Breaking Hols

3 weeks holidays Begin, many birthday events to attend.

As for these week, Happy Birthday to My classmate Juan.
Had a Mini Celebration @ QE-II with Andrea & Vanessa.

Extra Class ; Chemistry

5 Science ; Colourful Classroom.
Different classroom with different decoration.
And one more thing, my class has a Aircon.

Chilled @ Gurney most of the time ; Boring yet aimless.
Thanks for baby was around me most of the time.
<3 Baby Psp ; don't get me wrong.

Peeps, i passed my driving test ; Congrats me yea.

Toodles *

Untitled #8

Another No Gurney Day ; Failure in the end.
Queensbay ; with a my crazy babes.
Purpose : Visit Sze for her YE duty.
Time crashed, don't get to meet her. Fateless

Paddington House of Pancakes
Pancake is addictive ; couldn't resist with it.

She came eventually. Good to see her but not with her new haircut. Sorry Hunn. :)

Forever 21
Shopping fever starts again. . .

Crazy aite? Just simply love all these.
Gurney Drive for supper, consider as Out-From-Gurney?
But we parked our car at Gurney's Carpark.
Oh weekend parking fee is exp ; 1 hour for RM3.
Still we have to bare with it. Ironic?

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Untitled #7

* 23 July 2008 *

CAP fever aka TOPMAN FREAK ;

still thinking? Which one better?

Big Sales started for Topshop, Topman & Dorothy Perkins.
Friends did some crazy shopping but i'm not in.

Well, thats it for today. Just another crazy shopping outing with friends. :)

Going out for dinner soon. Don't worry, this time i'll be back with many post. And sorry for neglecting my blog lately, don't know why don't feel like blogging these days. Sorry baby blog, i'm addicted to baby facebook. I'm kinda active there but not here. Heh. Well, enough crap, stop now.

Toodles *
Hooray!! I passed my Pretest on today, i got 17 out of 20. Not bad lah hor. Grins* Yeah i know, its just pretest. Why am i so happy? Nothing special right? But to me, It meant Alot! Hey Dude, do you know how annoying when you're driving a Manual Cars. Do you know how hatred they are? They've been killing me ever since the first time i drove. Sigh, the weather, the environment with all the different race (I'm kinda racism, sorry), the stupid lousy car does not functioned well and etc.. It makes the driving feeling even worst. Fortunately, i always got a friendly tutor, they're not as strict as others, sometimes they do talked some jokes with me to kill my time and boredom. smiles* And as for today, i met some of my primary schoolmates and a friendly girl from KDU. Conclusion, the driving lesson and pretest for today were bearable than usual. Because of i met somebody else and get to talk to. Yeah, Human are sociable animals. You can die if you're all alone. True? eye brows shaking*

Anyway, wish me luck for my driving test on Wednesday. Lastly, i swear i'll never drive a Manual Car after i passed my Car Test, NEVER!!

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As a supporter ...

* 18 July 2008 *

PCGHS Concert

My outfit of the day

My darlings Jane and Sze's big day, they were performing for their School Concert, my former school also. Pay them a visit before their performance and did some help out for their make up as well.

I'm the driver?. No no no...

In the AVA room, PCGHS

Darling and I ;
Some conflict happened lately but i still love you, don't worry.

Sze with her Nobody's make up

& us, Wingeez

After awhile, we left when the concert is about to start. Took some pictures while waiting for Meikee's arrival. Oh, she's in Green today, like the glow-in-dark stick. Lmao.

They're Belle and Hui, a richer supporter for Jane.
Sorry Jane, we couldn't afford to pay for the front row(Expensive!!!) FML
What to do? Poor wert, but as long as we're here to support you darling. Loves*

But we're at the front row for the Cheaper Row. Heh.


A little video of my darlings' performances ;

I want nobody nobody but you!!

- Ballet

Take a look and give them a big clap. :)


After a long period of performances, there's a short break. Everyone started to take pictures with the dancers and the singers.

Sze and Zhen with her korean alike friend

Sze and Jane with the great girl who performed very well that night
Love her outfit, stunning.

& vivian did take a picture with her too, but not me. Maybe i'm too . . . Shy? lol.


Well, later on we went to the hawker stall opposite Peng Hwa before we headed to Gurney. Oh yah, i met one of my long lost friend, Chee Huai. He's back from Selangor for his summer holiday. Welcome back! :) He did went to the concert too, and we did a little meet up in Gurney after the concert. Then we decided to go Mega Que, since we haven't been there for ages. Alright, i'm not good in playing pool neither snooker, so i'm just standing aside, watching and taking pictures of them. Eh, i'm a good photographer yo! winks* we also happened to meet Lichen, Longkhoon and the rest at Mega Que too. They just came back from Bon o dori. Oops, i'm totally forget about the Bon o dori thingy, was that fun? I've never been there for two years, surprise? Because i know it will rain, but sadly it never rain for this year. Otherwise, i'm gonna point at those people who went, and laugh at them. Evil smiles* Too bad. But heard that, the fire works are awesome. uhh, don't confused me, i'm all the way to Peng Hwa to support my darlings alright. Darlings, see how good are we? Banyak-banyak sangat okay? loves*

Aha, Wingeez in Gurney after awhile

Yeah, Chee Huai. My ex-classmate.

Alright, the clubbing alike pictures

Group picture @ Mega Que

Hmmm, and guess what, we even went to Cyc to play Ting-ting. Very random right? But i never play as usual. Lazy me. Heh.

The day and the performances by my darling were Parfait afterall. Unfortunately, i missed one of the best dance performance by Jane's friend, The Foxy Cat. Sigh, i'm so going to youtube-ing it later. :)

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