August KL Trip

(Scheduled Post)

Note : Long post - more pictures flowing out due to the Kecanggihan of Blogspot.

Went to KL last month since i was having a three weeks fake-summer-holiday. LMAO.

Date : 14th of August - 17th of August

Venue : KL

People Involved : Povy & Miu, met up with etc.

The First Day,

reached there and met up with my sista @ her hostel. Then headed to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Kee Hong & the KL host, Loh Bak & Fong Kam Cheong, My neighbour.:)

Me : how come no more 3/7? Looks more ROCK STYLE!!?

LohBak : No more lah. Now become iiiiii

sharing inside jokes*

So sad to say, i was sick when the time. suffering *

The Second Day ;

Was the opening of Maniquin Boutique by my KL aunts. Went there with my sister and her friends. met alot of my KL relatives. :)

And he is? My Beloved Baby Dylan.

So happy that, he's not Lansi to me anymore. winks*

Maniquin Boutique Opening


Sze Ruey, Miu and Nat were there too.

This Brian & Joyce, looks like a happy Family with their baby.

Not their baby for sure, they're too young to have one. lol.

Below are my young and pretty Aunts ;



And some cute babies as well...

Grandson & Grandfather

My boy again

The Lansi

Later on, dropped by to One Utama before heading to Pavilion Mall. Met Eileen coincidently.

Once we reached, we went into seperated way, off they go to Sze Ruey's dinner.

Guess who i met again?

Natasha and her bf

 Jing Rou and Wei Hong as well

How small can the world be? I even met Shu Hui and her bf later on.

Evening time, walked to Sungai Wang to take sticker pic and eat Kui Leng Kou. :)

Night time, went to Envy Club with them.

Personally think the cross over 'bridge' with the lights on and can look down to the bar and dance floor below. although it doesn't looks good in this picture

And yeah i like this place too. We can played wii if you don't feel like drinking or dancing.

Great idea isn't it? :)

The Last day;

Finally gotta met my aunt and uncle which were busy working when i first reached. They're back on the last day. Had a family dinner with all of them. :)

My Baby Chipmunk and Dylan's Barney

Thats it, simple and fast, Not much elaboration.


Povy On Air

0100 ; Povy On Air
Currently listening '101 Ways To Say I Love You'

Found this @ Jane's house, reminded me of Christmas is coming in 3 months times so does my SPM. OMG FML.


Watched The Ugly Truth wth my baby. Yes, my baby. I'm here imagine i got a baby or whatever like i'm in a relationship now. LMFAO.

At the first place, i was wondering why would they categorized this kinda movie as 18PL? Now i know, its a little .... kids below 17 are not suppose to know, but i bet kids nowadays have already knew it. haha

I like it anyway or shall i say, in everyway. Don't know why.

Lets talk about why do i like the show so much?

Movie starring by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. The guy in the show was funny and he's right like ' Never tell a guy about what you care, because they will never care. ' So ladies, be smart from now on, never show any move before they ask for it. Otherwise guys will think that you're control freak or desperate. How sick.

Well, I liked the way how Mike adviced and helping Abby on getting the man she wants. See, never help people on their relatioship when you're single, unless they are your bestfriends. On my point of view, they will definitely fall for each other but not all, for some cases only lah. My point of view for a single person, prove me wrong there might be exception out there. Lol.

One more thing, is watching movie a sad thing?

I read this at somewhere somewhere, People who like to watch movie because they are SAD. They are boring and lonely, so they need love. They want to find false love or experience love from the movie. From Vivian Looi
Hell no.

Well, thats just an exuse for not watching movie with me. As what she thinks, watching move is a waste of money and time.

I've no idea. zzz

Don't care, i just enjoy watching movie or maybe i'm just enjoy being random to them. lol. By the watch, i've watched Up 3D. My first 3D movie. random much right? lol

Anyway, i'm still having my trials now, one more week to go. And excuse me for not studying at the moment, i need a break, a weekend break. Will continue tomorrow. More practise on my Addmaths, i suck on it.

Till then, Nights.


Independent Day

On the 31st of August,

If i would be a Lesbian, i'll definitely married the three of them..

aha, sounds so wrong, but i like it. So beware if i turn lesbian one day. :D

Happy Independent Day to Malaysia


Went to Redbox with my darlings rushed for the lunch K but the food wasn't good as we're already expect. Waste of our few bucks for the lame lunch. FOL. Well, went for lunch again, waste of our money again, screw redbox.

Later on went back to jane's house. watched a singapore movie with them and took a short nap before going back to gurney again. Well so sick of our lifes right? Gurney here and there? What to do? Penang small and sucks seriously. Wtf

Then then then, the suckiest part ever for the day, i fell asleep when i was watching Imagine That with Jane and Sze. I was just simply sleepy. Don't blame me, i know i waste my money for the ticket again. Hell no, i've been wasting money for the entire day. RFML.

I typed the wrong date for Merdeka, August October. See how patriotic am i. Embarassed sangat* FML

Btw thanks to Darylene for correcting me.



Youth Exchange

Short Update about the Youth Exchange student during August
Her name, Miu From Japan. And total three of them, japansese.
Her, Miu, Hiro & Katsu Hiro. Friendly and nice. Wish i can have the chance to exchange to japan too.
She came for two weeks. Plenty of plans for her as the picture below.
And not forgetting Sis and Brian came back from KL just to meet up with them.

When my baby chipmunks meet Miu's little pet.

Sleeping Buddha

Korea Food

Kek Lok Si Temple

Along the Cable car

On top of Kek Lok Si

'Yeah Baby' quoted by Brian Lim.

Attended Leos & Lion's Dinner @ Butterworth

Took Ferry to the dinner

8th of August - Miu's Birthday ; Celebrated her birthday @ E&O Hotel

Mama & Miu

Hiro Tagged along ; & they love Seafood. lol

Great Dinner

Singing Birthday Songs

Pictures taken after dinner @ E&O HOTEL

Went to Tambun for Seafood with kee hong, yimay, khobo and gang.

went to Zenki Bar after dinner.

Last, with my love, the J.

Till then, went of to KL for few days trip and visit my relative.

More pictures are uploaded at my facebook account. :)