As the previous post said, i was kinda busy this day. Wasn't plan to update my blog for this few days, but why i'm blogging now? So sad to said that, my grandfather had admitted into the hospital, so there's nobody at home after my school. Therefore, i was walking all the way from my house to john's house. Got nothing to do here, so i decided to update my blog.


#. Thursday, today
Today can so known as my most unlucky day for this week.
Was scolded by mum, because slept late, waked up late.
Reached school at 9, lol*
but no longer later, leave school again. So me, vivian & chochuan took green slip & get out from the school.
Went G-Hotel again for the dinner arragement, then got nothing to do d.
Walking around, someone suggest for a movie, so went for 'WALL-E'.

It was an animation bout the day after pollution. Wall-E, the robots which discover to keep all those rubbish around, & clean the earth.
After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, Wall-E meets a sleek search robot named EVE. Althought Wall-E doesn't talk much in the show, but the emotion could fully express, like the love to EVE.

WALL-E & EVE, cute yet lovely.

Had my day w/ them.
We're the Poor Teng, Poor Looi & Rich Tan from 4 Science.

After movie, ate BBQ Chicken. Then Rich Tan dropped us back.


Since i still got time,
i would like to roughly talk about this few days.


#. Saturday
As usual, went tuition & Viki skipped tuition. dot.
Went badminton after it.
Vivian & jane came to my house before that, then Alex fetched us there.
It was the first time playing badminton w/ my family.
It was also my mum playing w/ us after 16 years. lol

After badminton, went Penang Bowl, to eat something & played awhile.
Alright, don't really know how to play, but i can say that the food over there was nice.
You can try them someday.


#. Sunday
After tuition went to look for some dresses for Annual Dinner,
but din't find something that suit us. =(


#. Tuesday
Went G-Hotel to looked for the ballroom thingy.
The ballroom was grand & super big, it can fit up to 450 person.

The G-Hotel

The G-Hotel Ballroom

After that, meet up w/ jane they all & watched 'La Lingerie'.

Spend my time w/ them. =)

Bought a mask for the masquerade ball.
Its silver mask but i have no idea why it looks black in the picture.

#. END

busy days

NO updates for few days, sorry.
Been busy w/ school annual dinner thingy.
Btw, Our school annual dinner is comfirm.
Will be held at 24th of October,
The G-Hotel Ballroom, start from 7 till 11.30pm.
The theme of the year is 'Fancy Masquerade Ball',
it will be the first masquerade ball.

People, start to get ticket now, limited ticket, limited space.
Get the tickets through students of SSP/Tenby,
Or . . would you people like to get from me? =D





另外一个就是我偶像好朋友的电影trailer, 内衣少女



Schooling, study, tuition = boring.
But mine wan are different. *wide smile*


Tuesday night, went for a movie w/ jane, hui & alex.
watched 21, a movie bout cards counting yet not gambling.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

It was a nice show, don't miss it.

My god, i saw the poster of 'La lingerio',
it is a movie starring by my idol's best friend, Janice Man.
& also Stephy, the ex-cookies member & JJ, a girl from beauty cooking.
This show talk about ladies & BRA. Don't get horny! *lmao*


Well, tuesday is over, now comes my wednesday.

Went to school in the morning, then we get the permission to get out from the school for the annual dinner hotel thingy. Actually we're just taking it as an excuse to skip some boring lesson, English. *how smart huh?*
But we need to get back school by 1pm. But its okay larh, as long as we're out or few hours from the boring school. =)
The out-school-team is included by me, marcus, cho chuan, andrea, vanessa, & juan. Cho chuan drived. =)
Went gurney hotel for Subway, our breakfast; then headed to gurney, as usual larh. *lol*
Meet vivian at gurney after she did her dental appointment. Walking around bought 10 mango handcream. HAH
After all, had some drinks at Chilis. Urheem, Not me, Not vivian, its those rich-brats, Cho chuan & Marcus. They were stalking a girl sitting next to her which the parents were w/ the girl too. lol. dot.

Times up!
Went back to school. =/
Need to switch class due to the form 5 are having oral test at OUR CLASS,
what is the problem? why dont they have it at their class?
Anyway its already over. But still 'Benci' w/ carrying all stuff up & down. Gahh Benci!!

After school, went redbox w/ jane & vivian. At first linhui was there, but she went back because she had a period pain. But don't think she really went back because of it, maybe its just Xiao Zhen not going. *lmao*

By the way, sang alot & had lots of fun. Then went for tuition, damn boring, feel like sleeping.


Thursday, schooling, tuition, bake.
Bake some cupakes for orders.

P/s. Now i'm using school's computer to update my blog. lol*


Alright, since i want to be a full time blogger, so i need to blog everyday.
Sorry for not updating these day, been quite busy, school reopen.

Lets back to Friday ;
Err, went Queensbay again, for mega sales. =)

We were there just for that!

tuition , stay at home , out , sleep over . . . .
blah blah, refer to my previous post.

What about Sunday?
After tuition, i baked.

My baby w/out clothes. lovely*

before & after of my baby

While waiting my mum come pick me up from vivian's house, Hui came & we watched 'Mou Gan Dou',
Although that movie was quite long ago, but nice, starring by Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Edison & so. Quite nice but din't finish it, cause my car came, so need to went back. =/ Will continue next time. lol*
Next, went gurney to get some Clinique stuff. Damn, Sunday was the 10 x Bonuslink point, but its over. HAH
After that, went queensbay again. dot. Then had my dinner there. =)

Hui & me, cover mouth!

Monday!! School Reopen!
Is that a good news or bad news?
Urh, good news; as i have something to do rather than stuck in my house or keep doing the samething in the day of my life.
Urh, bad news; need to sleep early & wake up early. Besides that, need to do homework & study for coming exam. My next assessment wil be held exactly one month later!. God, Exam kill!

By the way, don't really use to it. cause my best Chee Huai is not in the class, w/out his voice, 4 science doesn't look like 4 Science anymore, just left 4 of us. miss you wey* Don't know how does him doing right there? hmm
HAHA, other than that, yesterday we fight for the table. lol* I won of course. *wide smile* They moved to the back, behind us.

Oh god, gotta tell you something, my dot dot school painted all the walls of the classroom. God you know how disgusting does the wall right now? Some class w/ Polka dots, some w/ Stars & Shape, some w/ weird, not matching colours, some are full of love, like powerpuff girl wonderland. My class are better, but the colour are contrast. dot. I'll take the pictures of them one day, will show it how ugly it is. lol* & yet assembly announced again, 'Air Condition will be fix up soon.' Nahhh, as if they will, just those rich-face tenby have this kind service, us? Don't expect too much from THEM! dot

Tuesday, its today.
Had a annual dinner meeting just now, some of the committee members came, but not all of them. Discuss bout where are we going to have our dinner? Best choice, either G-Hotel or Gurney Hotel, grand yet big, can fit in quite alot of people.

* People, 24th of October will be my school annual dinner, the theme of the dinner is 'fancy Masquarade Ball'. Anyone interested, can get the ticket from me, not sure for the price of the ticket yet. *

After school, went 1st stop to get some software. Then . . . home.

Wondering, later should i go tuition? Viki is not going though.

Bo-ring day

Boring day, just came back from tuition. Viki skipped tuition. reason? 'Teacher i just woke up!' Know what was the time? Its 3pm, he couldn't wake up for tuition. Was wondering what did he did for the whole night huh? lmao

Plan to go to for Tong sui at vivian's grandma's place w/ jane, after that going for a movie, 21. Been waiting to watch that movie for so long. But canceled all the plan, jane is going to dinner w/ belle's family. So so so stay at home online & update my blog for the yesterday & the day before yesterday.

Chated w/ my long-lost friend, Jia tian & also the lame juan,
see what did he write?

*Part of the convo*
jc says:
write something fun la
jc says:
like i hate wayn
jc says:
i hate wayn
jc says:
i hate wayn
jc says:
i hate wayn
jc says:
i hate wayn
jc says:
i hate wayn
jc says:
- Pohvee* - cupcakes love - says:
jc says:
i dare u
- Pohvee* - cupcakes love - says:
i'll post it at my blog.
jc says:
jc says:
if u dare....
- Pohvee* - cupcakes love - says:
&& i'll write, juan asked me to write so
jc says:
on monda, i'll make u a waffle
jc says:
dowan dowan dowan
jc says:
don write my name!!!!!!!!
jc says:
jc says:
write this wayn = \\//
jc says:
- Pohvee* - cupcakes love - says:
jc says:
he very annoying lo
- Pohvee* - cupcakes love - says:


Nahh, the post you want, you owe me a waffle on Monday! *ngek, i got my free meal*

Last, Nice chatting w/ you Jia tian, hope you're fine in everything. =)

End of my boring day, will be update if something happen.

Ooh-Oouhh!! Did you notice there's any changes? Somebody asked me to change it, cause he found it was too mean . . . HAHAHAH

Alright, after i blog-ed, Vivian called, went out w/ her. Went gurney, wanted to watch 21, but too late for the show, then had my dinner at Kim Gary. Few hours later, jane & hui came, chit chat awhile, went home. Night, slept over at vivian house, cause tomorrow morning am going to have a tuition at her house & we need to bake for some orders. =)

more updates on tomorrow*

Chee Huai's farewell

7 July, Thursday ;
Cho Chia fetched us there, Thanks Cho Chia. =)
Cho Chuan, Chee Huai & Vivian were there too.

Meet Marcus, went for lunch.
Went to our favourite restaurant, Dragon-i.
*cho chuan, i knew it right now, thansk for the correcting, lol*
Everyone hungry, ordered alot & ate alot.
We talked about something funny for our future & Penang,
me & vivian would like to be a politician, we're going to make Penang be an independent country, like Singapore.
Such a big dream for Penang, but damn lame right? i know.
Stop laughing Marcus & Cho Chuan.
We'll make it one day, then Chee Huai will be our first resident! *laugh out loud*

Went for shop awhile, bought 1 sleeve-less singlet ,a slim fit & a girl boxer at TopShop.
Bought a Quiksilver handphone stripe too, borrowed Quiksilver card from Cho Chuan, haven't return yet. Remind me to do so, i got short-term-memory.
Can you see the black cap, it was so nice, love it but dint buy it cause no point of buying some nonsense. =/

After a short-while shop, went to skate.
The skate park was empty, nobody there, Syoik wey!
Did you skate at an empty space before? YES I DID!
But awhile later, some tukao came, not that fun now. =/
Then we left.

Before we skate

While skating

Pictures of skating

Haven't ready

Done ; 4 Science Rocks!!

Took in the girl toilet.

another one

Finish skating, went for Hokkaido ice cream.
Chee Huai chia-ed, cause he lose to vivian, so i got a free treat, NO no, its we got a free treat. Lucky me, Happy*
Ordered the same thing, A6 && got a free Car sticker. *lol*
We joined the Hokkaido eating ice cream contest also, anyone interested?

Owh yah, i saw the masquarade mask at the shop Moris.
The boss bought it from Venice, Italy,
They are all hand crafted, each one cost RM300, how expensive, but look so nice. =)

Dinner time, had our dinner at T-Bowl, the toilet bowl shop.
Order some sandwish. Service not that good, the chef make the wrong thing for vivian,
Beef sandwich became Smoked salmon sandwish. What are they doing huh? dot
Better don't go althought the enviroment was quite special & funny which full of the toilet bowl.

Happy posing while Chee Huai is busy eating

Happy + busy eating

Alex fetched us back, dropped Marcus, Cho chuan & Chee Huai at Marcus's house.

Home, Nights.

Its time to say good bye.
Bye to Chee Huai, bye to everyone.
The last meet up w/ him,
will be missing him badly.
All the best aite?




Plan for today

Please! Can anyone help me?
Should i go to Queensbay for further shopping or go to redbox?
Holiday going to finish soon, i got limited time to spend only.
Help me to decide people!! *asking for help*
Or should i stay at home? NO NO!
I'll go for one of them, but still don't know which one yet. *lol*

p/s. Update for yesterday will be coming, #Chee Huai Farewell


It was a wonderful day,
was plan to go queensbay or back to Peng Hwa,
But canceled everything at last minute. =(
As usual, went for dental appointment once a month, so its today.

Spot the different ;

Before & After
light blue/green ; light pink
rotten lips, sad*. by the way, ignore it.

The receipt; *lol*

proof proof ; HAH

Oops, this morning, some mistake happened between the order from my sister's friend, Wen wen.
She ordered a last minute cupcakes, which want it on WEDNESDAY MORNING,
She informed me on Monday night, how rush?
Luckily, the next day i'm going to vivian's house for tuition,
so i'm manage to bake for her. =D

It was a birthday order, Wen wen who is the birthday girl,
she ordered to her friends, Yuzzy the other birthday girl on that day.

Here's the cupcakes for her.

Purple & white
*ignore the black liduid on the big pink love, supposed to be the date but it melt. opps*

Alright, let me tell you what had happen,
but some mistake/ miscommunication between her & my sis,
so she din't bring it to school. dot.
End up her friends din't get to celebrate at school. dot.
Wen wen, really sorry for everything. =/

I'll keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh,
make sure when you have it,
it still fresh & taste good to you. ; )

After her school, she came and told me so.
Duhh, now she put the blame on me for not letting her know,
so she din't bring to school. dot.
How stupid she is, she can even make a call back to home,
& ask my maid to wake me up & i'll rush it to her school to drop that.
But due to her stupid-ness, she din't do so.
She told me, 'How am i going to call you? i din't bring my phone to school.'
Dot dot dot . . . sppechless to her.
Then we argued, i shouted her. dot. Hate her.
Well, now is the most naive part,
Usually she will texted either Natalie, Katherine or Penny,
to them what had happen to her, like mum scolded her & everything.
I think she did so again. HAHA. NAIVE!!

You know how i know?
Like once, mum scolded her, & she curi-curi texted Natalie,
but due to her stupid-ness,
&& MY MUM FORWARD BACK TO HER!!! *laugh my ass off*
See such a NAIVE action!. dot.

went to Vivian's aunt's house to have some 'tong yuen'.
Taste good, but the ginger soup was too 'spicy',
don't really like it, by the way thanks for the dessert too. =)

tuition, went abit late.
Err talked to hui more than jane,
cause jane was so busy talking to her Best Friend,
which i don't really like it. Buuu =X

Nothing much to say bout today.
Boring day!

Gossipgirl & so

Two things to say for today ,

The second season of Gossip girl is set to premiere September 1, 2008 on The CW.

It has been confirmed that Gossip Girl will have a second season of 24 episodes premiering September 1, 2008. The official title for the first episode of Season 2 is "Summer, Kind of Wonderful", a take off of the John Hughes' film, "Some Kind of Wonderful." Other titles of following episodes are "Never Been Marcused", "The Dark Night", "The Ex-Files", and "The Serena Also Rises".

It has also been confirmed that the season begins set in the Hamptons, although production could halt due to the possibility of a Screen Actors' strike.

Gossip Girl is an American television teen drama based on the popular novel series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Gossip Girl revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York's Upper East Side who attend elite academic institutions while dealing with sex, drugs, jealousy, and other teenage issues. Featuring an ensemble cast, the series begins by introducing Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), as well as Blair's on-off boyfriend Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), Nate's best friend Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), who dated Serena during most of the first season, Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen), who become involved in the lives of the main characters despite being less inclined to merge with the upper-east-side crowd and Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) who is a best friend of Dan. The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, "Gossip Girl" (voiced by Kristen Bell), who runs a blog about her fellow Upper East Siders — consequently stirring the pot and creating potential rivalries in this exclusive and vicious circle of friends.[1] The show was developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who also serve as executive producers alongside Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein.[2] It is produced by Warner Bros. Television, College Hill Productions and Alloy Entertainment.
It has also been confirmed that the season begins set in the Hamptons, although production could halt due to the possibility of a Screen Actors' strike.

Gossip girl season 2 promo :

Gossip girl season 2 teaser :

Girl Talk :

Boy Talk :

Mother Chucker :

Honking :

Sneak Peak :

Majorly New Gossip Girl Season 2 Spoilers :

Looks like Chuck's found a set of obliging twins, Serena's got a hot lifeguard, Nate's running naked in the streets because of an old woman and Blair's feeling smug, as usual.

But isn't that the lifeguard's Camaro that Serena's driving when she almost runs into naked Nate?

Goshh, we can't wait for the new season of "Gossip Girl" to get going.

As usual, the best promotion often comes from an unofficial source like this one, my blog, not the CW network. *lol*

Or is it? Watch and decide.


You know you love it!

All right reserved by Wikipedia

Finally, i got her blog.
Who she is?
She's Janice Man, she's one of the famous model from Hongkong,
also the best friend of my idol, Angelababy.
Both of them look so pretty. =)

Janice Man; HK model &
angelababy; HK model

Janice Man ; Angelabay


Don't you think they're hot? pretty? sexy? & GORGEOUS of course.

Good news ; I bought the kose mask white already.
my dream coming true soon, but not now i know. =/

Thank you Viki for the souvenir from Indonesia.
&& thanks for purposely walked to my house just to drop those souvenir.
Really Really Thanks, much appreciate. =)

Bad news ; My classmate, CHEE HUAI are leaving so soon,
he's leaving few days later. =(
Awww, Chee Huai we'll be missing you badly.
When you leave, the class will be lost lots of fun,
really don't want you to leave, but . . . . *sigh*
Well, all the best & take good care aite? Don't forget bout us okay?

p/s. Cho Chuan, don't try to do what he's doing now, DON'T GO!!!