HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

Want something special? Want something New? Want something fashion?
Yeah like who don't? smiles*

Now you can have the latest HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Designer Edition Netbook the smallest world first digital clutch where high fashions meet high tech by Vivienne Tam.

First, the size and the design of this digital clutch really caught my eyes. The deep Red shiny fingerprint attracting case has a vibrant design of peony blooms that signify good fortune and prosperity. The flowers are eight shades of Pink, Mauve, Lavender and Yellow. Designed inside and out for the fashion-forward are the women on the go.

Come with a Red shinny Vivienne Tam casing and a matching mouse as well. You don't have to waste time on buying something to match with it. How classy and convenient, ladies.

Next, when you open the cover, there’s a matching Red keyboard and trackpad! Ladies, Just type, don't text! The new HP mini notebook sports a 10.2-inch BrightView Infinity display of 1024 x 600 pixels and a full-sized keyboard for easy typing and come with slick and shiny eye-catching red.

Besides that, the new HP mini Digital Clutch is all in 1-inch thick system at 2.45 lbs. Lightweight design and sleek, it's the perfect accessory for any occasion. Can you imagine when you carry it out to the mall or dinner, people may mistaken you're carrying a classy clutch. Sounds great?

Last, carry this stylish classical digital clutch are so much better than carrying a cellphone, Psp or your Nintendo. You can socialize freely with integrated HP Mini webcam, built-in microphone and the integration of 10/100 LAN and optional Bluetooth. Ladies, you can easily slip it into your bag. Bring it out, online everywhere and keep in touch with all your friends. This fashionable digital clutch can keep your social alive, anywhere and anytime. winks*


• Processor: Intel Atom Proc N270, 1.60GHz, 512KB L2 cache, 533MHz FSB
• Memory: 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, 533MHz, one DIMM slot
• Storage: 60GB (4200RPM) Hard Drive
• Chipset: Intel 945GSE + ICH7M, 533MHz FSB
• Display: 10.1" Diagonal SD Widescreen Brightview Infinity Display
• Resloution: 1024 x 576
• Webcam: Integrated VGA webcam
• Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home
• Communication: 802.11b/g WLAN; Intg 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN
• Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (shared)
• Audio: HD Audio, stereo speakers, integrated microphone
• Media Reader : 2-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards & MultiMedia cards
• Ports: 2 x USB 2.0, RJ-45, Headphone/microphone combo jack, Expansion port
• Docking: Optional VGA cable, External DVD+/-RW ODD slice, or docking station via expansion port
• Battery: 3-Cell Lithium Polymer (26Whr)
• Security: Mini-lanyard slot
• Dimensions: 261.6 x 166.6 x 25.13 mm
• Weight: Starting at 1.1 kg
• Warranty: 1 Year Limited International Warranty (1 Year Parts/1 Year Labour)
• Includes Vivienne Tam Cloth Bag

Well, lets talk about the designer, Vivienne Tam, the fashion designer based in New York. Today, she was honoured by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and even dressed for many famous celebrities like, Madonna, Zhang Ziyi, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell and so on. She has worked with Hewlett Packard on a special Vivienne Tam range of designer notebook computers. Here it comes the, HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Designer Edition Netbook in the world. Featuring her peony-inspired design in vivid shades of violet and red from her Spring 2009 collection, this HP Mini coordinates perfectly with stunning Vivienne Tam pieces!

Click here to check out the coolest fashion accessory that integrates the latest mobile technologies.

So what are you waiting for? Faster get one, especially ladies.


Random thoughts

Turning into:
Driving myself insane - Frankie J

Inside jokes sharing,

Hello. Poh Vee here. Tonight is my boyfriend's birthday. But he chose to spend it with his ex. So he is now my ex. Anyone want to date me tonight ?

That makes me laugh like hell, and thank you Josh for all the concern. :)

Some random thought related to my Personal message, 'Love is just a piece of shit'.

Well, we find ourselves facing highs and lows everyday. The highs are the most happening but also disappointing, because after every high there is always a low. And the lows are always the harder, because its never good, and its always that way.

The thing is, we'll never know how bad it can get and its scary sometimes thinking about it.

Imagine, you can already tell what is happening ahead. Drafted out in your mind, you can already tell how you'd react to what is going to happen. But can you really solve it and get to manage it well on that time?

Everything is going to be fine after a great crash? Perhaps?.

Or why don't we try to fix it before it turns to the down?

Dear Povy, you know in your heart, its going to be a horrible point in your life after crashing straight to absolute bottom.



Suprise babe

Turning into:
When it rains - paramore


Yay, guess what i get today? I got my new wallet from my eldest sister eventually, when she was having her trip in Milan. Though i didn't like it at the first place, cause she bought me and joyce ( my third sister) the same wallet but different colour. lol. But i like it when i'm holding it (on my hand), its way much better and nicer than pictures, more classy yea. Thank you Da jie, and also thanks to Natasha for delivering the goods all the way from Uk, i know its kinda weighty. Thanks lots.

Btw, mum was happy with her new bag. smiles*

My new wallet. heh
(One of my Unconditional Desires)

Yeah, my eldest sister and her friends, Natasha.

I love you da jie, don't be jealous pf and joyce.
Although my heart is small
but there's always a space for you people, my precious family.

P/s: Blue dress along? isit the one? *points to the pictures above* O.o
Thanks anyway. :)

Next up : Earth Hour Outing with my darlings and my public whisperer/gossip hunn. (You know who you are, girls. Loves*) Waiting for more pictures from Cleo. Stay tuned.

*Yawn and waves*
Goodnight people



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Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson

The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup is…'nothing'.
To make something special, you just have to believe it’s special.
- Kungfu Panda.

Earth Hour

Turning into:
Save the world - Earth Hour

Mark your calendar this Saturday,28 March 09! It’s the day millions of people around the world turn off non-essential lights for 1 hour, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time),to send a powerful global message that we care enough about climate change to take action.Earth Hour is a fun and easy way for the people of Malaysia to be heard.Show you care about our planet by joining in.

Pledge your support today.

This year, Malaysia is the first time joined in the officially team of Earth Day 2009. For this time, Malaysian will switch off the lights for one hour to
reach the target of 1 billion votes, by WWF. Well let us change the world and support the Earth Day 2009 because we want to take care of our mother earth, for our future generations.

People, what will you do during the black out one hour? Shopping in the dark? Working in the dark? Studying in the dark? Impossible right? Perhaps Camping. Laughs*

Lets join hands to hands
Turn off your lights for one hour
8.30-9.30, 28th of March 2009
To Save Our World
Show Malaysia Are United

Love Povy, XX

Copy Freak

She apologized and deleted as she promised, Post taken down.

Say no to Copy Cat,

Have a nice day. :)
Love Povy, XX

Fine Saturday

Turning into:
Thinking of you - Katy Pery

Goodnight everyone! Now, i'm blogging at G-hotel while my friends are having their drinking party, of course, i'm not participating. Like ya know, i'm not a good drinker, easily drunk and very annoying when i'm drunk. Which my friends hate the most. Malu, T_T

Its Saturday people, the weekend after my unofficial exam. Hang out and Gurney is a must, wonder why? Got no where else better to go. T_T

Once again, Happy Birthday to Meikee and Zhigie. smiles*

Meikee, 19th birthday

Zhigie, 15th birthday

First, met my school mates Ken, Joel, Afiq, Taka, Jet, Viki, Vanessa and Andrea. Surprise much to see them, hanging out after the exam, like me. Half of them are from my class, but some are the next class. I like my school mates, they're lovely even they're from different races or different country.

Xiao Ken Ken, came all the way from Bm.
( He doesn't look small in size. heh)

I stalked them!!

Next, had our little tea time at Winter warmers and dinner at Kozuo.

Emily, she changed again.
(I got the before and after for this time)

While at Winter warmers, with Jane, Cleo and Zhigie as well.

Me, Emily, Joan, Charlene and Jane
Dinner with them.

Goodnight & Sleep tight.
Time to go home & Goodbye.


P/s: This post should be posted much earlier. Went home, transferred my picture.

Love save the empty

Tounge speaking ;
(Picture before i cut my hair)

Turning into:
Love save the empty - Erin mcCarley
(He's just not that into you)

First of all, Happy Birthday to Meikee, Zhigie and Xiao Tian(21st of March).


Life after exam was extremely bored. (Technically the exam is not over yet. The last paper, physics held on Monday. But its alright, two chapter for the first assessment. heh) Best thing to do now, will be blogging. Don't you think so?

Thursday, went Queensbay in the evening with family, ate the must-restaurant in Queensbay, Dragon-i. But too bad for today, 'Nai You Hwang Sha Bao' is sold out, pretty saddening. T___T

Click here if you're wondering what is my favorite 'Nai You hwang Sha Bao'.


Next, walked around and bought some bras in Jusco. Well, it cost 400 + for 5 bras, reasonable lah hor? heh. What if my dajie saw this? For sure, she'll start her nag, 'What the toot, 400 + for 5 bras only, eh i can buy this this for this price already OKAY? . . . ' Aiya, it doesn't matter, cause we're buying those by paying the Cash Voucher. $.$

Well, a good news and a bad news. Good news is, My darling jane is back from HongKong. And the bad news is, JieLoon is going back on Friday. Wtf, he's going back when my exam is over, din't really get to hang out with him. Sad, blame the stupid school for the stupid exam schedule. WTF.

After Queensbay, went to Gurney met up with Jie Loon, Jane and Emily. Vivian cannot make it.

Helloo, to this effin Hawt Lee Jie Loon.
the hotest guy in his new school.
the so called star player in Penang.
the malaysian but the ang-mo look alike.
the quiet guy who shy, and people name him as Snow white.
Laugh my fucking ass off wey.

Guess you people will disagree with that if you know him. You'll find the discription above are so not true. yeah, i can feel that my sins are getting more when i'm typing those. Ohh, i'm Lying Amen. But those are not from my mouth kay? I searched it from Google, Whooo. My friend very famous hor? wth

Alright, stop laughing. And bet the fakejieloon will so going to appear in my tagboard once he saw this post. heh. But still thanks for dropping us back from Gurney.

Lee Jie Loon, take care. smiles & hugs*

Thats all for it? Probably not, the blogging mode is still on, lets continue.

Well other than that, don't know whether you people still remember, as i promised i'm going to blog about what i bought in L'occitane in this post. Hence, I'm going to blog now since i got nothing better to do.

Skin care from L'occitane.

What i like the most will be the Rose Bud 25% Shea Butter. It was an Ultra Rich Body Cream. Nest will be the detoxifies and softens Grape At-Home-Spa Warming Body Wrap and the 5 essiential hair shampoo and condition. lazy to mention bout the rest, ask me if you want to know more about L'occitane.

Get this if you purcase a Shea Butter for 98, you can get this bag and 2 additional body lotion and a shower soap for 22. Worthy.

Before the bag transform,

After the bag transform,
it can fit in all the stuff i bought.

Can you believe that? The transformation of a little bag can transform to what you looking now. Gaya Sangat. Hmmm.

P/s : Going to get a new MNG top soon. Yay

Lastly, sharing my little thought. People nowadays are getting pathetic, why would they want to lie about their results and everything? Yeah, we're not the judges in your life and we don't give a damn to those fakers, Pretender trying to get attention. Sickening. shake head*

Weekend - ii

I don't really love beach; but i don't hate it, for today. cheese*

Sunday, buffet lunch at Park Royal with Gooi Family and John Tang. Was a fine morning though i slept late, not enough sleep.

Buffet lunch are what you people can easily be seen in the hotel, no exception. The lunch was pretty delicious, which you will not able to eat all of them in 2 hours time. And so sad that i don't have such a big stomach, cannot fit in too many things. But still i liked the dessert most. wipe my saliva*

Lets start with the Fruits,

And end with the Dessert.

Eat eat eat, eat as fast as you can, before the buffet lunch end. heh

Mummy and Uncle Gooi and Auntie Gooi

A picture with our god mum, Auntie Gooi. lol

After eating, walked around . .


Read this before you leave the beach.

Teng Family

Alright, the rich Tang treated us for ride. Why treat?
This stupid four wheel ride cost 50 bucks for about 20 minutes. wtf

I'm a good driver. =D

Along the beach,

Saw this gang of Ang Mo, they were from Australia. And guess what are they doing? They were doing pedicure and medicure. I guess it was kinda nice to do something at the beach besides swimming, building the sand castle and bla bla bla.

Before we left, saw a couple were taking their wedding picture.

Time to leave, Time to say Goodbye.

Bye Beach /

Evening, went to Gurney passed something to my darling jane, as she's going off to Hongkong on Monday. Will miss my darling and take care yea. But its alright, she's coming back on Thursday, the day after my exam. Gotta hang out together with my darling yea. wheee*

Night, had a belated dinner celebration for my sister. Ate Hageen Dasz after the meal. An additional menu for the latest promotion, New Cappuccino Truffle, in Hageen Dasz. happy 15th birthday to Hageen dasz and a great new is, Hageen Dasz are giving out 15% discount on every item for their 15th anniversary. Go eat some ice cream on the special discount before the valid day 31st of may. Its open for everyone, not only for the member, though i'm the premium member. Hah.

Love the design of the Menu, classy.

Ordered something from the menu, but don't really remember whats the name. heh

Till then bye.

P/s, Due to my lazyness, i copied the HTML of the pictures from my sister's blog. Hence, the sizes of the pictures are smaller.