la! LOL. However with the limited time we had that night, we only managed to catch a few songs by them. Sadly we gotta leave the concert as i'm having a morning class tomorrow and he has to work too!. Holiday Y U NO LONGER! T.T





Apart from that i totally missed out the climax of that night too. There were five lucky The Wanted fan girls were picked to go up on stage to sing a song together. They get to hug each and every member of The Wanted. Imagine your favourite boy kneeling down to sing you a love song and dance together? (According to OMG, i want one too! Imagine Bigbang Taeyang pull me up to the stage and sing I need a girl for me!! That's gonna be the happiest day in my life! Silly me with crazy dreams! 

Anyway guess who i met that night?

Pretty Vintage Ming

My new blogger friend, Melissa
You can check out her blog for more The Wanted's picture with those fan girls.

Tall & Chic Ashley

Blur Kahmon aka Bendan

Random back shot by boyf. 
Ooops my hair is getting longer. A new style maybe? 

So yeah that's all about it! Looking forward to my second concert real soon. :)

Thank you for your quality time <3

Beauty Diary: Miyome

*Take a freaking deep breath with all my courage just to press................... 'PUBLISH' *

Hello readers, this will be a 'challenging' blogpost for me as I don't usually post about my ugly past, but i'm doing it now for my Beauty Diary! Before that, i would like to show you the ugly me! (You can ignore them, and scroll to the bottom if you find my ugliness is too unbearable! It's alright, you're forgiven!)

Year 1993
(WTH i find this picture of mine looks like Hwang Min-Woo, the little kid from Oppa Gangnam Style) 

When i was a baby, i was considered the ugly one. I was born tanned, I'm not as chubby and cute like those fat babies(compare to my third sister), I cried a lot, I flipped plates whenever i don't feel like eating, I don't smile. I always got neglected by my relatives when I have 3 better sisters who always did a better job than i do. As i grow older, i hardly see my baby portrait in my dad's room (to be exact, NONE of it) whereas it filled with all my other siblings' portrait . How sad! I assumed they couldn't take a proper one(Self comfort).

Year 1998

Sooner or later, when i was in Kindergarden I became slimmer and slimmer like a stick!
Because i don't eat. Marmite and rice are the only food I eat! LOL
(Can barely see my tanned skin) 

Year 2006

During Highschool, i was first at Peng Hwa Girls School. Noob student look-alike with short, curly hair and looked horrible Ugly with small eyes and TANNED! 

Year 2008

After  year, i transferred to a Private school, i can finally keep my hair long and got my braces on with my bestfriend. But still i looked so effin Tanned from head to toe.

However, I will not give up the fact that i was born tanned! After decades of hard work, i eventually became Fairer compare to those days. Picture below was after my 'transformation'.

Year 2010

Picture was taken after i graduated from my high school. I became fairer, also i took off my braces, my face turned out to be super slim face during that time! I somehow miss how my face was once that sharp but not now! :(

Year 2012

Of course with the power of make up & My super camera, i look even better! Beh Pai Seh! LOL

Here's a current picture, With Zero Make up & Zero Photoshop!

Can you see my veins on my cheeks, pores around my nose and darker part around eyes area(As we don't apply skin care on eyes area, unless is specific eye gel)

I wasn't trying to impress you readers by this post. Certainly i bet some of you must be wondering how those drastic changes i could have from such an ugly and TANNED 'me' to the current me! 正所谓一白遮三丑. Yes the power word, is being Fair!. 

(FYI, I did not inject any Whitening nor Vitamin C during that time, when i was 17? I was too poor to do so. But i wouldn't mind to inject now, as it is pretty common these days! Haha!)

Want to know how did i ever came across those ugly nightmares??! My beauty secret credits to Miyome, the magical night cream

I was introduced to this product when i first had my facial treatment at Deluxcious Hotel Spa & Restaurant many years back. It was purely for fun when sister went for facial and i wanted one too. Thanks to the facial treatment, i started to attach with Miyome. I have been using it since i was 17, 4 years continuously. Nothing ever goes wrong with my face, this is why Miyome is my beauty secret of keeping my face looking good all the time. 

A tiny bottle with 5ML

Little Moon sign as a reminder to apply at Night only

 Instruction stated on side of the box

MIYOME is for pimples, whitening, brightening, blackspots, blackhead, visible pores, sentive, oily & dry skin. will see the change of your face within a week, especially for those with pimple scars, acne, black spot and whitening effect. It's like miracle! MIYOME is a product perfectly fits and understands the biological structure of the Asia women’s skin. A brilliant choice is important to ensure an eternal beauty. 
MIYOME company’s logo is presented by a five-pointed maple leave. The maple leave is indicating its meaning of natural where all the MIYOME products are extracted from natural ingredients. The five points on the leave are representing the five major principals which are persistency, understanding of women’s need, transmission of knowledge, innovation management and sincere services.

So for those negative feedback of Miyome that their skin will get worsen once you stopped using it! You're wrong! Obviously that happens when people trying to abuse Miyome for over used. Miyome is an effective skin care product to solve the skin problems for Asian women. Because of it's efficiency performance, you will see severe changes if you stop using it! How do you feel if you eat three meals a day, and suddenly you stop eating any meals for one week!? Of course you will starve and die! Not only Miyome, it does apply to all the skincare even daily routines. 

There's always many sides to every story just like several ways to apply skincare. Now i'm here to share with those whoever came across the problem above or for those who try to maintain their skin with Miyome(Just like me, i spend a year time by using only 1 Miyome. Ok la maybe you will think i am Stingy, but what's the point for me to get a new one when it's not done! I can use a BB Cream for two years! True story haha)

So my secret way taught by Mirinda(Lady boss of Deluxcious, who certainly did every facial for my family) will be apply more Toner over your face until half watery, then only you apply Miyome on over your face. Just with a tiny bit, lesser than the usual amount. Just by an easy steps, all the problem is solved.

Don't be told so something is impossible. There is no ugly woman but lazy woman. Each and every woman may thrive for their beauty. 

Something you might want to know :

MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE is suitable for all ages and all skin types. You could have a clearer, fairer, radiant and perfect complexion. It gives you the glow that you have never dreamed of. It is made by 100% herbal formulation. No acidic is included.

** Specification **

- Lactic Acid
- Glycerin
- Allantoin
- Aloe Vera 

a) Remove Pimples
b) Visible big pores
c) Remove Acnes
d) Remove Blackheads
e) Sweat Stain
f) Whitening effect
g) Balancing oil secretion
h) Remove skin residue (outer layer)
i) Lightening pigmentation
j) Improving skin complexion
k) Maintaining skin moisture.


- All Kind of skin problem
- All ages

1. Why MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE’s effect is noticeable within a short period?

  • MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE is specially formulated from natural plants extract. Its stimulant-free ingredient without any chemical additive is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin. It effectively rebalances the skin pH and maintains the skin at the low acidic condition. The skin can only achieve the optimum performance in absorbing the essential nutrients during a low acidic condition. Also, at this moment, the skin is at its best protective ability, maintaining the optimum elasticity, gloss and hydration. MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE has a pH value at 5.4, which is low acidic and nearest to the normal skin pH. Therefore, it maintains skin pH and enables the skin to always achieve its optimum performance. More nutrients are absorbed and water loss is controlled perfectly, hence, skin problems will be reduced.
  • MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE makes your skin healthy by maintaining the pH at the right condition, improving the skin’s ability in absorbing nutrients while strengthen the skin immune system. It completely seeps into the skin cell for the optimum effect. This is why MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE always gives positive effect on any skin type within short period. 
2. Will there be any side effect after stop using MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE?
  • It is totally free from side effect as all the ingredients are natural extracts. Its specific function is to regulate the imbalance condition of the skin for a healthier complexion. Therefore, it does not cause your skin to become worse than before when you stop applying it. In fact, skin get worse due to the discontinued tender care and skin rebalance after exposure to the harmful pollutants and stimulants. Pursuing an eternal beauty seems to be women’s life long career. In order to gain the success, women should at any time not to forget about skin rebalance and tender care. 

You can check out Anerly's beauty secret with Miyome too! 

So this tiny Miyome is my beauty secret! What is yours?

For more information, please visit If you're interested, feel free to contact Miss Katherine, for order or purchasing enquiry.

My favorite boy, Baby Lincoln ♥

Good Morning Sunday, not forgetting Selamat Hari Malaysia to all Malaysians! Yay cuti-cuti, here comes tomorrow a Public Holiday! 

As for today is Sunday, i supposed Sunday to be a Funday(Like this Haha). Well just feel like sharing what i have been obsessed with lately. It's Lincoln Paul Lambert, Korean-American!! Sorry boyf, so sad to tell you that i'm so into this pretty boy now! (He actually got so paranoid last night when i was watching his video clips over and over again). Aha you guys must be wondering who is this Lincoln!!!

Taaaaaadaaaaah! So he is my favorite boy - Lincoln Paul Lambert! 

Such a cutie pie <3

As you know i'm big fan of KPop, super madly into Korean Drama, Korean Music even Korean TV Show(Sometimes). Korean Fever most of the times. Lol. Not to mention because of my Korean-obsession, I'm going down to Singapore end of this month just for Big Bang Alive Tour. That's gonna be my first Korean Concert, and also the rockest concert ever(I assume) for my past twenty years! Yes Please No Jelly ok? I will die die 'gush' to the front row(The reason why i bought Rock Zone Ticket :p ) and get you readers Big Bang Faces alright? I will try my best get to get that blogpost done before their Alive Tour in Malaysia! (Thinking of blogging in a month time. *Rolls eyes*) Anyway counting down the days, 11 days to go! *Tick Tock Tick Tock*

I guess i dragged too far, slightly out of topic, from Lincoln to .... Er Big Bang?! 

If you guys ever watch this Korean Tv Show - Star King. You will definitely who he is!

He is Korean Youngest Magician!!!

Don't you think he's so adorable!!? That part was recorded last year, when he was 4! He's currently 5!! Check out the clip below, If you have not watch it!! (So you better watch now! *Cockstare* )

So last year, Lincoln and a few Korean babies were stars in TvN's Real Kids Story Rainbow. I didn't know about this Tv Show, until i came across one of those Korean Website. Seriously couldn't resist with his cuteness! Have been watching his short clip over and over again though i don't understand a single shit of Korean(couldn't find a proper clip with subtitles, Thats why!), exclude those basics like Anyeong Haseyo, Saranghaeyo.. (Maybe i should go for a Korean Lesson, who knows i might meet Lincoln one day!? *Pure dreaming*) However i'm still happily in love with it! He's driving me crazy now! I must die die watch Real Kids Story Rainbow after next week(After i complete my Assignment first), from the first episode.

Real Kids Story Rainbow

Check out how the way he talks, he smiles and plays around, melts my heart for million times! <3
FYI, that's his American Daddy! 

One of Lincoln's video crossed over with SNSD TaeyeonAs Lincoln is a Soshi fanboy and he likes Taeyeon noona the most. 

Ok, last will be my mini Lincoln diary! 

Aside from Lincoln, I'm here introducing some of the cute babies from Real Kids Story Rainbow. This is Aleyna Yilmazwho is the latest buzz as ‘Little Lee Min Jung.’ (The girl who stars as Lee Min Ho's Rich Girlfriend in Boys Over Flower many years back)

& this is Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle, also known as 'Baby Nichkhun'. 

Tata, Fighto time for assignment! (I know i shouldn't be here. Lol) Do come back my blog again later tonight for my scheduled post. Stay tuned for my Beauty Diary! Till then. Have a wonderful week ahead! x