Justin bieber x Xpax fever

Baby Baby Baby Oooohhhhhh!! 
Sounds familiar? Guess who?

It's Justin Bieber 

Xpax is giving out a golden opportunity for all the Bieber's fans. Here’s your chance to fly to Tokyo, Japan to meet Justin Bieber in person! Channel X is offering 3 lucky winners the chance to get an all-expense paid trip to watch Justin Bieber’s Acoustic Showcase in Japan PLUS meet & greet him in person!


  • Download Justin Bieber’s hit single “Baby” by Justin Bieber + 3 other of his  Call Me Tones from Channel X to QUALIFY. (Song Subscription fee: RM1.50/week)

  • Answer 2 simple questions correctly to stand a chance to WIN!

  • Only 3 lucky winners will be selected!

  • Contest period: 9th August – 5th September 2010


  • To download “Baby”, type CMT83627 & send to 22990.

  • To download other Justin Bieber Call Me Tones, type CMTSong Code & send to 22990.


Each of the 3 lucky winner will win:
  • 1 pass to catch the Justin Bieber Japan Acoustic Showcase

  • Three (3) nights stay accommodation

  • Return flight (including visa application & ground transfer)

  • Pocket money worth RM1,000 (will be converted to Yen ¥; final amount depending on currency exchange rate)

You can check out the full details at here. 
So what are you waiting now? Good Luck Peeps.

Toodles w/ ♥

The Hawt Singles Non Smoker's Club

They came down to Penang a day before Hennessy Artistry. We went to SixtyNine Mansion, since all of them never been there before, an indeed nice place to chill. Then off we go to Mois since it was Wednesday, Ladies Night. All of them were 'curious' about how does Mois' Sexy Dance going on. Too bad, it ended once we reached Mois cause it takes some times for us to drive from 69 Mansion to Mois, almost half of the island. -________-

26052010 ; Mansion SixtyNine

Still at 69,
Moi, Ernest, Natalynn

So what's Next? MOIS!!

Big Boss Marc buy us Moet! lol

Bieber Fever hottie Sis Nat.. lol

Dj KT Ernest Chou pour us drink.. lol

Nat & the Non Smoking Joshua.. lol

Well, all of us don't smoke!

Okay, 'People Mountain People Sea'.

And next up, Pichaaaass!!

Moi & Marc

Moi & Nat

Moi & Joshua

Ernest & Moi

Btw do you notice there's a signature pose on every single picture?

well it's a 'PEACE SIGN'



#3 even peace-ing when he's drinking.



#6 While forcing to smile

And on that night itself, Moi happen to bump into some familiar faces,


& her boyf's friends.. 
Oops, Caryne, why is your bf so HIGH? Dah Drunk kah?

Last before i end this post, see what did i found from Marc's blog.
Check out the Caption. lol

[ Click on the image to Zoom ]

p/s. Can't you just edit my bloody pimple before posting? :X

Till then, next up -


Stay tuned. Toodles.

Roses & Bear

Roses & Bear
[ 04082010]

Thanks for the roses, thanks for the bear,
thanks for the love, & thanks for the care.
much appreciated, my friend.

p/s. Thanks for the roses all the way from Penang when i was in Kl. 


Date : 21 May 2010

Venue : 32 Mansion

It was like a mini party gathered all the people in Penang.. So yah, lots of pictures were taken.. Well i'll let the pictures do all the talking..

YeongKhang, Moi, Babyvon & Jingrou
In front of Mansion 32

Nic doing his registration..

Met the friendly Emcee of the day, Belinda Chee

She was one of the Adverlets' blogger as well..

Babe Jane, Moi, Nigel, Babe Jingrou, Babe Jo & Nic

All my lovely babes. 

Khangie, Moi & Eddy the smurf.. lol

Eddy, Jane & Moi

Jojo, John, Khangie & Eddy

Moi & babe Emily

Met Charlene working as a white angel.

See, i'm taking free instant polaroid! lol

Moi, Chun Min & Jane

Moi, Bruce Tan the Zhan & Jane

Bruce Tan, Moi, Nic & Nigel
The 浮夸 Rich Kaki - F3

The F3 with Jane

Fianlly Maine arrived.
It was raining heavily out there.

The Lovey Dovie..
Jae shaun & Chammaine

Jane, Moi & Chammaine

Jae shaun, Chammaine, Moi & Babyvon

Jane, Caryne, Lee Hoeng & Moi

Herng Yi, Wei Qiang, Yang, Moi, Lee Heong & Chao(wasn't paying attention)

Moi, Yenni & Babyvon

Wanyong, Moi & Jolene

Moi & The hot sisters, Annie & Cally

Moi, Jane & Marry the Huiying

Moi, Khangie, Jingrou & Babyvon

Moi, Babyvon, Jingrou & pretty Natalie

Sifu Carson, YiSin & Jane

Woots whats going on again? Drunkard is drunk again!

But we ignored her! :p

Last, the guys with the mansion behind..

& before i end this post,
We met Nicholas Chan, our high school mate at Abu Mamak.. 

Till then, Toodles