Beauty Diary : Benefit Brow Bar Experience

Facial appearance represent each and every part of your face to the world. The shape of your eyebrows can enhance your appearance by flattering your facial shape, balancing your features, and framing your eyes. For eg, if you have thick, full eyebrows, you might need to tweeze them; if you have thin, small eyebrows, you may need to fill them in with a pencil. Either way, here is how to find a shape that's flattering to any face.

Eyebrows is very important to me, i will walk out from my house with naked face but i shall never walk away without drawing an eyebrow. But how to know if you have achieve a good eyebrows for your face? Thanks to Benefit, i was consult by professional beauty technician and got my first Eye brow waxing done in Benefit Outlet in Mid Valley.

While waiting for my turn to get my pretty eyebrow done. wearing Kylie Jacket and Bottom from Line32

Happy birthday to Me <3

Ohaiyo gozaimas, it's 2nd of April now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to POVY and all the Aries Babies. ヽ(●^▽^●)ノ 

Well, Birthday this year is by far the best(I could still see celebrations coming up even my party is over. Wtf haha) I'm blessed with all the awesome people around me, from party to presents to trips. Don't worry I will blog about them. Meanwhile let me enjoy myself at Tokyo first, finally get to see Sakura in my life. Don't forget to wish me okay?? I'll be more likely to receive wishes from my dear readers. (*´∀`*)

Till then, just a picture of me during my party #povy22colorpop. Loving my new look, super black black hair with a touch of highlight from Acutabove and white lace dress from Duchess and co

Art in Video Games | Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Ghost Recon Online

Last Saturday, i was invited to a Video Game event hosted by The One Academy for Art in Video Games featuring concept art of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Ghost Recon Online, first showcased in Malaysia.

Wait but what is Art in video games? People these days, not only teenagers, even adults who love to play games will definitely know what video games are. I couldn't agree more with what Mr Olivier de Rotalier mentioned during his interview, “Videogames are a very visually driven medium so it is important that the universes are beautifully imagined and engaging for gamers to immerse themselves in.”

Yes, whereby Art in video games also the exhibition organized by Ubisoft Singapore last November in Singapore. It was also the first time that the concept art of Ubisoft‘s AAA video games Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Ghost Recon Online now showcased in Malaysia. The art exhibit features 40 concept art works by the talented Ubisoft Singapore artists.

The opening ceremony of the art exhibit started in the morning with Mr Tatsun Hoi, Principal and Managing Director of The One Academy and Mr Olivier de Rotalier, Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore giving out speech to the invited guests at The One Academy Art Gallery.

Group photo: Mr. Tatsun Hoi and Mr. Olivier with The One Academy Alumni Kobe Sek & JC Wong and Ubisoft Singapore team.

The alumni for The One Academy: Kobe Sek (left) and JC Wong (right)