Girls day Thurs

Thursday ;

A day out with all of 'em.

First, start with the high tea talking session at Winter Warmers with Vivian and Yvonne. Then off to Toy'r'us and some other shop to look for the bunny ears. Couldn't get a pair of bunny ears that we like, all of them/the last piece was cacat-ed, the bunny ears can't be stabilize properly. wtf.

April dooodolls from Toy'r'us

About evening time, met up with Jane and Sze. Was planned to go for the buffet dinner at redbox, but the price is killing and the place was packed cause they're having some casting right at that time. zz.. Then off we go to this place - Ko Fu Loft for our dinner. Was the former Food Loft, same place but serve with different cuisine. But one thing still remain the same, the deco of toilet. Brightly shine and clean. :)

Girl's best friend, mirror.

Personally, the environment and the service over there weren't that bad but the food? Was out of our expectation, the portion was extremely small even just for five of us. Started to complaining* Luckily, the supervisor came by and observed something goes wrong. Yes, the Fish was not fresh at all!. Then he quickly served us another one to replace for it. Whoo! Lucky us can you see? And sorry if i'm too picky. But we got the 'hak pengguna' wert. ;) Well, we did finished all the foos somehow.

And yeah, dessert after dinner. Gurney Drive for Tou Fu Fah and comes with a stall 11's laksa. How can we resist not to take laksa when we at Gurney Drive right? :)

Hmmm, before we ended our day, They bought some ice cream at Gelatomio, black sesame & Hazel but. Yummy* Well my darling Sze is going to Melbourne soon. (she's already there) Will miss you and remember to get us souvenir and soy sticks. remind my sister. ;)

Toodles *

Sakae Sushi

An hour before - Habitual moment for every girls or lady.

For Wednesday, Ah Looi dropped by at the Teng's place. At the mean time, Ah Teng was craving for cakes and sweet stuff, so desperately, so they went off to Manila Place to had two slices of Tiramisu and Chocolate Mint cake. Auntie Yvonne came after awhile and brought the two of them to Sakae Sushi. They ate again, not much don't worry. But Ah Teng is trying so hard to gain her weight, any suggestion or any secret recipe to help? ;)

A walk after the dinner @ Gurney Drive. Pretty Random, tourist wannabe. lol.

Alright, she just took her passport size picture for her L license.
But she haven't started her very first time car practical yet. zz

*Appear offline*

Coming up next, A day out with Yvonne & mini reunion before Sze off to Aus. Stay tune.

Toodles *

Short Post

Short post. Am having holiday now. Yah, like NOW?! And just for a week. Can you imagine that? People(government school are having two weeks hols start from next week) This is seriously wtf. Who to blame? The school of course. :D But what to do? Spend it wisely. Sigh.

Sunday, attended the Car Teory. I know, its been awhile after i passed my Undang Test. Was suppose to attend the course weeks before my exam, but out of sudden, was still awake at 7 the night/morning of the Saturday/Sunday. Umm, how can you expect me to attend a 5 hours courses without sleeping. Impossible right? So things keep delay and delay. Attended the past Sunday eventually. :) Boring and sleepy, but its bearable when a Psp is with you, curi-curi play with it to Kill Your Time.

Yay! Its Sunday, Family day with mum and bro, shopping and movie! watched ICAC, I Corrupt All Cops with them. Met vivian darling later on, after the movie. Did some window shopping with her and her family aswell.

This is for Monday. Ah Ma's Home Cook Meeeeee. ;)

(Da jie, Er Jie & Joyce,
Miss this right?) slurpss*

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The heart of Life - John Mayer


05 Update #5 Labour day trip

Hello people, its been a boring/colourless weeks i had recently, was having exam and tired for all those outing. Hmmm, as time pass, my exams had come to an end, Holiday comes to the moment too. (Not any other government school alright? It sucks.) Since i got nothing to do at home, gonna slightly blog about my short trip during my Labour day holiday.

30th of April- 2nd of May, My 3 days 2 nights Labour day holiday was spent in KL, not anywhere else. (i'm poor) Shopping was the main purpose for this trip. So i'm spending most of my time in Pavilion and KLCC, as i was staying at the hotel next to KLCC, Mandarin Oriental hotel. It only take few steps to move my heavy legs from the hotel to the mall, and from the mall back to the hotel, pretty convenient right? Besides that, met some Kl people, they are just simply friendly. :)

The Hotel ; MO

Hmmm, for my few days trip, other than shopping, one of my favorite past time will be the evening cocktail served by the Hotel. It was the Japanese cuisine when the first day i reached whereas the second day will be something different like some Western afternoon tea break served with many variety of foods and wine. Too bad have to go back on the third day, otherwise i'm going to enjoy another special evening cocktail. :/

And yeah, had my first Turkish meal in this trip too, Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cousine @ Pavilion. Well, at the mean time, was suffering from tooth-tightening season. (i'm having my braces on and just had my dental appointment 2 days before, suffer.) Can't really chew hard things and also sick of seafood. So ordered something softer and had a seafood-free-Turkish-meal. The food was nice, i'm trying to finish all but due to the cacat-ness of my teeth, i failed in the end. :/ Anyway, experience different food serve with different culture, was a best try for a Malaysian though. :)

Seafood-Free! @ Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cousine

Later at night, Chilling @ Sultan Lounge after doing some shopping until the shops are closed. Nothing much to do in the lounge, chilling or drinking or playing pool, of course i'm not the one who played, just spending some time and drinking down there, listening to the house music (hardly recall) and eating Chicken Gordon Blue as my late dinner. Then off to hotel and had a great sleep, i supposed. What a boring night for me aite? Pitiful.

And yeah, i like the interior design start from the hotel elevator part to inner part of the lounge. Unique.

Sultan Lounge

Guess thats it for my Short trip, spent it with quality but not quantity. Anyway, headed back on Saturday evening. Goodbye, and people ask me, hows my trip? Enjoyable? *take a deep breath* and i'll say, I'll keep the answer to myself. :D

P.s 1: Not much picture taken for this trip, paiseh*
i know, fail to be a blogger. I'm not anyway, am just a girl who likes to blog. :)

P.s 2: Check out the date, peeps. This post is suppose to be posted up much earlier than the rest of the 05 Update. wtf

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05 Update #4 Redbox Thurs

Yay, exam is over. Gotta settled something after school. Sorry Adrian for canceling the physics tuition, its not our fault. Something caught us on that moment. :/ Well, after everything are settle down, decided to go redbox to release our anger and stress! Umm, we're facing alot of problems nowadays, utterly fed up with those drama happened these days. But its alright, will try to get over with it. Work harder babe! :)

Yeah, time to talk about Redbox. When we first get in, this little red packets caught our eyes. Its a little Red Sanitized microphone covers. Clean and Safe. People, Used them for the sake of A H1N1 is in the island now!! Scary.

Jane and Grace joined us too. Yesh, we got a big room for 4 person. simply lucky us? ;) And dinner at Breeks later on, huha-huha again. :)


Well, i'm gonna show some caring and Love. ;) A H1N1 flu is in the island now. People be well prepared, go grab your mask now in Watson, Guardian or wherever it is, don't forget to get yourself a sanitizer to keep your hand clean all the time. Its your life in your hand.

(For safety)

(For the sake of Pretty, ;)
Cute but hard to breath if two layer of mask is on)

Read this : Kill 99.99% of germs WITHOUT WATER

It only cost less than RM 6.

I think people are derisive. Why do they wear mask to prevent A H1N1 flu? But why aren't they wear condom to prevent for AIDS or HIV? Ironic, isn't it.

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05 Update #3 Starbucks Day

16th of May, Another Saturday, Another Gurney Day, A Starbucks Day. Had my dinner at Kozue and chill at Starbucks with my darling Vivian. Talked alot and shared secrets. Met up with grace after vivian off to the boyfriend's house. Again, talked alot with her, and now only we know everything that lies behind the truth. Huha-huha* Chit-chattings about KatCheong. (copied from Vivian's blog)

Little pressie for their 2 years plus anniversarry,
How sweet of her. Envy*

Later at night, mixed with Grace and Dou Ling before the late night ends. :)

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我的回忆不是我的 -


05 Update #2 Mothers' day celebration

Some cute little Mothers' Day card by my little cousin.

First of all, Happy Mothers' Day(its been very late, i know). On the 8th of May, some of my aunts came all the way down from Kl to celebrate Mothers' Day with my mum cause they know that, her 3 out of 4 daughters (i'm not included) are not around and not able to celebrate with her, this is very sad for a mother okay? But anyway, she's still having 2 with her, my brother and i. But unfortunately, my brother have a tuition to attend, so he couldn't make it up to that night and replaced by Lucas, my god bro. We had our dinner at Harvest Inn Cafe, a nice place for friends or family to have some little time over there. The food are simply nice and reasonable. I'll go there again with my darlings one day. :)

Pictures above: Mum, Grandma, Grandma's sister, Aunt Janet(2nd aunt), Aunt Carmen(4th aunt) & Dylan(My cousin)


My very cute lansi cousin, Dylan
he refused to call me 'Piu Jie' & take picture with me. :(

And this is Povy, the people who blogged.
Host of On Everyone's Lips.
(Ignored my ugly eye make up for that night)

The next day, accompanied my aunts to Gurney to do some shopping, but nothing much to buy also. Boring mall in Penang. :/

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