Hellooooooooooo, readers. I'm here to blog about my day. =)
Happy Deepavali to everyone, especially to those indian family. lol*

Morning, Woke up early, thought cho chuan they all are coming to pick us up at 11 but we ended up went there by taking taxi. Hell, the weather was HOT okay? & i forget to apply sunblock. =X

Alright, i put on some light make up.


Sis dropped me at Gurney to meet up w/ vivian first.

We switched our style of dressing, so abnormal right? hah*

Pictures on taxi ;

My boy & girl ;


After so long, finally we reached. Ate some indian food that they served. Yummm* They taste nice but spicy. =X

Random pictures ;

This is Ms Jayashree, our BM & SEJARAH teacher.

She's holding the peacock feather. Hah*

Orang di sana ;

Group pic before leaving,

Vivian says, ignore me, im not there.
Povy's face. =.=

After that, planned to go Queensbay. No insist to go Queensbay cause. . . We wanted to eat the Hokkaido ice cream. Hah* Sorry for the lame reason.

Hah, Met Paris Chun, Meikee.

All in gray. =)

Walked around ; Toy'r'us.

I dont know what is vivian holding, lol*
I'm holding WALL-E. Love love ;

Vincci, met Meikee again. & this is what we call, TOO BIG!!

Besides that, we headed to one of our favorite place to fool around, TOPSHOP.

Was wondering, should i get it as well? hmmmm


Met them at Haagen Dasz, lol

The latte that make cho chuan felt headache. Cacat lahhh

Queensbay is such big mall but its still boring to us. So Starbucks will help. Went there for a couple of drinks. & talked alot & alot.


After so long, someone fetched us back from Queensbay & dropped us at Gurney. But before going to Gurney Drive, i took some time & settled something w/ someone. Alright, im not going to mention bout who, what & why. Thats my little secret. ;D

Things settled, get to Gurney drive to join Vivian, Chee Huai & Cho Chuan for the dinner, Jane & Hui were there too. =)

Before get back to Gurney, waited for my mum to pass us Chee Huai's iphone. Talked something while waiting.

People, one thing that i can say is I LOVE TALKING W/ HIM!
Its such a nice choose to talk to him & he's such a good person to share the secret w/.

Gurney again, went to vincci, bought the white sandle that i din't get at Queens.


Gurney, Gurney. . . Then Cho Chia came & fetched us to Bed.
Alright, time for BED & thats all for today. =)

Drink , Drank, Drunk! opps*

p/s. Vivian did not lose, so she did not drink.

♥♥ ; Happy Deepavali

SSP's Graduation Dinner

As you people know, im one of the organizer of the Sri Pinang Annual Graduation Dinner, so i have no time walking around & taking pictures for my blog. I'm really sorry for that. But anyways, i'm not going to blog about the dinner, if you're interested, check them out from my facebook ;

Several Pictures ;

Wingeez ;

Mask ;

The King & The Queen

Raymond Lam @ Auto City

Well was the day after my school's annual graduation dinner. Was tiring planned to stay at jane's house after all the none sleeping night, Last Night. Because of what? Okay, i won't mention here.

But there's a sudden call, Raymond Lam is coming tonight, AT AUTO-CITY. Lets go! Move your ass & ride to the cap. Opps, car, i'm not reach enough to spend my money by going somewhere far far away by Taxi. Lmao.

Alright, people who invite us to go have to pay for the ride. Joyce & Joelle came to pick us up from jane's house before going home to get ready & stuff. After all, picked Jing Rou & Fei Cui before going to Auto City. =D

Reaching late as we expected, Traffic jam & Lotsa cars. Stepped in Auto City, just we realised, They're having a hot event Mean Machine in the coming weekend & TVB super star Raymond Lam (林峰) is having Promo Tour at Auto City and it will be his 3rd stop.

We ate something before the Raymand Lam's Promo Tour, Cho Chia's sis treat us Pizza Hut. Thanks jie jie* We talked alot during eating & we shared alot of funny jokes. All of us laughed like hell especially the sister. I enjoyed the dinner alot. =)

Filled the hungryness, then started to look for the Super star. Vivian & i was spilted into two groups, me & jane went for LAM PHONG & she went to look for her bf. God it was damn crowded, thought we're late but still the same, squeeze like shit. Urgh* Anyhow, the star was late too. Waited for so long, finally he reached but he was sick, he can't even sing a song. Pity him wey, he went to Gleneagles before heading to Auto City.

People i hate her, my sis got a free disc & she got the raymond lam's signature too. I hate her. lol* Btw see the close up of him. Awwwww

After all, went Bed while waiting my sister. Met some so call long lost friends, Gaik Hoe & Bin Han. lol.

Things begun like that & end like that. =)
Reached home late.

Wish come true ;

most importantly, study hard for my coming exam & SPM; no more nap, sleep less; study hard to be a successful architect. then have a monthly WINGEEZ reunion day w/ them, but that is so not happening due to the always-busy-study sze & so-call-grounded jane. =/ oh but the most important one, is grow taller! or maybe i should sleep earlier. *laugh my ass off*

Looks familiar? Its taken from my TO-DO-LIST. Hah

But for now, the Wingeez monthly reunion day is going to happen from now, cause Sze Sze had finished her PMR & Jane is no more grounded. Hah

Alright, a sleep over before the day, but our jane jane wasn't here. Miss her. But anyhow, we still had alot of fun. =)

Sze's home ;


Reminds me of past memories sleeping over at sze's house


Before going ;

Candid & Posing

The next day, was a Saturday outing after jane's ballet lesson. As usual, walked to gurney & reached there late.


First reached gurney, gonna settled something w/ some troublesome guy. lol. Met Cleo, Emily, Chen & Fang anyway.

Pictures ;

Do i have to name them one by one?


After so long, we gathered together & took alot pictures.

We Wingeez!

P, J, V, S

End ;

Happy Monday part 2 ; @ E&O

I'm back, back to my second post of the Happy Monday.

Alright, went back home & get everything ready, dressed up then Dinner. P, V, J & H, S missed it. How sad. =X

But anyways, we still love our day, will replace w/ you someday, perhaps after PMR? *winks*

Dinner @ E&O coffee shop ;

Starter , Salad ;




He made us Scallop , Thanks lots. They taste good to me. ;)


Dessert ;

I had all of them, greedy much.


After Dinner, walked around & took some pictures.

Picture credit, Thanks to Lin Hui.


People, Quiz : What did girls/ladies usually do in the washroom?


True right?


After all, got to leave, Say Bye to E&O.

Bye, will come again so soon. ;)