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*overdue post*

Saturday outing with my Wingeez darlings during CNY week. Chillax-ed at Starbucks and went to Haagen Dazs later on.

In case you don't know what is Chillax. Defination of Chillax – Chill & Relax.. (There been quite a number of people asking me what is that. Hell man, didn’t you watch American Drama? )





#2 Moi


#3 Sze


#4 Vivian


#5 Vivian’s bf, Vic


#6 played cards.. (in a proper way to express gamble in public) Lol


#7 Jane, @ Haagen Dasz



Hmmm, before i end with this post, here’s a shout out for our BFFSSSSSS – CHUN MEI KEE!!

She’s leaving to Melbourne soon!! OMG



Happy Belated Birthday to you, sorry cannot make it for your birthday/farewell party..

Happy big twenty to you once again on 21st of March. All the best in Melbourne aite?

& can you don’t look so Lansi?. Where is your penguin face my dear meikee?



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Taylor’s College & Zouk4Play

1. Another random day when Danny, Huiying and i got nothing better to do. So we decided to follow Penny to her college to pay a visit. Visiting college is basically doing nothing, everyone is busy with their own stuff, let alone us, walking around like fake tourist. Wtf.

P1010635Danny don’t have to Fly, so he is very free.. (fyi, he is working for MAS airline)


P1010640Moi & Penny


P1010642 Playing with Penny’s DSLR.

2. As time passed, we are getting bored, we couldn’t bear with the boredom for doing nothing so we decided to leave, then off we go to the nearest mall, Sunway Pyramid.

P1010643 Soon Chern joined us as well.

3. Later at night, my sister and i meet up with Marco, Yihan & Joonteng for late steamboat dinner and went to Neway Cheong Kay after that..

IMG_4038 @ Neway, One Utama

4. Went to shopping at Bangsar Village.

5. ZOUK – 4 Play on Thursday Night

P1010719 Danny, Soon Chern aka Robert, Moi & Ryan

P1010731 Three Gays

P1010733 Hottie, Belinda Claudia, nice meeting ya

P1010745 Moi, Marco & JoonTeng ; I’m taller Marco!!

P1010752 Robert is DRUNKKK!
Well, i would like to share a funny story about the name Robert. For instance, there’s once, when everyone is introducing themself with their name, so they started with, Danny, Ryan, Povy & etc.. When the convo comes to an end, there’s the last guy whose name is Soon Chern,(Hard to remember and pronounce). So his smart friend, Ryan came with a spontaneous idea and introduced him as Robert. Much easier to remember right?
So yah, the name of the Day for Soon Chern is ROBERT!! for you to remember..
with Ryan’s Stupid idea.

P1010764Moi & JoonTeng


P1010782 Looks unconscious aite?

P1010768Let’s call it a night for Zouk, 4Play.

Next up, Hennessy Artistry @ Opera - 19032010


Bad day, the day after i had a bad dream, a Nightmare i suppose.

I tweeted it, even i posted my status on Facebook(rarely post up status, If you do notice.)

just woke up, had many bad dreams, bad day bad day!!

Povy Teng had a bad dream, bad day bad day..

8 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone  ·  · 

Wren Siaw Shi Kai

Wren Siaw Shi Kai

its alll just a dream......
7 hours ago · 
Cheng Sook Koon

Cheng Sook Koon

aik.. dint go class..
7 hours ago · 
Povy Teng

Povy Teng

Had bad dream cannot wake up.. Lol
So how's photography class?
7 hours ago · 
Cheng Sook Koon

Cheng Sook Koon

lolx.. hmm.. talk bout history.. very interesting lo.. he show us all his antic camera! very nice..haha
7 hours ago · 
Povy Teng

Povy Teng

Arghh.. When is our next lesson? Hmmm
7 hours ago · 
Cheng Sook Koon

Cheng Sook Koon

lol.. nex wed? but we got assembly then we will go home late..
7 hours ago · 
Povy Teng

Povy Teng

Har? Then I think I'm not coming d.. Lol btw when is your moral studies?
7 hours ago · 
Cheng Sook Koon

Cheng Sook Koon

hahah.. tomorow darling.. 4.30 i think til 6.30
7 hours ago · 
Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Miss Late n Ponteng~~
7 hours ago · 
Marco Lum

Marco Lum

dreamt of me ar
4 hours ago · 
Min Hui

Min Hui

Your sis cant come, you cannot? =/
4 hours ago · 
Hmmm, what so nice to 'like' about? :(

Actually it was just some random and weird dream i had about my upcoming birthday. Everything was affect by the Chinese Feng Shui, and it says the year of Monkey is fan taishuiIt is to believe that people who chong or fan tai sui will face a year of obstacles, unless in the begining of the year, offerings have made in temple to appease Tai Sui. 

YOURS TRULY IS VERY SUPERSTITIOUS and of course she did. She went all the way looking for chinese temple, kuan ying temple and bla bla blah.. (stop my grandmother story...)

Well, in case you don't know..

Fan Taisui 犯太岁 (also known as "Nian Chong 年冲") simply means 'clash with taisui'. If your Zodiac happens to be the same as the Zodiac of the Year (Taisui year), it is said to "clash with Taisui". For instance, in the year of 2009, the Taisui (Zodiac) year is cow. If you happen to be also a cow by Zodiac, it is said to be "Fan Tai Sui 犯太岁" (clash with Taisui).
Zodiac of Year of Tiger that fan taishui :

犯 - Tiger

沖 - Monkey

刑 - Boar, Snake (not sure what their treatment for Boar would be, as it's also 六合)

害 - Snake

Unfortunately, i couldn't manage to wake up on time for my class at 9 and i missed it. I don't like it and please don't come back again, seriously. And the feeling of crying while your sleeping doesn't feel good. Your pillow will be sweating. ewwww

Okay, once again, Yours truly's birthday is coming soon. Although she is not planning to celebrate on this upcoming birthday but still she is willing to receive all the wish from all of ya and some birthday gift as well.

One of the item on her birthday gift's list...

Its Dooodolls, Imma Aries Baby, get me a Pinkie Pirate alright? winks
Something simple yet lovely, don't you think so? 

P/s. Does anyone interested to my TWO-MONTHS-OLD LUMIX LX3 SEMI PRO CAMERA? kindly leave me comment if you interested. For more details, email me,

Short Dislike/Like list

Dislike :

1. New term started, more people joining this sem which means MORE PEOPLE IN THE COLL NOW and MORE PEOPLE in the Kopi Tiam during break time, have to fight for the food in half an hour time. Multitasking uncle.

2. Gained weight in few days time. Apparently, my face looked damn round and my stomach/tummy is gone. Should have stop drinking & STOP SUPPER.

3. People who talk bullshit & act nonsense. (for male & female) Eg. People who blame their inadequacies on having too much caffeine & causing them cannot sleep at night. Bullshit much.

4. People who like to ask, 'Eh hows your SPM result ya?'  I'm not that smart lah, not much A's for me. So you smart ass, keep your sombong-ness to yourself, i don't give a damn.

5. My fringe, below my eyes but above my lips, So long yet so short. 

6. Scratches on my penguin tumbler

7. Telephone's music video. I personally think Lady Gaga is a freak and i hate her. As for now, i think Bad Romance's music video looks better. She ruined everything with the obscenity and nonsense. 

8. People who followed then unfollowed people in Twitter. Hello bitch, didn't you know there's an email notification will be send to notify the twitter's owner?. Noob ass. Well, there's a few in my list. Ridiculous shit.

9. People who cheat & lie to their gf/bf. Cheater sucks, Burn in hell!

10. New flavor of Eclipse, the purple pink one. It tastes suck.

11. People who add/approve all the people that they don't even know in facebook just for pride. Don't ya think its such a spam when you don't even know them and yet they comment on and liking all your status, pictures & etc. Annoying & wannabe shit.

Like :

1. My new Paul & Joe Concealer. Dark circles problem is temporary solved.

2. House Music.

3. People who like babies

4. The idea of the name Amber is banned by the government. Amber Chia will be the last one who can named them self with 'Amber' in Msia. I don't think Amber is a nice name, so i'll never name my daughter as Amber. Hence it makes no different to me. (uncomfirmed news, just liking the idea)

5. Girls with short hair. For those who had keeping long hair for long period and got them self into a new short hair look. Amazing try. Wonder when is my turn?

6. Mother with kids that is still looking hot. MILF, i like. lol

7. Starbucks Green Tea Latte with cream.

8. Getting a new Domain. sounds nicer or Feedback

9. Iphone 4G launching soon. Get to shut my bro's mouth and stop him from wanting iphone 3G.

10. Whatsapp application. Free for iphone user to chat though you have to buy the apps. Something like BBM, and it is able to connect with BB user if they have this apps as well.

11. Keeping low the amount of my facebook friends. Unknown or people who don't really know me nor talk to me will be removed.

CNY Day 2 ; Babies Day ♥

*overdue post*

Well, its all about babies.

Hah, you have to know how much i like/love kids. If you don’t, you will know after reading this post.

CAUTION : This post will be flooded with billions of babies’ pictures. If you don’t like babies, kindly scroll down to the next post. I know Vivian will be the first one to do so, she hates kids, i wonder why?. Weird aite?


 Pohfern, Dylan, Moi & Julian

The Cute brothers, Julian & Ian







They just simply love to play, an iphone and PSP will keep them sitting all the time.







Do i look like a mother? lol.


Julian & Joyce






Ian baby boy


Yellow Bee Dylan..






Shenson Little Boy





Shannie Princess

Some pictures with my cousins ;












Last, a lovely mother from Shannie and Joanne(my hot aunt).

Till then, Hmmm when will be my turn to be a mother? Hmmm, i want to be a PHM – Pretty Hot Mum.