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* 24 June 2009 *

Visited Jieloon before he went back to Singapore.
And we, as in me and my sister, we did this. LOL.

We can be a good house wife aite? Inside jokes*

Final piece. :)

Before we left for our supper,

The night view..


Shocking news

I didn't know the black into white man is dead, until i checked out all the plurk...
Yah, i'm outdated. I knew it a day after he's dead. :S

Michael Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)
A 51 year old man just died, still so young.

Well, the king of pop is dead. lol

Playing 'Beat it' ..

May you rest in peace, Mj.

Heartfelt Condolences *

Happy Father's Day

* Happy Father's Day *

The little late update.


Dinner at Eden Restaurant with Lucas, Daniel and Teng Family, sister is back.

escargot & mini Cattier Rose

The Teng Family ;

My Fat Brother, Jack Teng

Group Picture of the day ;

Flash back to the past few years was celebrating with my family with all my sisters,
but just one of them are here.

Toodles *

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* 20 June 2009 *

G-Hotel for brunch and watched State Of Play, don't really like the movie, left the theater earlier. Did a little snack shopping at Cold Storage before the movie started, bought some Japanese snacks. :)


Soup & my Chicken stuffed Cheese.

Dislike the sour mushroom soup, don't ask me why? I've no idea.


Later on, visited Vivian darling in the evening and brought her some of the snacks as well.

Irresistible japanese snacks. Yummy**

After that, mum came and picked me up from Vivian's house and off we go to our dinner and our movie later at Queensbay. Some fucking far place from my house, i wonder why she decided to watch the movie at such a far place despite the seat is bigger than gurney, there's nothing else anymore.

Well, did i mention that my sis is back? Not so sure..

Incase you don't know who she is, she's Joyce.
Back from Kl for a short term holiday.

P/s: Watched two movies in a day, but both of them were sucks. Disappointed. Can't wait for the Transformer 2 to be shown in the cinema.

Toodles *


* 13 June 2009 *

As for these Saturday, Viki, my classmate's birthday.
Had a mini dinner celebration at Manilla Place.
Wingeez, The Couple, Li Ming & Marcus and Lichen were invited for the dinner.
Grace joined us later on.

Happy Seventeen Viki!.

but you're not legal to drive yet.. Hah.

And not forgetting the present from us to him.

Cam whoring with the Birthday Boy, Mine and Sze's.


After the dinner, chillax at Starbucks and went to Upr later on.

Pictures with plenty of my friends.


McD for supper.
Impressed by the McD Breakfast Hot Cakes, love the Honey Syrup.

Toodles *

Should i delete my tagboard since i'm not replying anymore.



Now you're at On Everyone's Lips, and now the owner is having a minor problem of transferring the pictures from her Lg Ice Cream. Anyone would like to borrow her a cable to solve this problem? Any Lg phone cable will do. Well, it would be thankful to do so. God bless you for helping the poor owner.

Toodles *

Chung Ling Gathering

* Another short and delayed post *

Its been a tiring day for me, the before and after. Because ...
- gotta wake up fucking early and gotta reach there at 6, this is killing. *Worst part #1*
- I'm ... *don't feel like telling you yet*. Haha *Worst part #2*
- Vivian Brian Darling refused to take picture with me.
oops, i shall say she doesn't want me to post any single pictures of her/me and her in my blog. :/
*Worst part #3*

Morning/Night? Fucked up right? lol..

And as for this.. Traditional dance
the worst part #2.

shy shy*

Inn, Me & Liming.
' We love Scouts ' proud*

Well, still there're some pictures with my Darling Sze and Darling Jane. They came as a visitor plus supporter. Sangat Baik punya kawan. hugs*

and Jie Loon as well. Hows the feeling back to your 'Old' school? Heh.


Last, cam whoring with my loved one*
we looked so lesbian. OMFG...

P/s: The jumping J picture was taken on that day. Pretty awesome aite? heh.

Toodles *