A Date with Fanny & Yvonne

Date : 6th of May

Venue : Winter Warmers

People : Stated above, 'A date with Fanny & Yvonne'.. Clear enough?

Oh, Hello Kitty! I'm not a fan of it anyway.

But not forgetting met the two Hello Kitty's fan, Yvonne & Fanny.

Lastly, Fanny & i.. 
Nice meeting her, all the best in KL.
& do come back More often. Remember? Cheong Kay & etc..

Toodles *

A Dinner As Lightbulb

Date: 2nd of May
Venue : Batu Ferringhi & Ferringhi Garden
People : Yours Truly, Yvonne & bf

Another random night, had a random short walk at Batu Ferringhi Night Market with the big eye couple. Bought my favorite Dvds, The Vampire Diaries & Gossip Girl Season 3. I'm a very lazy person, i'm lazy to watch the series one by one from the net. It takes time to load although its always up-to-date, but ever since i got my macbook, no more ppstream for me. So yah, i rather spend my money on buying Dvds instead.

After awhile, Yvonne suggested to eat some Malay alike Chinese Hawker at Batu Ferringhi. When we were about to go there, The big eye bf came out with the brilliant idea, 'why not we go Ferringhi Garden? Since we are here and all of us never try it before..'

OMG, then Yvonne & i were like, 'Noooooooo! We're not well dressed up(as in really 'CHAN' lahh) for a fine dining dinner.' Nope, it should be supper cause when the time was a quarter to eleven. wtf.

At last, we gave up on our denial, because the restaurant were just right in front of us, we were lazy to walk to the other side.

The environment still looking good even its eleven at night,
we were sitting at the out door section.

The Big eye bf, Bin Zhang.


the not well dress big eye gf, Yvonne & 10 times CHAN yours truly
(Picture in smaller size to cover our CHAN-ness)

An empty space for? *i don't know who* 
screw the table for four.
What to do, i'm the lightbulb of the night.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Lobster Linguine for Yvonne

Spaghetti Seafood Carbonara for yours truly

Lamb Chop for the big eye bf


Ooops, pictures on fire.. Haha

Its getting late & i guess every single of the workers were waiting for us to leave by seeing the picture below.

They were getting ready for the close up d.

Lastly, the very CHAN picture of both of us.


Bye to the cute fish flag.
Don't worry i'll come here again with well dressed up.


I feel the earth move ♥

A better version compare to the original one. I've been searching this songs for centuries,

finally i found it and i'm so surprised that it was sang by one of my favorite singer, Olivia Ong.

{ I Feel The Earth Move }
I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down

I feel my heart start to trembling

Whenever you're around

Oh baby When I see your face

Mellow as the month of May

Oh darling I cant stand it

When you look at me that way

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down

I feel my heart start to trembling

Whenever you're around

Oh darling When you're near me

And you tenderly call my name

I know that, My emotions

Are something I just cant tame

Ive just got to have you baby

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down

I just lose control

Down to my very soul

I get hot and cold all over

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down

tumbling down, tumbling down...


Title Of Album: Olivia

Artist : Olivia Ong

Label: HIM International Music

Year Of Release: 5 March 2010

Language : English

Genre : Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova

01. You & Me ~

02. I Feel The Earth Move ~ Carole King

03. Have I Told You Lately ~ Van Morrison

04. Never Can Say Goodbye ~ Jackson 5

05. Here, There and Everywhere ~ The Beatles

06. Bittersweet ~ Olivia Ong

07. I Cant Go For That (No Can Do) ~ Hall and Oates

08. Aint No Sunshine ~ Bill Withers

09. Luka ~ Suzanne Vega

10. Stars ~ Simply Red


Most famous Singaporean singers made their marks in Taiwan, but it's a rather different case for Olivia Ong, who took Japan as her springboard to fame and acclaim. In 2005, she made her debut in the Land of the Rising Sun with her maiden album A Girl Meets Bossa Nova, which earned her comparisons to Lisa Ono. Her Nipponese success ultimately brought her back into the Chinese pop market, with a Mandarin hit single Ru Yan ("Like a Swallow") in 2008. Now the songstress has finally landed in Taiwan to release her latest album Olivia. Produced by renowned musician Wang Ji Ping, the album contains 10 smooth numbers sung in English, including covers like the Beatles's Here, There and Everywhere and Simply Red's Stars. The highlights, however, have to be Olivia's own self-written songs You and Me and Bittersweet.

{ ♥ }

Photography Lesson

Date : 28th of April
People : Classmate
Venue : New Lane, Town

A visit to the Penang Vintage Street

P/s: They should clean the mirror so badly.


 I wanted a three column layout
but the size of my pictures are too big.

What can i do? 


Recent : Ex

戀愛超過一次的人,分了手的人,屬於過去的人;畢竟都是我們愛過的── 前
For those, who love more than once, giving up on love or belonged to the past ;
After all this is what we have loved ── Ex 

stay tuned for the movie.

Older : One Club

Date: 24th of April
Venue : One Club
Purpose : ApexCutz Anniversary after party

Yours truly on that night.

Went to SixtyNine @ Batu Ferringhi before headed to One Club.

Tauke Eddie & Moi

Kai Ho, Egg, Moi, Lynne, Neighbor Ah B aka Jin Xiang & Ching Khoon

Adrian & gf, Runfire + Lightbulb Kaiho

Keddie, Kaiho, Keiho & Khobo

(its eddie, but since everyone's name comes with a K, so yah, Keddie)

Caryne, Khobo, Moi & Evon

Ladies in Black

Ahhhh, Drunkard face!

Nobody Posing. Clap clap*

Khobo & Yu Qing

I love her hair so much!


Khobo's drunkard face, LIM AHHHHH!!

Moi & Khobo

The Mr & Miss Medan Lim Cheng Teik 

Uhh GAY?

JinXiang & Yit Ming

Okay, here comes introducing my partner of the night. 
Mr Aw Kai Ho

 #1 Retarded us?

#2 A normal one

#3 Us with our 'Mic' of the night, being a reporter in the club

#4 Wheeee you can see that we enjoy posing and being the report of the night

Below are few shoots taken when we were doing our reporting job. 


Esther forcing Mr reporter to drink.

Miss reporter was on the phone+Reporting & featuring Keiho

Caryne joined our reporting job too

We love posing for the camera

Darren eventually joined us too. He's getting professional now.

Good Job for us?

Lastly, yours truly with the always filled glass. It never ends. :)

  Dear boy,  
Broken promises cannot be trusted again ;
But broken heart can always be heal.
{ You know who you are }

Good Night baby & Good Night World. 
Love Povy.