Bkk Summer Escapade #3 | Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thank god finally i have sorted a way out for my photos extra storage! Now i can blog without anything bothering me! Thank you Chammaine for the idea yo! :)

Happy Blogging continue with my second day in Bangkok,  my Bkk Summer Escape! If you're interested to the previous post, head over here :
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Well after temple sight seeing in the morning, our tour guide was kind enough to get us a free ride to the most happening Weekend Market - Chatuchak
Chatuchak Weekend Market,is very popular shopping centre to Thais and has become a popular place to tourists and foreigners who stay in Bangkok, has over 200,000 visitors each day(SAT-SUN) 30% is foreign. There are almost everything can be found here at a bargaining local price (not a tourist price), and most vendors actually come from local factories, like antique wood carving, clay handicrafts, local souvenirs from every parts of Thailand, Buddhist amulets, wooden funitures, hand made decorated flowers, plant, ceramic wares, dools, Thai Bejarong, Chinese wares, graden decorated plants, stones, trendy fashions, silk, hill-tribe outfits, fluffy dogs and more miscellaneous, etc.
Walking over to the other side where Chatuchak Market is!
Massive traffic all the time! The reason why Tut-tuts is more convenient than taxi in every way!

Wingeez Reunion Dinner | Macalister Mansion


Look who's back? My pretty darling Jane ♥

How time flies just a month before, my darling Jane was back from Canada. A short home coming for her, in fact she rather spend her 3 months Summer break in Australia with her lovey dovey boyf than friends and family. Tsk tsk how sad! However i can feel her, love always come first when it happens to a long distance couple, not to mention separating from half of the world, Australia to Canada. Well, you're forgiven then. :)

Since Jane doesn't have much time to spend in Malaysia, it's better for me to pay a visit back to Penang when everyone is still there (But not now, they left me to study abroad soon. *cries* But i strongly believe that, 'Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are always there'). Catching up, Reunion Dinner, Sleepover are needless to say, a MUST for us girls. Spending every day when i'm back, hanging around with my darlings day and night. From Redbox Karaoke Session, loitering at our usual spot - Gurney, dolling up together, Sleepover, Girls Talk, Penang Food Hunt and etc. Mmm everything as though we were back to our highschool good old times. Brought back lots of memories and every moment fill with laughter.

Friday night, our girlie reunion dinner with my Wingeez darlings at Macalister Mansion, one of the recent renovated restaurant formerly by Bagan, located along Macalister Road. I was pretty excited about the dinner for no reason, maybe it would be one of the few time i can proper dine with them for the coming years. Oh not forgetting giving a try on the new fine dining restaurant in town.

DSC07371Le white Mansion with le white Audi R8, what a perfect match
The beginning of a new adventure along Macalister Road, we are excited to reveal Bagan Bar and Dining Room. Join us on a journey of modern culinary experiences served with traditional hospitality. Both Bagan Bar and Dining Room are set in different surroundings, each with its own personality. Pick one to suit your mood!
Deer statue in pastel pink and grey.
Everything in MM comes in White and a slight peek of pastel color. How sweet.
Table for four
Wingeez - Vivian, Yours truly, Jane & Szesze

As for our dinner, we were doing portion sharing so that all of us can have a try on each and every dish. Hence, No beef for the meat eater yo!

Here comes the list of orders we made :
Amuse Bouche
Cod Morue
DSC07199Chicken Poulet
Duck Canard
Lamb Loin
Silly pictures while waiting...
Such a creative booklet case where the bill was placed

Group picture at the Dining Room

After our dinner, guess what is the best thing for girls to do when all of us happened to be at such amazing place and all nicely dressed?. It's photo moment! Playing with color theme on our outfit as well.
Yours Truly in Purple 
Whitesoot Cape Sleeve Dress in Purple | Balenciaga Bags | Aldo Purple Heels
Sze sze the sweetie in Blue with her sexy back
Lady Jane in Orange Pink with Blue Prada Saffiano
Vivi, Vian in Black her mini dress

My lovely angels ♡

Last before we left, dropped by to Bagan Bar next to the Dining Room. Unfortunately we were too early before the life band started. We shall try our luck for the next time.
If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh.

Overall, it was a wonderful night with my girls. Everything was perfect despite for the food wasn't as nice as what we expected. We still enjoyed ourselves with the great ambience around. Speaking of which, somehow i find Penang is better with hawker food but not fine dining, long way to go still(no offence). Till then, Goodnight Dolls, x

Macalister Mansion
228 Jalan Macalister,
George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04 229 9505

Hello to my semester break,

Sorry for the hiatus, yours truly was busy on her final week. Thank god final is now over and here comes my one week semester break. Ehe, now i see my rainbow after rain. Frankly speaking before i got everything done, i strongly think that my time management was a mess. There were so many happening events on the past few weeks, they literally occupied most of my time working on my final assignments. In fact, my final assignments were given 3-4 weeks before the deadline, i tried to work on a little but i was so lazy to continue and dragged it to the last minute. Oh gosh i have never been staying up for so late till 6 in the morning, rushing on assignments at the eleventh hour is no fun!! Sigh, i shall never let my time management screw me up again, anymore! 

Well, sharing some of my hard/more presentable work since i will be stop seeing them for a week time. Yay for my semester break!

My mocked up studio house, pretty simple but i like it! hehehe

One of my assignment's moodboard,
was working on a restaurant and retail with my favorite macaroon- Laduree. 

Hopefully next semester brings in more lessons with different exposure for Interior. Oh i heard that 3d max is coming up for next semester too! Damn i'm still blur even i had completed few courses of 2d & 3d Autocad, 3d cad is seriously giving me a pain on my ass! Pray hard for 3d Max! No more overslept and skipping class please!!

Last but not least, with the awesomeness of Celcom, now you can experience the Samsung Galaxy S3, the true mobile intelligence from as low as RM 1398(RRP: 2199) with the best network, exclusively for Celcom customers.

For more information about the new breed of smart, you can check them out on my older entries. Meanwhile, not forgetting to sign up at your nearest Celcom Branch or Blue Cube now and get more information about Celcom packages at Celcom Website.

Till then, Happy holiday to me! 

New White in the House | Sony NEX F3

First and foremost, i'm giving a very big shout out to whoever out there still waiting for Sony NEX F3 to be officially out in Sony Store Malaysia! I bet people won't believe that i already got my FIRST HAND Sony NEX F3 with me NOW! Hehehehe 

Well, it was a random drop by to Sungai Wang this evening. I went there after my class for some last minute neccesity shop before my trip. Since Lowyat is not far from Sungai Wang, i might as well walked there, go for some gadgets hunt and checking out if Sony NEX F3 is out. After few rounds of searching and i finally found it. I never thought of any shops might have started to sell before the real deal offered by Sony till the 11th of this month. Gosh, i just couldn't believe my eyes that i'm holding it now!

Just so you know, I'm a little gadget freak(not much girls fancy gadget besides for guys) & always wanted a new camera! (if you're following my twit, i repeat it every now and then) Oops, double check! I always wanted the Sony NEX series' cameras. I loved how Sony cameras can perform pictures with higher megapixels compare to other cameras. Even me myself is using Lumix and Canon presently. I just amazed by Sony's build-in effect yet able to update time by time when the software renewed. Imagine when you have friends around you using this super camera? How can you not in love with it?! Not forgetting their newly introduced 180 degree mirror less LCD screen and pop-up flash. Without any doubt, this camera is gonna be another girlfriend's best self shot camera. Tell me who doesn't want to check whether how good they are/look like before capturing? Har har.


Front & Back

Then i told myself, i must die die die to get it no matter what. Just before that i was about to bring the sister NEX C3 home someday. Thank god the latest design of NEX F3 announced just in time before i made my move. Everything just right in time.

I literally used up my half of my savings just for this camera. Half of my next targeted bag fund/boyf's gift gone. However, it's all WORTH IT with such an amazing camera!

Got it in Pearl White with single Zoom Lens, not getting the Pancake Lens anytime soon. Somehow i find zoom lens is good enough for me at the moment. And and and, the seller got me a really good deal too with 100 bucks cheaper than the deal offered by Sony and more freebies for me! Aha, credits to le boyf's good bargain & sorry baby, no present for you till .... keep it as a secret still! hehehehe

Sony Alpha Kit : Pen, Lanyards, Tripod, idk what ball & cloth | Sony Alpha Casing

Did i mention that, the camera is imported from Hongkong/Singapore(not too sure, cause i wasn't concentrating, lol) according to the seller. Thus, he got the first hand goods before Sony Malaysia launched. 101% authentic/original yo! 

Will blog more about the features of this camera in future, just gimme some time to explore it before i fully utilize! :) Sorry not any pictures taken by my new baby at the moment. I was blogging at the eleventh hour. *hidemyselfwithguilt* 

p/s : Pardon for the noise/quality of pictures, picture were taken and edited with my iPhone! See 5 megapixels ain't enough! LOL

Some of the features ;

This Self Camera Diary is adorable!
Maybe i can do a features vlog about NEX F3 like this one day? Oh just maybe! :P

My mix & match for le new WHITE in the house ;

White Hat | White Flower Band | White Rayban | White Feather Earring | White Chanel Earring
White NEX F3 | White iPhone | White Topshop Dress | White Louis Vuitton Bag

Ooops, is it this my first live blog postCan you feel the freshness still? Whatever blahhhhh. 

Till then, it's time for Happy Girl to hit the sack! Yay, I can have more pretty pretty pictures for coming trip and the party for Hennessy Artistry in Penang soon. x

Sunday Funday

free gif maker
GIF #1
*Princess happy-happy with her GIF*

One of the Sunday, one of the FUNday as well. Ditched le boyf aside and out for some girlie day. It was a rather simple yet FUN day at Publika. Penny and I were to accompany Miss Candice on her assignment but we ended up having lots of bull craps and laughter all the way. We had our late lunch at Ben's as well. We got us the most wonderful spot located at the outdoor of Ben's(behind the fake bushes). Splendid noon spent on our mighty little corner where nobody can see us. hehe.

Meanwhile, we were able to enjoy the live music performances and keep an eye on the happening bazaar out there. Not really into buying clothes these days, clothes overload ever since i got back from Bangkok. However, there're still some cute stuff that caught my eyes. Got myself a dream catcher and RMK Herb Mist! Mmmm, it's Greentea and it really smells so good on my face. I likey i likey!

Let's plan for some girlie tea real soon aight? x

Two-tone waistcoat from Whitesoot | Balenciaga Giant City Bags
Pink Ribbon Jelly from Bkk | Flora Lacey shorts from Bkk
Chanel Classic Diamond Earrings | Gold Vintage Metal Necklace
Miss Aries II Candice
Penny with the same P
Earl Grey as always
Penny's pick ; Mexicana Tortilla
My pick ; Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti 
Candice's Sweet tooth ; Chocolate Walnut Brownies
Look, whose the driver of the day! ;D

Last, ending this post with little goodies i got from the music bazaar and some of my recent jelly collection! I know they're so off the shelf and non related to this post. Somehow i feel like sharing it, I don't care! Sharing is caring yo!

Dream Catcher from Casey | RMK Herb Mist from IsabelleMama
My Oh-so-cute Jelly flats & slippers! they're so soft and comfortable!

how do you make a gif at gickr.com
GIF #2
Love it? Love it not?